Mysticmods/ Roots Minecraft Guide, Here&#X27S A Getting Started Bit

-Be aware you must have downloaded the Mystical World because is mod support as also baubles! Guess what?! BOTH mystical World and Roots have the same creators meaning have the same quality of good content at the mod!

PD: This mod series review will have some logic Minecraft jokes! Might or might the blog be short, this mod is small but the same time complicated!

~•Lets Begin•~


• Mod Status•









•Project ID•



-July 13, 2016-



-Adventure and RPG-

-Armor, Tools and Weapons-





-1.12.2( :heart: )-


-The earliest versions of this mod is at 1.10.2 within 1.51 MB of space, and 1.12.2 version the latest have 1.40 MB.


• What’s a Druid?•

-Druids were concerned with the natural world and its powers, and considered trees sacred, particularly the oak. Druidism can be described as a shamanic religion, as it relied on a combination of contact with the spirit world and holistic medicines to treat (and sometimes cause) illnesses.


-I’m not telling you guys to be one! It is just a definition of the word!


•New wanderer around a Village•

-Once the mod is running, if you travel you’ll found a new villager with an odd skin texture. This new villager is a “Druid”, an NPC that will trade Roots mod items for emeralds or and vice versa!


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Crafting components:

-1 stick and 2 wood planks (change the planks for the material you want the knife made of!)


•Mystical World•

-Amethyst knife:

+Durability: 1561

+Attack Speed: 3

+Attack Damage: 6

-Copper knife:

+Durability: 200

+Attack Speed: 2.5

+Attack Damage: 4.5

-Silver Knife:

+Durability: 175

+Attack Speed: 3

+Attack Damage: 5

•Roots 3/Vanilla Materials•

-Wooden Knife:

+Durability: 59

+Attack Speed: 2.3

+Attack Damage: 2

-Stone Knife:

+Durability: 131

+Attack Speed: 2.3

+Attack Damage: 3

-Gold Knife:

+Durability: 32

+Attack Speed: 3

+Attack Damage: 2

-Iron Knife:

+Durability: 250

+Attack Speed: 2.5

+Attack Damage: 4

-Diamond Knife:

+Durability: 1561

+Attack Speed: 3

+Attack Damage


•Overgrown Nature•

-This new material is useful in many Crafting recipes as also in some special stuff later on. To obtain you must have a knife of any material at hand and right-click on:


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Obtain Method:

-Right-click with any knife at hand on a mossy stone or bricks!


-Using Terra Spores right-click on cobblestone will make mossy stone same happen to stone bricks! BUT to this to happen you need this blocks to be adjacent to water, NOT at top nor down of the water but in the sides (north, south, west, east)



-Might you imagine first as the bark block of the 1.13 or was it 1.14 . The one you see the wood has on all sides the bark but you can’t see the rings. But you wrong this bark is different, you see this one is an item and is very useful indeed!

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