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Hey guys, I'm ElvenJedi and this is my Q&A video.. that I should have made like two months ago. But anyway~ The questions are sorted into 2 types- the first half of the video I'll be answering questions about skinning and everything about that, and the second half will be all the other random fun questions! Alright, first question. A few people asked about what is my favorite skin I've ever made~ This question is difficult because I don't think I've ever made a skin that's significantly better than the rest; I don't think I have a best skin. I think I'll go with this older one though from Skintober 2018. I just really love the simple design and the colors and the chibi eyes obviously xD Even though the quality isn't the best.

Maybe I'll remake it sometime- I don't know. Out of my more recent ones I really love this one from Skinmas, which I made with PMC's editor and MinecraftYeeter from the Skindex also asks asks what is my least favorite skin I've made. Probably this commission I did a while back; no offense to the person who commissioned it, but the design is not one that translates well to Minecraft skin format. I did the best I could with the design, But it just didn't end well. The person loved it though and that's all that matters :') Suffer from *PMC asks, what's one of your favorite skins another person has made? I've just gone through my favorites on PMC and I've narrowed it down to Venus-'s skin 'secrets' and Kawaii's 'day-night' They're both masterpieces and just literally incredible x3 I think that one is Kawaii's best skin which says a lot cuz all her skins are amazing <3 Go subscribe to her on PMC if you haven't already, and Venus- as well.

They're both incredible skinners! Noahax from the Skindex asks, how long does it take to make your skins? Depends on what editor I'm using, and obviously the skin. A skin that I care about and I'm not rushed on can take up to an hour and a half. But most of the time I can finish a skin between 30 and 45 minutes. It depends. Blew from Discord asks: What skinners did you look up to you during your skin-making journey? What made you start skinning? And can you describe your skinning style in three words? When I used to only use the Skindex, before I joined PMC, I absolutely adored Clewii and Rutroh. They were probably the best skinners on there at the time, and they really inspired me a lot. Especially Clewii; something about her style and shading is different than anything else that I saw on the Skindex, so I was just amazed. The second question.. I honestly have no idea xD I think I just really liked being able to make my own minecraft skins (because I love Minecraft) and make them for my sisters too so when I found out there was an entire community of Minecraft skinnersI was like "hEck yeS" And then I started my channel I don't know why I started my channel is just like on a whim just like oOoh I should make a video And then I did, and I kept making videos.

So that's where we are now, years later ^-^ I have no idea about that third question xP My style is constantly changing so probably.. "Random" "unpredictable" and "undecided." Those are my three words :') YourCanadianBuddy from Discord asks: where do you get most of your ideas from (outfit, theme, etc) This is a super unhelpful answer, so I apologize, but I honestly just come up with them as I go. I usually start with making a palette I like, and then I make the skin from there. If I'm totally out of ideas though browsing through Pinterest can help, or like joining contests and stuff. A few people asked about my favorite skinner, and my all-time favorite skinner is IcarianPrince or icAriAnPriNcE? -I'm not sure how to pronounce- that on PMC.

Their style is so unique and I just adore their skins <3 Their shading style is like.. messy, but not messy at the same time. They've been inactive for three years though so I've never actually interacted with them.. That's really depressing. I'm sad. Kawaii also asks: how do you gather inspiration? From looking at other people's skins! Not copying though obviously, but everyone makes such amazing skins and just like going onto PMC trending and seeing all the skins very inspiring! Pixel asks: how do you get your skins out there and seen by the community? I think the best way to get noticed on PMC or the Skindex is to focus on your skins and improving. If people like your skins, you'll eventually get noticed. Posting regularly and entering in contests is great for that as well. Crestwaters asks: Do you ever compare yourself to other skinners? Yes, but never in a negative way I love admiring other artists' work and seeing what they do better than me, and how, so I can improve.

Kaos_Kitten asks: Have you got any bad habits for making skins? (Like eye styles, hairstyles, or color choices? I think my worst habit would be only making teen skins and not branching out to other skin genres like I never make animal skins or non-human skins; It's just a bunch of humans, usually teen and stylish and stuff. So that's bad I guess. I also- this is an old habit that I no longer have, thank goodness, but I used to do skins with a darker color palette; lots of black and gray and red. And like, that's fine.

But it's really limiting to not use the bright colors and stuff. There's less hue-shifting you can do and I sucked at hue-shifting back then. Still do xD habearry- habearry? habearry- habearry. I don't know how to pronounce that! -on the Skindex asks a few questions, I'll try to answer them all~ Do you look forward to improvement? Very much! Do you like looking at old skins? Yes and no. Are you planning on remaking more of your old skins? Definitely. I'll probably make a video of that very soon. How do you think you can improve and in what aspects? I hope to improve my palettes. My palettes aren't dreadful, but they could definitely be a lot better. What do you struggle with the most whilst making skins? Outfit design ._.

You get stressed about finishing skins or making videos? All the time! >.< Stellarpixels from the Skindex asks: What was the first thing you skinned and have you remade it or thought about remaking it? I'll put it up on the screen right now. It's absolutely awful xP I made it when I was very young and quite incapable of making a decent skin. The editor I used was terrible as well, so that's my excuse xD I definitely want to remake it sometime! sparklegal from the Skindex asks: How long have been skinning for? I've been skinning since 2014, but I only actually started regularly skinning in 2016 when I joined the Skindex.

