Cwarmth menu: is a mod that expfinish the dialoge alternatives of think out loud and officers, by going thru the dialog alternatives you have the right to choose various options that add somepoint or edit somethig.

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So with those mods you have the right to add to your character: cash, pots, items, goods, ships, policemans, french patent, trading licens, ability exp, perks, doublons, servants, canons, wepons, armors, talismans, amuallows, crew and so on...You have the right to aswell adjust your: fame, the aristocracy, bounty, SPECIAL, immortality, upgrade any ship, resolve ships during combat, readjust sail colour via CoA pick screen etc...Aswell as train your officers: add skill exp, add free perks, adjust SPECIAL, revolve on/off immortality and so on...The mods working with SD:TEHO Happily Ever After, no new game demands, the mods working through old saves. Cwarm food selection works aswell with practice officers as lengthy as thay usage Enc_officer_dialog.c hired nod, both mods dont add any type of custom texturs, models, animations and so on.Skill and SPECIAL uncap (SaS): included a paper under Patch/Addons dl. It does what it says abilities no longer cap on 100 and unique deserve to be set beyound 10. Its not limited to primary COMPUTER or Officers but all the NPC's are impacted by it. New ability cap set to 200 and SPECIAL max 25. It increases just the max cap. It dosent out set the abilities or SPECIAL to any worth.Caleuche beggar begin (CBS): included a paper for downpack that removes from baggers the randome chance on founding the Caleuche quests, you still must meet the pursuit needs to start it. But the 1st bagger you talk to after meeting the req he will certainly sell you the amulet. The file is in Patch dl'sNo rank 1 ship recognization (NSR): added 2 records that revolve off ship recognization from nations, so if u capture say Win from english u have the right to at ease sail to english ports with it and also thay wont strike you cous thay recognize thair ship... the papers are under Patch downtons one is for vanila game the various other is for Hook's mod. To be on the safe side both modifications call for SDTEHO game version 1.7Increased toughness and carry weight by DevilAres its here: "CLICK ME"

Compatibility / Requirements:All mods need "tehomod" its here: "CLICK ME"Cwarmth food selection requires SD:TEHO Happily Ever After v1.7.0All mods are compatible with:SD:TEHO Happily Ever After v1.7.0Hooks Mod - Notice - Hook's Mod for TEHO 1.7.0.ENG (09.04.20)Active map - Mod: ActiveMap 1.3and any type of other mod that dosent edits:Enc_officer_dialog.cMainHero_dialog.cInstalation:Downfill 1 of the Key Cwarm food selection papers, unzip (winrar, 7z), area PROGRAM file right into sea dogs game folderIMPORTANT: if its ur 1st mod for SD:TEHO you need aswell the "tehomod" its right here - Guide - TEHO modding (tehomod and also scripts are here)Uninstal:Its safe to rerelocate it at any type of allude of game, this mod dosent out adds anything to ur save games
To remove the mods just delate the papers from your game folder:
SDTEHO Officer cwarmth menu:PROGRAM/characters/characters_confront.cPROGRAM/dialogs/russian/Enc_Officer_dialog.cPROGRAM/dialogs/russian/MainHero_dialog.c
Changelog / Updays / Notes:Cwarm menu B:The TOL option functions slightly different. After activating a cwarmth, menu dosent out shuts off automaticly what alowse to reuse cheats quicker. In some situations it closes as it need's to open up a new window.

