Heavy Silken Thread Wow Fei Fei Fei Doggy Treat, Fei Fei&#39S Treat

32) Go down to the Armory at 54,82 and kill the footman, sorcerers, and knights for “Unyielding Souls” You”ll find Mysteries of the Light for “An Old Gift” just outside the busted house that is south of the armory, it”s on the edge of the world here at 54,86._

Once you”ve got that finished, start heading east and look for the zepplin parts for “In Case of Emergency…”

they lie between the zeppelin crash site and Honor Hold. You shouldn”t have a problem getting all 30 is pretty easy.

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33) Go SE to Zeth”gor at 68,75 and kill the orcs until you get a cursed talisman for “Ill Omens” you don”t need to go into Zeth”gor but kill anything out here until you get one. They fall easiest from grunts, shamans, and necrolytes

34) Once you have the talisman, go east to 70,63 to Expedition Point and turn it in to Ironridge accept “Cursed Talismans”

35) Hold off on doing this quest for now, we”ll come back here later when we level and make it easy.

36) Go north of here to the path of glory, which is the road that goes west from the dark portal, be on the lookout for the bones on the bone road from Hellfire Citadel all the way to the dark portal east for “The Path of Glory”. You need 8 and can find them quickly. Just sweep your mouse until you see a clickable item. These are extremely easy to overlook. The easiest way to find them is right click and move your mouse down so your cam is near the ground, then they stick out much easier.

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37) North of the path of glory you will see a line of catapults and orcs. Starting from the east and going west you”ll come across 4 of them that you must destroy for “Laying Waste to the Unwanted” you have to manually click the torch next to each one to destroy it. The 1st at 58,46 the 2nd at 55,46 the 3rd at 53,47 the 4th at 52,47

38) Run down the trench beside you, across towards HH, but go west to the tower at 51,60 just outside HH go to Dumphry and turn in “Laying Waste to the Unwanted” then go inside to Wesilow and turn in “Unyielding Souls” accept “Looking to the Leadership”

39) Exit the tower and turn right toward the cave and turn in “A Job for an Intelligent Man”

40) Enter Honor Hold, go in the Inn to Father Malgor, then turn in “An Old Gift” then leave the Inn and go up into the castle at 56,65 and go up top to Kryv. Turn in “The Path of Glory” accept “The Temple of Telhamat”

41) You should be about 50% through level 60 or very close to it_

42) Exit HH through the west gate and follow the road NW around the tower to the Temple of Telhamat_

43) The Temple of Telhamat is at 23,40

44) As you walk in talk to Obadei and accept “In Search of Sedai” then from Ikan accept “Cruel Taskmasters” and SKIP “The Rock Flayer Matriarch” and finally from Scout Vanura who walks around town accept “Deadly Predators”

45) Go up the steps and take your first left to Mor the medic and up your first aid past 300. Follow the path north into the Inn to Amaan the Wise and turn in “The Temple of Telhamat” then accept “The Pools of Aggonar” and then make this your home.

46) Go east from the Inn to 25,37 and grab the FP_

47) Go east of the FP to 26,37 and you will see Sedai”s Corpse, click it to turn in “In Search of Sedai” accept “Return to Obadei”_

48) Run back to west to town to Obadei at 23,40 and turn it in then from Makuru accept “Makuru”s Vengeance”

49) Go North from where you found Sedai”s Corpse to 29,33, follow the path up to Mag”Har Post and kill the orcs until you have 10 necklaces for “Makuru”s Vengeance”

50) Go East to the Pools of Aggonar by either jumping down or going to the front at 38,44 and kill Blistering Rots and Terrorfiends for “The Pools of Aggonar” and “The Heart of Darkness”_

51) Hearth to Telhamat and go to the entrance first to Makuru and turn in “Makuru”s Vengeance” accept “Atonement” from Obadei then run up into the Inn to Amaan the Wise, turn in “The Pools of Aggonar” accept “Cleansing the Waters” turn in “Atonement” accept “Sha”naar Relics”

52) Run SW to the Cenarion Post at 15,52 to Thiah Redmane and turn in “Missing Missive”

