Reversing the Enderman sound (Language Revealed!?)

Hi guys fox here & today guys Today guys were gonna be playing an enderman sound in reverse And yup guys were gonna be playing an enderman sound in reverse Using the app called "Lexis Audio Editor" If you guys probably do Not know is that Is that the enderman sound If you reverse the enderman sound It will actually speak english those endermans Like that's right guys Like I once discovered it (or anyone of you YouTubers out there) When there was like some Tip (The Loading Screen) While creating a world or whatever And while creating a world it show up like some message, that said like That the enderman language is actually in english (in reverse) Yup guys so were gonna Were gonna be first playing the enderman sound the regular one Like the forward like this is the non-reversible one And yeah guys so were gonna go play Enderman: "Hey" Enderman: "Hello" Enderman: "What's Up" Enderman: "Look for the eye" Enderman: "I am dead" Ok so now that you heard the non-reversible one the enderman sound Now Now were going to be playing the reversed one So what do you guys think What did the enderman said? Let me know in the comments below

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