C Program To Read Int From File C++, C Program To Read Numbers From Text File

12 5 64 27 9I can use the fscanf function to read the first 3 values and store them in 3 variables. But I can”t read the rest.I tried using the fseek function, but it works only on binary files.

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Please help me store all the values in integer variables.


A simple solution using fscanf:

void read_ints (const char* file_name){ FILE* file = fopen (file_name, “r”); int i = 0; fscanf (file, “%d”, &i); while (!feof (file)) { printf (“%d “, i); fscanf (file, “%d”, &i); } fclose (file); }


How about this?

fscanf(file,”%d %d %d %d %d %d %d”,&line1_1,&line1_2, &line1_3, &line2_1, &line2_2, &line3_1, &line3_2); In this case spaces in fscanf match multiple occurrences of any whitespace until the next token in found.

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c function to read character by character from a txt file, make it into int and store it in a linked list
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