53) Run south a bit to The Ruins of Sha”naar and kill the taskmasters for “Cruel Taskmasters” They have 2 58 guys with them, but once you kill the taskmaster they become friendly. This can be tough, but if you can sap or sheep or something to one of the miners it”s a lot easier. Not too hard but it”s close. Also keep an eye out for the Sha”naar Relics for “Sha”naar Relics”_

54) In one of the tents at 14,63 13,60 or 13,58 talk to one of the npcs and accept “Naladu”

54) In one of the tents at 14,63 13,60 or 13,58 talk to one of the npcs and accept “Naladu”

55) Go in the SE corner of the camp up the path to a hut at 16,65 to Naladu and turn in “Naladu” then accept “A Traitor Among Us” Now go back down to the hut at 14,63 and open the chest and grab the key, make sure the 63 elite isn”t around then go back up and turn it in. Accept “The Dreghood Elders” then Go back down and free Morod at 13,60 in the tent, Aylaan in the tent at 13,58 both are on the west side of the ruins. Finally free Akoru at 15,58 in the tent on the east side of the ruins. Go to the tent in the back of the ruins and turn in “The Dreghood Elders” accept “Arzeth”s Demise” Go back down and use the Staff of the Dreghood Elders on the 63 elite to remove his elite status and kill him, then run back up to tent and turn in “Arzeth”s Demise”

56) Go SE to 23,72 to Gremni Longbeard and turn in “The Longbeards” accept “The Arakkoa Threat” and “Rampaging Ravagers” then from Mirren accept “Gaining Mirren”s Trust” You should already be friendly now with HH and already have the bitter for it from before even coming to HFP so turn it back in and accept “The Finest Down”

57) Just NW of the longbeards you”ll see a big thorny area full of ravagers, kill 10 quillfang ravagers for “Rampaging Ravagers” then go back to the Gremni Longbeard at 23,72 and turn it in

58) Just SE of the longbeard camp is a valley, kill 6 Haal”eshi Talonguards and 4 Windwalkers for “The Arakkoa Threat” Also look for Kaliri Nests which will spawn a hatchling which drop the feathers for “The Finest Down” At about 25,76 there is a path above the valley, go up there and kill Avruu and he will drop “Avruu”s Orb” go farther back, you should see a purple house at 29,81, out front is an orb touch it and a 63 elemental spawns, you have to fight him to 40% life to free him, I think some classes will have trouble with this, my rogue did just fine, don”t be afraid to try for a group if you can”t do it alone

59) Mount and run back up to the Longbeards camp to Mirren, turn in “The Finest Down” and to Gremni “The Arakkoa Threat”

60) Go east of the Haal”eshi valley and you”ll see stonescythe whelps and stonescythe alphas. Alphas are more in higher ground and in the cave at 34,62 for “Deadly Predators”

61) You”re gonna exit the Stonescythe area right into the Southern Rampart at 42,68

62) Go down SW from here into Razorthorn Trail at 39,86 and start collecting ravager eggs for “Ravager Egg

63) Go NE to the zeppelin crash site at 49,74 to Legassi and turn in “Ravager Egg Roundup” accept “Helboar, the Other White Meat” and talk to Luckheed, turn in “In Case of Emergency…” Accept “Voidwalkers Gone Wild”

64) You should be 61 now or really close to it. If you”re not it”s no biggy, theres nothing for a tiny bit that needs you to be 61. You should be 61 by the time we turn these 2 in

Hellfire Peninsula 61-62


65) You will find the deranged helboars all around the zeppelin and to the east of the crash site. The creation of the purified meat is about 50/50. Then go further south of the zeppelin to 47,80 in the warp fields and kill the voidwalkers. While killing the voidwalkers, go east to the Expedition Armory to 54,83 and kill

65) You will find the deranged helboars all around the zeppelin and to the east of the crash site. The creation of the purified meat is about 50/50. Then go further south of the zeppelin to 47,80 in the warp fields and kill the voidwalkers. While killing the voidwalkers, go east to the Expedition Armory to 54,83 and kill

