the method Apple has the configurations is a tiny weird… i want, or would certainly be satisfied with, the 6core i7 but would be restricted to 560X GPU…

the Vega GPU is only obtainable through the 8core configuration (so the price distinction is even more drastic than simply the GPU alone… the CPU hregarding be upgraded as well.)

anyway, for Rhino for Mac intake now and also into the future, does anybody know if the Vega will administer noticeable performance improvement over the 560X?

also, GPU Tesselation isn’t working well for me on my present lapheight (mid2014 w/ Nvidia something)… will certainly these newer GPU permit me to manipulate this feature?

thanks for any type of insight.

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danieljgrilli (Danieljgrilli) June 7, 2019, 11:27am #2

I would go the Vega for certain if you’"ll be doing 3D job-related choose Rhino on a regular basis.I have actually the 560X (2018 6-core) and it’s good, but I would have actually bought the Vega if it were obtainable. More graphics horsepower can’t be a bad thing! In my opinion, anyway.

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encephalon June 7, 2019, 11:42am #3

i am completely doubtful about a brand-new purchase, still using the mid 2009 macbook pro and also could not really use the Wip 6 version due to not being able to install.

anymeans from my knowledge is that the newer laptops are really greatly throttling performance, meaning the bigger your cpu the even more throttle you acquire, which renders picking the better cpu practically obsolete. the only actual upgrade would certainly the majority of certainly be the best graphics card you can obtain, right here a topic emotional vega slightly, i believe it need to perform.

i actually want to prevent buying a brand-new lapheight and also more than likely switch to a mac mini, yet if a lapheight is what you require for your environment than you have not a lot alternative i would certainly say. the brand-new mac pro being announced currently looks promising however its going to cost me nearly a years’ remuneration which is really stupid, so a mac mini through weak graphics card would need to execute till i number out somepoint else… if not leaving apple for great in the finish anyway.

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jeff_hammond June 7, 2019, 12:03pm #4


Apple has done some wizardry through the power mgmt

exactly that simply sounds too a lot prefer throttling to me

obtained any elaborative sources? just yesterday i looked at the configurations of the macbook pros when even more and maybe its simply going to be it for me either, but as soon as i think about maxing that thing out prefer yours its “only” a 1.5 k even more and also i could get a mac pro this coming loss. will have to dig a couple of (cheese grater) holes into my brain…

jeff_hammond June 18, 2019, 12:13pm #13

from Linus Tech Tips:

a couple of other reviewers have actually concluded similarly

for my workcirculation in particular, it must job-related out pretty well… i execute most rendering yet i just process locally for the previews… the finals are using cloud… i believe the 8 cores will certainly provide me a readable pevaluation before throttling becoming a lot of a concern

(and fwiw, my 2014 isn’t immune to throttling either ;)… so compared to my existing lapoptimal, i need to be gaining some exceptionally noticeable gains in the time of this part of my work)

i’ll report earlier once i real-world use it for a while.

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encephalon June 18, 2019, 1:32pm #14

linus technology tips, constantly worth a watch, that substantial dude is additionally cool, rather calm compared the waffle machine linus, great input also, thanks.

encephalon June 24, 2019, 8:02pm #15
jeff_hammond you understand that the macbook pros have actually been rereferred to as, simply checking in to make you aware, some potential battery blow up and also burn hazard. much better inspect it out.

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edit: sorry those were marketed before 2017 so yours rather not

jeff_hammond June 24, 2019, 8:07pm #16

thanks… yeah… 2015 models

a male i occupational with has one


——side note, i think mine had actually to be assembled new in China… i still haven’t obtained it yet though it’s meant to be here Friday… around 12 days total… i thought i might obtain one sooner that was currently below in the U.S but no such luck.

mschwary (mschwary) July 30, 2019, 10:36am #17

Hi Jeff, are you happy with the performance of your machine? Did you test it with rhino 6 for Mac WIP already? How would certainly you explain the heating “problem” and the graphic card performance on a 3D occupational day? THX

jeff_hammond July 31, 2019, 4:06am #18

Yes, I’m happy with the performance…

idk, i’ve owned 7 macs now and also this lappeak is the finest one in terms of performance (macPro, iMacs, MBPs)

i’ve only offered Rhino6 for Mac on it (aside from a couple of initial tests vs V5)… here’s what i need to say about it:

Rhino 6 on this MBP is better than Rhino 5 on my previous lapoptimal (mid2014)… some of it is bereason Rhino obtained better and also some because of the new hardware.

the major reason i upgraded (aside from just a basic 5yr update)… was bereason there are many type of times once i’m switching in between modeling and CAM and also spreadsheets or rendering then email and shopping etcetc… or, i can have 15 home windows going and also most times, i’d hit a limit where basic performance takes a hit… so i’d need to constantly manage what’s actually open up which normally suggests best Rhino performance came when just one model was open up (in certain, undo/reperform ended up being real slow-moving through multiple models.)…

however i choose to have actually whatever i desire open up then cleanup/regulate before lunch or end of day.

via the new computer system, i carry out precisely that… is it worth $4000 to have the ability to execute that? i don’t know however it’s absolutely less annoying

as for the thermal, preview renderings (in Fusion360) is what i personally perform that will certainly max the cpu… i badepend ever render to last locally so i just must watch a reduced resolution versions via decent clarity…

all i really recognize (i don’t execute benchnote tests) is that the new lapheight gets me tbelow noticeably faster (very noticeable)… probably 1 minute instead of 2minutes per see.

it’s no hotter than my old one was and there’s no noticeable/drastic performance drop as soon as the throttling limit has actually been reached… like— i’m certain there’s a slowdown that happens at some point yet it’s not “oh, the throttling simply kicked in”

but the allude is, warm wise, it’s what i’m provided to via a MBP (though maybe some quieter fans now)… it’s simply a lot much faster when maxing cores.

as far as the GPU goes, graphics performance is what i expect… i’m hesitant to say it’s ‘great’ because a point is reached where you can’t simply gain an even much better GPU and also obtain also better performance… as soon as your GPU is ahead of the software(?), then all the GPUs over that level will perdevelop identically regardmuch less of which one is ‘better’… so yeah, i think the Vega20 is in that realm so i have the right to really just foracquire around it.

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anecdotally, there’s a V6 for Mac performance threview right here where a couple of people did display tests utilizing the same version and also screen modes… this MBP was gaining considerably better outcomes than what the various other Macs (and a home windows desktop) were acquiring.

idk, i don’t think i’m the ideal perkid to give computer reviews… i just use them a lot and i obtain annoyed as soon as points acquire laggy… specifically as soon as multitasking… and also this thing simply doesn’t lag…

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