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Minecraft 1.17.1 Shaders Download List • Texture

These are the five best Minecraft 1.17.1 shaders that you can download for free. We also show you how to install the packs.

Minecraft 1.17.1 Shaders Download List • Texture

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Complementary Shaders 1.17.1 → 1.7.10 • Download Shader Pack for Minecraft

Complementary Shaders is a good name for this subtle but powerful shader pack for Minecraft. These shaders are designed to upgrade your game world with

Complementary Shaders 1.17.1 → 1.7.10 • Download Shader Pack for Minecraft

Complementary Shaders is a good name for this subtle but powerful shader pack for Minecraft. These shaders are designed to upgrade your game world with new visual elements. A combination of new lighting, shadows, game fog, and performance tweaks puts you in a completely new Vanilla gaming experience.

Utilizing the many features of Vanilla Minecraft, Complementary Shader Pack upgrades the game world with exciting new features. Night-time seems more spooky with heavy fogs rolling in. Luckily, the upgraded moonlight and glow will help guide your path as you venture on.

Enjoy new in-game experiences with upgraded biome atmospheres and lighting. Lava is more vivid than ever. The skies often change and have different appearances based on weather and season. There are bright and beautiful new atmosphere visuals to enjoy.

Apart from a visual overhaul of lighting elements and more, the developers have spent plenty of time optimizing the game on a variety of GPUs and gaming platforms. There are plenty of options to adjust within Optifine settings to get the perfect performance for your machine.

These developers are also very active in the scene and are devoted to assisting you to overcome any errors or issues you face. They are actively updating the shader pack to assist with any in-game errors that may occur as the game continues to update.

Gamers need to keep in mind that to play and use the Complementary Shaders pack, you must have Optifine 1.17.1 or an older version installed in order to load up the shaders properly. After installing Optifine, you will be able to seamlessly use Complementary Shaders within your Minecraft world.

In conclusion, Complementary Shaders does a great job to influence atmospheric changes into the Minecraft world while maintaining great performance levels on your PC. Minecraft can often be taxing on lower-end PC’s, but with this shader pack, you are guaranteed to enjoy a new level of game performance.

Note: Complementary is a Minecraft Java Edition shader pack based on CaptTatsu’s BSL Shaders.

Also, all old changelogs are listed here.

The best Minecraft shaders for 1.17.1

Our Minecraft shaders guide will walk you through the very best Minecraft shader packs on offer for 1.17.1.

The best Minecraft shaders for 1.17.1

Looking for the best Minecraft shaders? Shader packs are some of the best tools you can use to change the look of your Minecraft worlds, but with so many of them out there, it’s hard to know which to pick – particularly when so many of them require a big beefy CPU and graphics card to run properly.

Well, fret no more, because the below list of Minecraft shaders for 1.17.1 runs the gamut between lightweight, performant shader packs, and beastly packs for those of you with high-end rigs. We’ll also walk you through how to install and run any of the below Minecraft shaders on either Sodium or Optifine!

Let’s not keep you in suspense: in our opinion, the best Minecraft shaders are BSL Shaders. Extremely customisable, lightweight and more performant than most of the others on this list, you can point your screen at basically anything in Minecraft and end up with a beautiful sight thanks to BSL Shaders.

We’ll talk more about BSL and all its competitor shader packs below. Let’s take a closer look at the best Minecraft shaders:

Good lord, BSL Shaders are beautiful. Like, really beautiful. In fact, when all’s said and done, this is the shader pack that I always go back to for my own survival worlds, as well as any Minecraft servers I frequent. Everything included here, from the amazing depth of field effects to the crisp lighting, the beautiful water reflections, and the fluffy far-off clouds utterly transport you to a place that you could almost imagine to be Minecraft 2.0. Plus, you can turn on World Curvature for some wonderfully unique screenshots.

You might expect that such stonking pulchritude comes at the cost of lower frames, but… no, not really. It actually runs a little better for me on my (high-end) rig than the other “go-to” shaders on this list (Sildur’s and SEUS). The fact that Minecraft can look this good and still run at a solid 60 FPS on a decent rig just blows my mind.

Download link: BSL Shaders

Piggy-backing off the brilliance and success of the previous shader pack on this list, Complementary Shaders is an offshoot of BSL Shaders, designed to be “as issueless as possible”. Extremely performant, and with just as much opportunity for customization as BSL, whether you choose BSL or Complementary comes purely down to preference. A great choice for showing off your latest house build.

The download also comes with a Complementary Resource Pack, to be used alongside the shaders if you so desire. Though you can of course use this shader pack alongside any texture pack you desire.

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Download link: Complementary Shaders

Right, here’s the thing about Continuum Shaders. I waxed lyrical earlier about the stupendous beauty of BSL Shaders, but Continuum Shaders might just have it beat for pure screenshot exquisiteness. Continuum puts a lot of emphasis on its authentic lighting effects, and it shows.