Thalvos and to the north a tiny bit to 53,81 and kill Xintor for “Looking to the Leadership” Real easy ones to kill. Once you have it all, run back up to the zeppelin to Legassi and turn in “Helboar, the Other White Meat” accept “Smooth as Butter” then talk to Luckheed turn in “Voidwalkers Gone Wild”_

66) Hearth back to Telhamat

67) At Amaan the Wise turn in “Sha”naar Relics” accept “The Seer”s Relic” and “Helping the Cenarion Post” Turn around to Elsaana and accept “An Ambitious Plan”. Look for Vanura wandering, turn in “Deadly Predators” then go towards the entrance to Ikan and turn in “Cruel Taskmasters”

68) Go east to 26,37 Sedai”s Corpse and use the Seer”s Relic on it. Then go to the northern part of the Pools of Aggonar at 40,31 and you will use the cleansing vial to spawn Aggonar, he”s 63, kind of rough but not too hard to kill.

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69) Go East now to 51,31 near the cave and you”ll see Foreman Razelcraz, accept “Outland Sucks!”

70) Go SW around 47,42 and you”ll see boxes lying around for this near the burrowing worms. Once you get them all go back to Razelcraz and turn it in and accept “How to Serve Goblins”

71) Go back down SW near the rampart wall and you”ll find all 3 of the Goblins. Manni is at 45,41 north of the opening, Moh at 46,45 and Jakk at 47,46

72) Go back to Razelcraz and turn it in and accept “Shizz Work” then use the whistle near the foreman and go a bit west and kill hellboars until the fel guard poops the key

73) Go back to Razelcraz and turn it in and accept “Beneath Thrallmar”

74) Go into the cave and keep right until you get to Urga”zz then kill him and return to Razelcraz and turn it in

75) If you”re racing for time, die so you end up at the temple, otherwise run back

76) Run back up into the Inn to Amaan, turn in “The Seer”s Relic” and “Cleansing the Waters”

77) Fly to HH

78) Leave town by the west entrance and head straight for the tower below to Wesilow and turn in “Looking to the Leadership”

79) Exit to the right, near the cave, to Biggums and turn in “A Job for an Intelligent Man”

80) You should be about 15% or more through 61 now_

68) Go south of HH and start killing all of the buzzards here for their wings. It”s a pretty low droprate but also a good grind for “Smooth as Butter”_

69) Go up into Zeth”Gor to the east at 64,74 and kill the Grunts, Necrolytes, and shamans for “Cursed Talismans” I hit around the 20% through 61 while doing this. Kinda bad drop rate but a good grind spot while doing a quest.

70) Once you”re done turn it back in to Ironridge at Expedition point to the NE at 70,63 accept “Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow”

71) Go back up into Zeth”Gor to the back into the big building at 69,76 and go to the center and kill Warlord Morkh for “Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow” then go back to Expedition Point at 70,63 to Ironridge and turn it in, accept “Return to Honor Hold”

72) Take the Gryphon to Shatter Point then fly to HH_

73) Go upstairs in the Inn to Klatu and turn in “Return to Honor Hold” accept “Fel Spirits” and “Digging for Prayer Beads”

74) Go to the next room to Hama and buy a Silken Thread, then go downstairs to the Gem vendor and buy a Sparkling Zircon, then into the tower beside the Inn and talk to Zabraxis and buy a Maiden”s Anguish then go towards the blacksmith house to the Warrant Officer and buy a Fei Fei Doggy Treat with the 3 items you just bought. Now talk to Fei Fei and give her the treat and follow her so she unviels the stashes on her way behind the inn to the final one. Now go back up and turn it in to Klatu_

75) Go SW somewhere on the southern rampart around 45,77 and lay the Anchorite Relic (pick a good spot because you can”t use it for 5 more min). It will capture orcs with the beam, kill them to release fel spirits for “Fel Spirits”

76) Go back down to the Warp fields around 50,83 and get an uncontrolled voidwalker to about 25% life and use the crystal on it and grab the red crystal it drops for “An Ambitious Plan” then head to the east towards Zeth”Gor at 67,75

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