Learning Queen Of Pain Dota 2 Guide By Qojqva, Queen Of Pain Guide By Qojqva

Welcome to Qojqva”s Book of the Queen of Pain, a hero guide part of the Book of Dota series!

Here you will find all the information you need to learn to play QoP on a high level – from drafting and builds to the optimal playstyle in different lanes and situations. We hope you’ll enjoy this guide and find it useful!


Draft: It is important for you to dominate your lane, so try to pick QoP after you know the enemy mid laner to avoid counters.

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Early Game: Use your strengths to dominate your lane while getting as much farm as possible. In the late laning stage, start controlling the map – get runes and pressure the side lanes with ganks. If this is not possible for some reason control your own lane and focus on flash-farming with Scream.

Mid & Late Game: Be careful with your Blink initiations, because when your opponents start walking together you could easily get counter-ganked and killed. You don’t want this to happen, because it will stop you from snowballing. Get defensive items to prevent this from happening. You are not good at pushing and finishing the game, but you are very good at controlling the map, which should give your team a resource advantage and allow you to push together in the mid-late game. If this is not the case, you can start split-pushing in the late game to buy time.

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He has competed on legendary teams like MYM, mousesports, Team Liquid, Team Tinker, Escape, NiP, and Alliance.

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Long live your Queen!

Queen of Pain is one of the strongest laners in Dota 2, especially in a 1v1 situation. She is also a very potent ganker & nuker and a good split-pusher that can start roaming and applying pressure on enemies from early on. After a few successful rotations, she is a hero that can quickly snowball out of control and take over the map. She is also a fast farmer with good semi-carry potential, which means that QoP can be effective at any stage of the game.

Because of all of this, she is a great hero for climbing MMR – you can dominate your lane and snowball out of control to secure quick victories for your team. This isn’t easy to do, however – you need to find the right balance between aggression and more conservative play. A few unnecessary deaths could stop the ball from rolling.

QoP is vulnerable to disables and has no lockdown herself. Unlike most other INT heroes, she doesn’t bring utility to her team. QoP is entirely centered around dealing damage and mobility.


Level 1
Level 15
Level 25






Very High
Very High


Lane Dominator: QoP is a lane dominator thanks to the harassment of Shadow Strike, Scream of Pain and her fast, high range attack. Moreover, the high nuke potential she has makes it very hard for enemies to stay near the creep wave when they are low on HP – she can quickly Blink in and burst them down, which adds kill potential to her already considerable harass and last hitting potential.

Potent Ganker: There are three factors that allow QoP to be a very strong ganker. First, she has a lot of mobility thanks to her Blink. Second, she has two very strong nukes (her ultimate and Scream of Pain) that can kill a squishy hero almost in an instant in combination with a DoT that slows and allows QoP to stick to her target. Finally, she gets a lot of resources in the early game thanks to her laning dominance. The accrued gold and level advantage make her an even stronger ganker.

Mobile & Elusive: Thanks to her Blink, QoP is a hard hero to lockdown and kill. Moreover, the mobility allows her to travel fast between lanes and makes her movement on the map quite unpredictable. This also helps her gank heroes and then retreat safely using Blink.

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Flash Farmer and Semi-Carry Potential: QoP’s mobility and the low CD on her AoE nuke Scream of Pain help her move around the map and farm very quickly. Her farming speed in combination with her skill set and fast attack animation allow her to become a semi-carry in the late game. 


Fast Attack Animation, High Attack Range: The fast attack and high range allow QoP to be very dominant in the laning stage and transition into a strong semi-carry in the mid and late game once she gets some items.


Squishy: Although QoP is very mobile, she is a low HP hero and can be burst down quickly if she gets disabled. In fights silences and stuns can cripple her presence greatly.

Positioning-Dependent: QoP depends heavily on her positioning to survive or move during engagements. If you Blink into a bad spot, you can get easily burst down. You must choose the perfect timing to Blink in without getting punished for it while your spell is on CD. 


Level-Dependent: QoP needs a good amount of levels in the early game in order to be effective. You want to have your spells maxed-out as early as possible – enemies at low levels will be very squishy, and as a result, they will be very vulnerable to your burst potential. If you get slowed down in your level progression, however, your nuke damage will be much less impactful.