This next half of the video is all the other questions I got, so not necessarily related to skinning; just a buncha random fun questions! Chaotic Stupid asks: Why do you like elves so much? I've been a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan for as long as I can remember, and elves always intrigued me the most. <(^-^)> Kevin Okada asks: What was the reason for your choice of username? I love the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, so I just combined the two! Sunee asks: Where can people find all your SICC Minecraft content (and then plug in all your links because self-promotion) Thanks Sunee for the self promo opportunity xD I'm ElvenJedi on the Skindex, Planet Minecraft, and YouTube! You can follow me on twitter @ElvenJediMC. All the links will be down below in the description. Chaotic Stupid asks: What's your favorite dog and cat breed? I don't know much about dog breeds but I love the more wolf-like ones.

Like, I don't like the floppy ears and the short hair. Come to think of it, I like dogs that just look like giant cats so.. Or more wolf-like ones I think. So I guess my favorite breed is a timberwolf/German shepherd mix. I love cats, and the best cat breed is unquestionably the "elf cat" not because the name xD They're adorable. And I also like, umm.. Gosh, what are they called.. I like oriental cats. They're the ones with like the long snouts and the big ears.

I'll put it on the screen. Mono asks: What's the best animal ever? (correct answer is Toucan) The correct answer is NOT Toucan Mono because it is the Dumbo octopus. Moving on~ engourdi asks: Favorite candy (if you have one)? Favorite color? Do you have any pets? Um, I cannot have sugar but I can still have honey. So anything chocolate is completely heavenly as long as it's sweetened with honey. My favorite color is black, but that doesn't really count.. so green. And yes, I do have pets! Speaking of, Luna asks: How many pets do you have? And then maybe you can show us pictures! Have four pets: three cats that all look the same, and a dog who I despise- but that's okay, because it's my sister's anyway. I'll put them on the screen~ Zipline, (don't question the name) is the oldest. And she's like 8 or 10 years old. I'm not sure. She's old. And then Watson, who I'm not sure how old he is, maybe like..

Four? or five.. I don't know, not sure. He's named He's named after John Watson, from Sherlock BBC. And then Edward. There's controversy in my family about whether Edward is named after Edward Cullen from Twilight, or Edward Scissorhands- because they both fit a cat with like the teeth and the claws. But he's about a year old. Um, this is technically not my pet, but this is my nephew Genji~ He's my other sister's cat.

He's named off of Genji from Overwatch. And then this is Dorothy the dog that I don't like.. xP Alright moving on! Minor Second asks: How are you doing? I'm doing fantastic, thanks for asking! Luna asks: What is your eye color? And also, what is your favorite holiday? Um, I have green eyes- like a muted green. And my favorite holiday is Christmas! Lord Kevin asks: What is your favorite game besides Minecraft? Overwatch. I'm addicted, and not even that good. So it's kind of depressing.. xD I'm ranked like.. High gold/low plat. Very very very low plat. I got a few questions about my music interests, so I'll answer them all together! My favorite band is My Chemical Romance, but I also love Cavetown, Harry Styles, twenty one pilots, The Smashing Pumpkins~ Yeah, I don't listen to musicals though, I've tried, but it's not really my thing I guess. I could talk more about it, but I don't want to make anyone mad, because I know people are serious about their musicals xD PB asks what are your opinions on the Minecraft Marketplace? I have mixed opinions.

First off, I think it's an amazing way for skin artists and builders to make money for their work. But at the same time, a lot of artists get the short end of the stick. Studios a lot of times pay only an initial amount- say, $100 per skin pack- but then the studio makes hundreds of profit afterwards for art they didn't make. So it's sort of a ripoff for us. Not all studios are like that though! The best way to do it is to make sure that you get an artist's cut of all the sales. So a percentage, rather than just an initial 100 bucks. I'm actually part of Entity Builds on the Marketplace as of December. I think by the time I have this edited and posted I might have two skin packs up.. but I might only have one..

I'll put them on the screen when I'm editing. Minor Second asks: What hobbies do you have outside of Minecraft? Um, I do some digital drawing, and I like writing quite a bit. I also play the piano for my local church sometimes. So that's another hobby. Chaotic Stupid asks: Have you ever dealt with mental illness? Yep, I have social anxiety, hence the reason why I have time to make skins- cause not socialising. Kawaii asks: Why don't we know your name? I don't want anyone finding me on social media, I like to keep my actual life separate from my online one, for privacy reasons.

And that's also the reason you don't know my age either I'm losing my voice, sorry- I don't normally talk this much in a day. I'm very anti-social xP MinecraftYeeter from the Skindex asks: What's your favorite movie? Have you ever decided to make a skin from that movie? The Lord of the Rings trilogy will always be my favorite; I've read the books as well. But for some reason, I've never made any Lord of the Rings skins. I've made Lord of the Rings 'inspired' skins- almost all my medieval fantasy ones are inspired by Lord of the Rings. But I've never made a character from the trilogy. I will someday though, for sure! I'll probably make a video about it too. Blazer16 from the Skindex asks: What's your favorite Star Wars movie? Good question. Definitely episode 3, Revenge of the Sith. NovaSkinz from the Skindex asks a few questions: Favorite school subject? Critical thinking. Do you like Pokemon? No. If you do like Pokemon, which one is your favorite? I don't like Pokemon, but Leafeon is adorable. So I guess that's my favorite :3 How old is your YouTube channel? I made my first video April 14th 2017.

And that's all! I couldn't answer all the questions in this video, so if yours wasn't included, you can drop it down in the comments and I'll answer it there! Thanks so much for watching, and have a fantastic day! <3 -ElvenJedi.

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