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Version 1.3.0 (06.02.2021) added Part of the treacertain map, part1 and also part2 included Treacertain map refunctioned a lil main menu and also some submenus: "Build new ship..." is now a subfood selection of "Ship maintanence" rerelocated alot of submenus from categorys: "Supplies, items..." "Items, equipment, cash..." much less submenus, bigger lists of goods/items at onece to choose from, much easier to locate the appropriate stuff solved add gunpowder, currently it adds the powder rather of collection the valueversion 1.2.3 (05.02.2021) fixed ago from "Swords x1" now returns to "Swords, armors, firearms and also ammo" instead of "Goods for quests" addressed back from "Armors x1" now retransforms to "Swords, armors, guns and ammo" rather of "Goods for quests" resolved earlier from "Guns and also ammo" currently returns to "Swords, armors, firearms and ammo" instead of "What execute i need?"version 1.2.2 (05.02.2021) fixed Assasin2 solved "Indian drugs, mangarosa potions..." not apearing in menu fixed "Matchlock Musket x2" not apearing in food selection solved "A negative caraibean map" not apearing in menuvariation 1.2.1 (05.02.2021) addressed add 5 ship perks not apearing in menu removed old connect for maps under officersversion 1.2.0 (04.02.2021) included poor carib map included normal carib map seperated LSC map from good maps reput Spanish unicreate via Jaguar Pelt added Taino people`s poison recategorized and also rearranged most of the tol options, hopetotally for less complicated navigation and also location of the cheats: added new submenus relocated cheats from old submenus to diffrent old/new submenus new primary categories are: "Ship maintanence..." - no alters "Politics..." - no changes "Supplies..." - rerelocated any kind of items from this category, included items that wright here in quest items category. "Pots, poisons..." - removed charls upgrades, now its purly for pots, antidots, buff pots, rat poisons and other alchemy "Items, gear, cash..." - moved swords, armors, weapons, ammo, talismans, wards, maps, cash, quest items etc to this category "Charls adjustments..."- immortality, perks, xp, reroll stats and so on all is now under this category "Build new ship..."; - no alters "Officers..." - removed maps from this category "Misc..." - its for cheats that dosent fit almost everywhere variation 1.1.3 (02.02.2021) redone a lil SPECIAL reroll options for SaS uncap mod individuals (tol, d/o): Power Reactivity Endurance (18-25), Impression Authority Talent (8-18), Success (8-25) Impression Authority Talent (18-25), Power Reactivity Endurance (8-18), Success (8-25) Power Impression Reactivity Authority Talent Endurance Success (12-20) Power Impression Reaction Authority Talent Endurance Success (set 25)version 1.1.2 (30.01.2021) removed double instance set lvl 11variation 1.1.1 (30.01.2021) renamed skills in menu and log information to be even more acuprice in tol option: Fortune - Luck Pistol - Firearms Rapiers - Foils/Rapiers Sabres - Sabers/Cutlasses Swords - Broadswords/Axes Leadership - Charisma Sneak - Stealth Commerce - Trading Sailing - Navigation Grappling - Boarding renamed armors in food selection and log info to be more precise in tol option: Trench armor - Trench cuirass Reitar cuirass - Ritter"s cuirass Ceremonial cuirass - Parade cuirass Milanese cuirass - Milano cuirass Breastern vest - Brigandine Braided armor - Wicker armor Lamport costume - Lamport"s suit renamed tools in menu and also log information to be even more exact in tol option: Jurgen rapier - Jurgen Schmidt"s Pappenheimer Jurgen saber - Jurgen Schmidt"s Saber Jurgen sword - Jurgen Schmidt"s Backsword Officer sabre - Naval Saber Madona - Madonna Khanda - Patissa Khanda Captain cutlass - Naval Klewang Morgana - Flamberge Rapier Colt - Colt"s Revolver Colt ammo - Colt"s Revolver ammo Blanderbuse - Blunderbuss Harpons - Arrow Bolt Mortar - Hand Mortar Granades - Grenade Doubleshot - Superapplied 2-pack Pistol renamed subfood selection "Talismans and" to "Ward"s and" recalled cheats to be more precise under "Ward"s and" in tol option: Officer talismans - Officer ward"s Scorpions x4 - Ward scorpion x4 Spyglass - Nautical Telescope Sextant - Working sextant solved Officer ward"s log info solved Ward scorpions x4 log details resolved Nautical Telescope log details resolved Working sextant log info recalled skills in food selection to be more acuprice in d/o option: weapons - weapons rapiers - foils and also rapiers sabres - sabers and also cutlasses swords - broadswords and also axes sneaking - stealth shooting - aiming and also reloading cannons business - trading recalled abilities in log details to be even more exact in d/o option: Pistol - Firearms Rapiers - Foils/Rapiers Sabres - Sabers/Cutlasses Swords - Broadswords/Axes Sneak - Stealth Sailing - Navigation Grappling - Boarding Commerce - Trading variation 1.1.0 (29.01.2021) added strategic items into quest items silk rope resine irontimber added balls addressed quickbegin log information updated quickbegin SPECIAL collection to MAX: vanila 10 SaS mod 25 solved and seperated double link"s for: Reroll SPECIAL SaS mod Set lvl. 11version 1.0.0 (29.01.2021) public release combined cwarmth menus: old TOL 2 v1.5.0 old OCM 2 v1.4.0
Last update: 06.02.2021Prents report any kind of bugs in those mods, if u dont have an acc and also u dont desire to bvarious other to creat one, u deserve to send a mail to: cheatmenu
Caleuche bagger begin (CBS):
included a record for downpack that clears from baggers the randome opportunity on starting the Caleuche searches, you still have to fulfill the search requirements to start it. But the 1st bagger you talk to after meeting the req he will sell you the amulet.Skill and SPECIAL uncap (SaS): It does what it says abilities no longer cap on 100 and also distinct have the right to be set beyound 10. Its not restricted to main COMPUTER or Officers but all the NPC's are impacted by it. New skill cap set to 200 and also SPECIAL max 25. It boosts only the max cap. It dosent out set the skills or SPECIAL to any worth.No rank 1 ship recognization (NSR):Warning: NSR vanila is supposed for a game without Hook's Mod (req. game ver. SD:TEHO v1.7)Warning: NSR Hooks mod its meant for game with Hook's Mod already instaled: first u require instal Hook's Mod then apply this patch (reg. game ver. SD:TEHO v1.7 + Hook's Mod)CM For Tichingitu: its a standalone CM for Tichingitu, as he offers a diffrent dialog file as the mod edits he dosent out get normaly the cheats as a lot of police officers. I made it as sepeprice downfill for compatibility between CM and also mods that edit TichingituCwarm menu A: Default actions of think out loud choice. Outdated version presently not sustained due to lack of time. Use just via SDTEHO v1.7TOL 2 for SDTEHO HotN v1.6: its TOL 2 v1.4 for older game variation.

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Warning: its only expected for Sea Dogs Hero of the Nation v1.6 it may break at game vcersion 1.5 and also 1.7 usage it just with 1.6Officer cwarmth food selection v2.3.0: heritage version of cheat food selection no tol alternative, charls and police officers cheats only by means of d/0 choice. Compatible with SDTEHO v1.6 and also 1.7
Patches / Addons are for downpack here: "link: MEGA" Attached Files: dvery own listed below are primary files of the cheat food selection newest versions and also thay are designed to job-related through SD:TEHO 1.7 game version.

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