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Many Minecraft players use shaders to enhance their visual game experience.

With the newest Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, there are plenty of new in-game elements that contribute to the visuals of the game. So gamers might be on the lookout for shader packs specifically with the 1.17 update in mind.

Reading: shaders for minecraft 1.17.1 java edition servers knockback

Luckily, plenty of shader packs tend to update with Minecraft itself. The following is a list of awesome shaders available for Minecraft 1.17.

Great shaders for Minecraft version 1.17

5) KUDA Shaders

Image via Shaders Mods

KUDA Shaders is a great option for Minecraft players in search of simple yet great shaders. This shader pack gets increasingly better with every Minecraft update thanks to the creators working hard to ensure optimal performance.

KUDA shaders add new visuals to Minecraft, with things like hyper-realistic fog and light flares. These shaders bring Minecraft to a whole new level by keeping some original game textures and combining them with dynamic and realistic KUDA specific textures.

4) Complementary Shaders

Image via Shaders Mods

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Complementary Shaders have dynamic lighting functions that change how daylight, and particularly moonlight, affect the world’s visuals.

This shader pack could be interesting to see applied to the new world generation like huge mountains and deep caves, where light may hit surfaces differently than gamers are used to. Plus, these shaders will work well on any kind of PC without causing Minecraft to run significantly slower.

3) Triliton’s Shaders

Image via Shaders Mods

While Triliton’s Shaders does typically require a hefty computer, this shader pack is definitely worth it for those able to install it. Triliton’s Shaders will surely add depth and beauty to any Minecraft server.

Triliton’s Shaders make nature look incredible and more realistic than ever. The sky is a major aspect of this shader pack with its stunning sunlight and moonlight effects. Water is another awesome part of Triliton’s Shaders, as it adds reflectivity and dynamic color variation within water sources.

2) AstraLex Shaders

Image via Shaders Mods

AstraLex Shaders were designed with Minecraft content creators in mind. What’s interesting about this shaders pack is how cinematic visuals were taken into account.

The goal of AstraLex shaders is to not only enhance the look of Minecraft, but also the game’s performance on high-end PCs. These shaders will make the game run smoother and appear more visually entrancing.

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This shaders pack is likely best for any Minecraft player who likes to make creative, narrative Minecraft videos or those who enjoy Minecraft for the ability to create lore and stories within servers.

1) Sildur’s Shaders

Image via Shaders Mods

Sildrur’s Shaders is a great option for any kind of Minecraft player. This shader pack works on nearly all operating systems, not just PCs.

Sildur’s Shaders enhances light from all sources and brings an entirely new feel to nearly every form of light in Minecraft. This is especially great for new light sources like glow berries and candles.

Sildur’s Shaders also changes the texture of water in Minecraft. This is especially worth checking out with the brand new water mobs, axolotls and glow squids.

Plus, the best aspect of this shaders pack is the ability to change certain features within it. Silbur’s Shaders comes with Basic, Light, and Vibrant shaders, all with their own settings as well. Players can pick and choose which looks best to them for any given Minecraft endeavour.

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