But – and it’s a big but – in terms of optimisation, Continuum falls a bit short compared to many other Minecraft shaders on this list. You’ll definitely want to run this with Sodium and IrisShaders to get the most performance, but even that may not be enough unless you’ve got a very powerful PC. The way I’d put it to you is this: if you want an amazingly good-looking screenshot that makes your Minecraft world look like it came out of a world-class modelling or animation studio, Continuum is what you should use. If you’re after a shader pack that looks amazing in motion and allows you to get on with a spot of building or mining or fighting, then maybe you should give this one a pass. Particularly if you plan on going into the Nether for a spot of potion making or Netherite mining.

There’s no denying Continuum’s beauty, though. I mean seriously, look at that screenshot. I can’t get over it. That’s the best-looking Minecraft screenshot I’ve ever seen.

Download link: Continuum Shaders

As the title might suggest, Oceano Shaders give Minecraft’s water surfaces a much-needed makeover. From a distance, they’re possibly the best shaders out there for oceans, though it does look a little stranger with smaller bodies of water. But the overall look and feel of the shader pack more than makes up for these occasional anomalies.

Everything has a very bright, crisp look with Oceano Shaders. It feels a bit like a cross between Continuum Shaders and SEUS (both of which you’ll meet shortly below), but comes away looking very much like its own thing. It’s a great way to explore the depths of the ocean for rare sights like Buried Treasure, Axolotls, and other seafaring Minecraft mobs.

Download link: Oceano Shaders

Nostalgia Shaders give you an extremely lightweight and wonderfully subtle graphical overhaul for your Minecraft worlds. Designed to emulate the first few popular shader packs of the early 2010’s, Nostalgia may be a little lacking in the customisation department compared with others on this list, but the flipside of this is that you really don’t need to do much tinkering to get a very performant and great-looking Minecraft experience.

By far my favourite thing about Nostalgia though is the cloud options. Do yourself a favour: set both layers of clouds as high as they can go, and turn on Story Mode Style. It looks so, so very good. Why is this not just what clouds look like in regular Minecraft? Can you imagine building up to the height limit with some terrific palacial build using this shader pack?

Download link: Nostalgia Shaders

Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders is probably the go-to option right now for Minecraft shaders mods, and it’s easy to see why once you see it in action. Not only does this shader pack give Minecraft a much-needed and incredibly comprehensive makeover, but it’s also made a name for itself as one of the most customisable and flexible shader packs around.

That’s really where Sildur’s success lies. After all, every single shader pack on this list looks beautiful. But with Sildur’s, it’s very easy to spend ages tweaking little settings to achieve the absolutely perfect look for you and your Minecraft world. You’ve got six different versions of the mod to try out, from Lite through to Extreme, so no matter your specs you’ll be able to run Sildur’s with little effort. And even at maximum settings, Sildur’s is remarkably lightweight and scores massive points for performance compared to most other Minecraft shader mods.

Download link: Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders

Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders, or SEUS for short, is where many players who have dipped their toe into the Minecraft shaders ocean would have started. This shader pack goes for a very clean and familiar Minecraft look, less flashy than many on this list but just as beautiful, particularly in motion. It makes even mundane tasks like mining for Diamonds or wandering about a village look gorgeous.

The downside is that it’s not nearly as customisable as Sildur’s or certain other Minecraft shaders on this list; but the upside of that is that it looks great right out of the gate, no tweaking of settings required. The skies are bright and bold, the shadows add a new level of depth to the world, and the gentle flapping of the leaves in the wind really helps you to lose yourself in your own great big survival experience.

Download link: Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders

The official successor of the venerable KUDA Shaders, projectLUMA Shaders aims to give Minecraft as much of a visual pop as possible without tanking your performance. Sounds much like the aim of most other shader packs, right? But in projectLUMA’s case the results are extremely positive – which cannot be said for many other shader packs I’ve tried.

Rather than opting for the fluffy marshmallow clouds present in most shaders, projectLUMA gives you photorealistic skyboxes, matched with excellent lighting options that give the landscapes below an amazing sense of life and colour. This is a very solid choice for anyone just starting out with shaders in Minecraft. It’s not quite as beautiful as you head underground (unless you reach something truly noteworthy, like an Amethyst Geode – but the skyboxes alone make this shader pack worthy of inclusion in this list.

Download link: projectLUMA Shaders

An edit of projectLUMA Shaders, Sora Shaders simply does nothing wrong that I can see. This shader pack just looks like it has absolutely nailed everything it has set out to do. Again, amazingly good-looking skyboxes and wonderful subtle lighting effects give Minecraft an entirely new atmosphere.

The water looks fabulous, the shadows and reflections are great, and – much like Oceano Shaders near the top of this list – everything just appears super crisp and clean and colourful. Perfect for starting up a new Minecraft world.

Download link: Sora Shaders

Another excellent and popular shader pack from the creator of the Nostalgia Shaders mentioned above, Vanilla Plus aims to give you a high-quality, elegant Minecraft graphics makeover while staying as true as possible to vanilla Minecraft. And this is does with outstanding success.

