Interested In The New Mod Roots Guide Minecraft, Roots 3, Chapter 1: “Getting Started”

•~•Welcome everybody! I’m Gabu and this is “Roots 3” today’s blog at this series is the last one so keep close attention you might become an alchemical wizard!•~•

•Let’s Just Begin•



-If you thought that the Grove Supplication was the only spell this mod haves you were very wrong! In fact, it adds many useful for combat and effects around you as personal protection or just because! Remember that to make spells dust you most use the mortar and pestle, and to imbue them to staff use an Imbuer (check the first chapter if you don’t know what is it).

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All spells crafting recipe:

PD: I’ll go from left to right, once I ended on the right I’ll go down one and continue from left to right!


All spells

Life Drain

•Red Left•


-Drains the life essence from other creatures, healing you in the process. The amount healed is considerably less than the damage done.


-Each use of the spell has a chance to wither the soul of the target, causing further damage which doesn’t heal you!

Crafting components:

-Moonglow leaf, Moonglow Seed, iron sword, cactus and Baffle Cap

Spell components:

-Moonglow and Baffle Cap


•Red Right•

-Immediately harvest and replant crops around the caster, greatly simplifying the task of maintaining a garden of field. Plants are dropped where they grew, must be manually gathered unless you have another method of recollection!

Crafting Components:

-Gold hoe, Aubergines seed, wildwheet, Beetroot seeds and seed (wheat).

Spell components:



•Orange Left•

-Summon forth a powerful jet of flame while channeled, dealing fire damage to and setting on fire any creature which it encounters.

Crafting Components:

-Infernal bulb, TNT, Charcoal, Orange Dye and Gunpowder.

Spells components:

-Infernal bulb

Petal Shell

•Orange Left•

-Casting this spell summons three protective petals around you. Each of them will absorb a single strike before dissipating, although they will also fade over time if not consumed

•Recasting the spell will refresh the number of petals to the maximum of 3!

Crafting components:

-Petals, Aubergines, spirit Herb, shield and a Pereskia flower

Spell components:

-Spirit Herb


•Yellow Right•

-Instead do pulling items towards the caster, they are instantly teleported to your feet. Not only items also do will to do Experience orbs!

Crafting components:

-Iron ingot, Redstone, paper, Aubergines, and Wildroot

Spell components:



•Yellow Left•

-A radiant beam of fire and sunlight strikes all targets in the direction you are facing. This energy is especially effective against the undead!

Crafting components:

-Glowstone, Torch, yellow dandelion, Cloudberry and Pereskia

Spell components:

-Cloudberry and Pereskia


•Right Lime•

-A burst of tremendous but chaotic force hits whatever is being targeted and one of the adjacent blocks in a 1×2 area depending on the players facing, shattering stone, obsidian, ores and so on.

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Crafting components:

-Flint, Stone Pickaxe, Stalicripe, cobblestone and TNT.

Spell components:


Time Stop

•Left Lime•

-Temporarily halts the progress of time for all creatures in the vicinity of the caster, you are excluded from this effect.

Crafting components:

-Potion of slowness (1:30), Clock, Pereskia, Moonglow leaf and an ender pearl

Spell components:

-Moonglow leaf and Pereskia

Rampant Growth

•Green Right•

-A channeled spell that infuses surroundings plants with natural energy, rapidly increasing their growth. Although fast, this spell can be expensive if you don’t have the resources to maintain it!

Crafting components:

-2 any saplings, Gold Apple, Spirit Herb and Pereskia

Spell components:

-Spirit Herb and Pereskia

Sense Danger

•Green Left•

-Reveals the evil aura and intent of monstrous creatures, causing to have the glow effect.

Crafting components:

-Any bark, spider eye, compass, gold nugget, and Aubergine

Spell components:



•Light Blue Right•

-While channeled, produces a protective shield around the caster, deflecting both creatures and projectiles that attempt to hit him. You can blacklist the entities at the mod’s config!

Crafting components:

-Armor stand, milk, Spruce Bark, Pereskia, and Wildroot.

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Spell components:

-Wildroot and Pereskia

Iced Touch

•Light Blue Left•

-This simple spell for applying the effect of water in the world without getting wet yourself~. It can be used on fire to extinguish it or lava to make obsidian.

Crafting components:

-Dewgonia, snowball, snow block, snow layer, and Blue Orchid

Spell components:


Second Wind

•Cyan Right•

-Before was hard to explore the depths of the ocean! Now with this spell will reset your bubbles Icon every time you use it!

Crafting components:

-Dewgonia, Sugar cane, Clay ball, empty bottle, and iron ingot

Spell components:


Rose Thorns

•Cyan Left•

-Why rose bushes don’t have an effect of poison or slowness…? That’s weird! But this spells change this, if you use the spell and place it on the ground any creature that steps in once (single use), will have poison and slowness effect!

Crafting components:

-Cactus, Rosebush, bone, rose red and Terra moss

Spell components:

-Terra Moss


-And so much more!

-Using the imbuer and let’s say you have an iron Pickaxe almost too broken and you have a single iron ingot. You place first the iron ingot in the imbuer and then you use the Pickaxe (not to break it!). Wait a little and the output will be a fully repair Pickaxe! This also works with armor. Leather armor will not use Fey Leather but instead will use Leather!


•Rituals Structure•

-Some rituals do and do not need to have a structure specialize in each ritual. Here are the 6 types of structure your chosen ritual you use!

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