Surviving in Minecraft BUT NOW with my own ClayClaim Clay-SKIN #2

Hey guys. You remember my height adjustable table? Well It's broken now! This is my new working and playing height. We are playing Minecraft part 2 of our 
series with some heavy tasks for today. I am crafting some new tools, then we'll do agenda 
reassignment: Swords for everyone! That's today's motto Clayworld. You remember our rules which we have. Everything 
I see within the game, everything I walk over I have to create with clay and rule number two: Everything I am crafting on this very table has to be according to the Minecraft logic. I want to craft some new tools. 
You told me that in the comments, that it's not the best way to 
use your pickaxe for everything, so what we need is a regular stone 
ax, ooh yes I need a stone ax.

Now we can chop a little bit more wood. It's getting dark and it starts to rain! Yes I am playing as a woman right now. 
I asked you to help me out with this   and design a beautiful ClayClaim skin 
and you did! I was blown away! All the designs which you 
did. Okay this tree has to go. This tree has to go back 
into my cave. It's getting dark.   While hiding out in the man cave 
let's create our ClayClaim skin   and you did an incredible job 
in designing so many skins. This one for example.

Aaron i used your face. All of you did such an amazing job that 
it felt wrong to only pick one of these,   so what I did was creating a 
mixture of all your designs and creating the Clay Claim 
community Minecraft skin to make justice to all of your amazing designs. Here workman, for example, your 
hoodie these elastic waistbands which are slightly brighter. I 
love the idea I loved the front and i am creating this right now now. Now we are switching over to the 
skin color which is quite simple because we only need the skin 
color to be seen on the hands. Then the chest. Yeah maybe I'll 
add some chest hair. No? Okay. And the head as well. Lola18 for example and Rexon, well I really liked the 
logo on the hoodie which you created   but I ended up creating an even tinier version, a version of the logo that only fits on the torso and that I did not need to 
design it onto the arms as well.

This one from torturum for example. Very tiny logo just four blocks, 
black and one piece of tiny red and it looks so adorable. Also this one looked quite nice. Yeah this one is different. For 
the trousers I was not really sure which color I should pick. Most of 
you created blue trousers, some black and all is true I have some beige ones, I have a pair of black ones and also well my slippers I'm 
wearing in the studio only. Of course, you could not know this 
but I wanted to include these. I ignored all your shoe designs 
and created the slippers on this one with a crown. At least I tried. We have the eyes of this frog thing. I don't really know what I am wearing slippers, but it looks like a frog with a crown maybe.

Now the head. This is quite simple to create, the beard. 
Many of you created different versions of the beard. I picked the one with a smile. Well it's not really a smile, but with 
the open mouth right in the middle. It looked very charming for the eyes. I wasn't even sure myself which color to pick. I ended up using green. I think it's 
a mixture of blue and green yeah, but this looked quite nice 
because now we have also contrast to the tiny red flag. The man 
bun on the back side of the head. and I saw this big logo on the back side on one of your creations and I really liked it. It's so simple. Look at these two seas. Amazing and we're ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked… myself. Oh 
I knew this day would come. We need some wire. I don't want to just   glue these pieces together.ž I want a 
movable puppet I want a movable puppet to work for me maybe we'll do 
some animation with this puppet. I'm not really sure. Oops this was too much of glue.

Flipping it away. Now the head is movable. It's a very great technique 
to create a movable puppet. So if you want to do this as well at home 
just give it a try. Attaching the arms. And now we can also stick in the wire 
for the legs that I'm able to walk! Okay we can turn the head, turn the arms, legs and this is what the skin 
looks like in the game f5. Oh whoa, we need an oven and we need some torches quite quickly. Okay. What do we need? Nothing. I can't see anything. Okay what have we got? Perfect. it's getting brighter from the fire. Coal. Perfect. This will be our very first torch. We need some sticks. And some coal torch. Here you go! The night can come and we can start building our tiny home. Its home. I think someone is out there. Okay we need a stone pickaxe. We 
definitely need a stone pickaxe. One, two, three.

Here you go! Something's wrong with my movement. That's it the Minecraft ClayClaim community skin! Guys, I think we made an achievement today! We created the ClayClaim Minecraft skin! Thanks a lot to every one of you 
who helped me to create this skin. I think we should focus on the cave 
for now as the first day is finishing. The cave maybe you can give me some ideas what the cave should look like, 
on what I should focus to build and then in the next episode, 
we are ready for an adventure and we leave our cave. Have an amazing weekend! Stay 
safe, stay creative. Bye! No!!! There are monsters outside, but 
something's wrong with the control..

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