This is what Minecraft should look like all the time, right out of the gate, the first time you load it up. You’d be forgiven for looking at the above screenshot after a long while spent away from Minecraft, and not realising this was a shader pack, but instead saying to yourself, “my god, I forgot how good Minecraft looks sometimes.” I think I spent about 10 minutes longer wandering about the world on Vanilla Plus Shaders than I did with any other shader pack, looking at random blocks like Enchanting Tables and Lightning Rods to see what they looked like now, because I was just so impressed with how good it made Minecraft look, without losing the charm and nostalgic feel of plain-old vanilla Minecraft.

Download link: Vanilla Plus Shaders

Here’s another classic shader pack whose name might be familiar even if you’ve never used Minecraft shaders in your life. The venerable Chocapic13’s Shaders pack still stands up today as one of the best options available, thanks to its vibrant but pared-back style and its ability to run on a great deal of different rigs without too much trouble.

For those looking to really test their RTX 3090s with the eyecandiest of eyecandy, well, this probably won’t knock your socks off like you’re hoping. But Chocapic13’s shaders somehow create a more relaxing Minecraft than nearly any other shader pack I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot). There’s something so serene about this particular combination of swaying leaves, gently shimmering waves, and soft, subtle lighting.

Download link: Chocapic13’s Shaders

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If you want to recreate Pirates of the Caribbean in Minecraft, then Beyond Belief Shaders are absolutely the shaders for you. That’s the best-looking water of any shader pack on this list, full stop. It really is Beyond Belief.

Taken as a whole, I’d say there are still one or two shaders that look slightly higher-quality, but Beyond Belief Shaders still completely revitalise your Minecraft experience, even before you’ve started tweaking the settings (which is made easy by a lovely and well-presented set of customisation options). The lighting is great, the godrays and lens flares actually add to rather than take away from the experience. It looks particularly great at night, I’ve found, which makes this shader pack a great choice for capturing a good old fashioned fireworks display.

Download link: Beyond Belief Shaders

Thanks to a mod called IrisShaders, you can run any of the above shaders on Sodium – and on most machines it seems they run better on Sodium than on Optifine, too. Here’s how to install any of the above Minecraft shader packs with Sodium for 1.17.1:

These steps will install Sodium and IrisShaders in one go, so you’ll be able to enjoy the performance benefits of Sodium and the beauty of the above shaders all at once. Pretty sweet, eh?

Here’s how you can install any of the above Minecraft shader packs using Optifine for 1.17.1:

And with that, I’ll conclude this guide to the best Minecraft shaders for 1.17.1. The above shader packs cover the entire spectrum in terms of looks, customisation options, and performance impact – so hopefully you’ve found the shaders mod for you. And be sure to check back once the monumental Minecraft 1.18 update drops, and find out all the best shader packs to view the new changes in!

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Optifine 1.17

Minecraft Optifine 1.17 is the latest version of a mod required to use shaders! Know where & how to download Optifine 1.17.1, release date, latest updates, and shader support!

Optifine 1.17

Minecraft Optifine 1.17 is the latest version of a mod required to use shaders! Know where & how to download Optifine 1.17.1, release date, latest updates, and shader support!

Table of Contents

– fixed custom loading screens ( fixed player armor with arabic locale ( fixed crash with VoxelMap- not compatible with ForgeOptiFine 1.17.1 is now 100% complete!

The most stable version of Optifine 1.17.1 is now out and players can download it to enjoy a more optimized Minecraft 1.17 with shader support. Although it is in its “final” state, this version of Optifine is still not compatible with The current build is not compatible with Forge 1.17.1.

To download the latest version, you need to go to the Optifine official site and download it. Note that the latest version is currently a preview build and may have issues with features or running certain shaders.

The current build of Optifine for Minecraft 1.17.1 now has support for custom shaders. However, the team behind Optifine have stated that this build is incomplete but supports most shader packs. If your favorite shader pack still has problems in displaying, best wait for the next update.

Optifine 1.17 optimizes and graphically updates Minecraft’s update 1.17. Players can also use it to fine tune Minecraft with added visual improvements and optimization options.

As Update Part 2 1.18 is set to arrive later this year, we can expect another new Optifine release for the coming update. The definite release date of Part 2 is still unconfirmed as of yet.

▲ Base Minecraft vs Minecraft with shader mod

Optifine is a Minecraft optimization mod that allows users to load custom shaders & graphics. It can be used to load custom shaders and graphical improvements to change the overall appearance of Minecraft. You can use it to either improve the visuals or improve Minecraft’s FPS by lowering several graphics settings.

Players may also notice a significant boost in FPS once Optifine is installed. This can be due to the optimization that the mod introduces. This can be very helpful if you’re running demanding mods.

Even with Optifine 1.17 and up, you can still use old texture packs to improve your Minecraft’s visuals. Unlike the effects introduced by shaders, texture packs directly change the faces of blocks and entities. Use them both to get a more visually-appealing Minecraft experience.


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