PSG.LGD vs Mineski, TI8

MATCH ID 4066760701Replay

Maybe plays an impactful QoP in an interesting game vs Mineski who have Storm mid and a carry Spectre + a support Silencer. Because of the Spect + Storm, this is a game where LGD are playing on a timer – they need to pressure, slow down the development of the Spect and end the game before its too late.

Nonetheless, notice Maybe”s early game decision making: instead of committing to too many early game rotations, he spends his time controlling his own lane. Moreover, instead of going for a very offensive item build, he invests in a relatively quick Eul”s (before Orchid) to counteract Silencer”s ult and a potential Orchid from Storm.

Sometimes in a QoP vs Storm matchup, the QoP will use her early-game edge to rush a faster Orchid and start ganking the Storm. Versus Spect, mid laners who can rotate usually want to do it ASAP. Maybe knows, however, that in this particular game doing this will be too risky and one or two unlucky deaths thanks to Silencer”s ult or getting scouted out by BH, for example, could easily cost his team the game. He plays safely, trusts that his teammates will control the Spectre, farms up, and waits for the timing in which he knows his team has the fight advantage: the mid game. Once he has his early game levels and items and his teammates are ready as well, LGD slowly but surely start taking kills, map control and eventually – the game.

Qojqva on QoP, Team Alliance

MATCH ID 4051066293Replay

Qojqva plays a very impressive safe lane QoP with a stat of 18-2-8 and the highest hero damage in the game.

Draft: QoP is a good hero against the enemy core Weaver and Naix because both heroes rely on their spells to stay alive. A fast Orchid could help him hunt and nuke them down in the mid game, slowing down their resource development greatly. Moreover, the enemy team has very little lockdown, which means QoP can reliably disengage with Blink – the only dangerous disable for QoP is Kunkka”s X-Marks the Spot.

Laning: The enemy team has a mid lane Clinkz which is a hard matchup for QoP – Clinkz can dodge the Shadow Strike projectile with Strafe and can harass with Searing Arrows. Because of this, Qojqva starts the game in the safe lane against the enemy Weaver and with the help of his roaming Tiny manages to get a kill. The Weaver is not an easy matchup as well, but with 3 levels invested in Shadow Strike and some lane swaps Qojqva manages to push him back and get the farm he needs.

After the good start, Qojqva gets his offensive item (Orchid) followed by a defensive item (Linkens” to block X-Marks the Spot). This combined with the enemy team”s lack of disables allows him to play very aggressively, to find a lot of kills and to snowball, securing his team a very fast victory.

Team Liquid vs OG, ESL One Katowice 2018 powered by Intel

MATCH ID 3747006714Replay

An extremely dominant performance by Miracle on QoP with 29 KDA. Notice his skill build – he gets a fast Orchid to increase his kill potential and afterward prioritizes Linken’s in order to counter the initiation from Batrider (and Storm). Nonetheless, after his DPS choices, he goes back to BKB in the late game in order to counter other sources of disables. This approach has a big benefit – his BKB is with very long duration in the late game, which allows him to freely deal right-click damage in fights.

Generally, heroes that complement herganking, aggressive play style work quite well with Queen of Pain. In addition,partners that have AoE damage and control will supplement her team fightpotential. The hero excels against a squishy line-up but can’t do muchagainst tanky heroes and enemies with a lot of disables to control her.

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There areusually two reasons to pick QoP in a team strategy. First, QoP is a lanedominator that will win most 1v1 matchups and shut down the enemy laner to a great extent. Second, QoP fits anaggressive lineup that revolves around ganking and fighting early on. Moreover,QoP is not a one-dimensional hero – even if your aggressive strategy doesn’twork out in the early-mid game, you can always rely on her semi-carry andsplit-push potential in the later stages.

In the midlane, QoP will get a lot of levels and farm that she needs in order to startapplying pressure on the map. In a 1v1,she can dominate most lanes with the help of Shadow Strike and her fast,long-range attack animation. With a good start, the hero can snowball out ofcontrol – she will be able to constantly rotate and get successful pickoffsaround the map. Being very mobile, Qopcan also control and use runes quite well. Moreover, the escape mechanism shehas allows her to be very elusive and hard to gank. Even if enemies have verypotent ganking supports, getting kills on QoP can be a difficult task. 

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