The Evolution Of Godzilla (Animated)

since being awoken by atomic bombs
Godzilla has lit up the silver screen but his looks seem to be ever-changing
starting with the original let's go through his theatrical looks and story
animated in his first ever appearance Godzilla has small arms thick legs and
dorsal plates down his spine his pupils are tiny and he has fangs and pointy
ears after attacking Japan he gets disintegrated to bone a new gigantis
whoops I mean Godzilla appears in Godzilla raids again this monster is
thinner with longer arms a smaller head and larger pupils when in close-ups his
teeth appear to be jutting out sadly he's buried a nice button King Kong vs.
Godzilla he busts free he's now in color is more plump tolis and as a lizard-like
head with yellow eyes no ears and no fangs he faces off against a giant ape
tumbling into the ocean only to be washed ashore and Mothra vs.

now he's slimmer has a wider head wide eyes and smooth shiny brows as his
rampage continues he gets covered in silk and again drops into the sea but in
Ghidorah the three-headed monster he's back now with a slimmer face and longer
tongue from this film on in the original series Godzilla now defends humanity for
more evil monsters in invasion of Astro monster Godzilla is thinner his dorsal
plates have more definition his claws are dull and his head is rounder it
shows off his new dance moves before briefly being put under alien mind
control Evera horror of the deep gives godzilla less angry brows he battles
against a big lobster and narrowly escapes an exploding island in the
sequel Godzilla's neck is elongated he's pudgy
ER and his dorsal fins are flimsy looking his nose is also stubbier and
his eyes are bugged out oh and he's now raising a hideous in
destroy all monsters he's slimmer while his face appears Mollica did an astro
monster he's put under alien mind control again
free of their control he turns on them for the next three sequels his look
remains consistent in the first he helps his son face-off against a bully
however this all takes place and said the dreams of a young boys so moving on
next in Godzilla vs.

Adora he opposes a pollution monster
and when curled up like a shrimp he can now fly backwards in godzilla vs. gigan
godzilla has gained the ability to speak while a suit oops I mean skin starts
ripping during his triumphant battle he appears slimmer in godzilla vs. Megalon
with a shorter neck soft bright dorsal fins in a round pig-nosed face he boasts
a long-distance dropkick but this movie is mostly about a size changing a robot
so let's keep going in the next two films godzilla has an angrier expression
and more detailed muzzle he uses a magnetic upgrade to protect an ancient
god from mecha godzilla and in the sequel faces him once more but this
timelines godzilla is sent to retirement and nine years later a reboot godzilla
appears this one's taller has larger dorsal fins a fourth toe and his fangs
in the ears make a return although his reign is short-lived as he trips into a
volcano only to explode out in the sequel he has a smaller head a more
muscular build larger outer fins and a cat-like face with a secondary row of
teeth he takes out a giant plant monster who gets turned into glitter in Godzilla

King Ghidorah his original form the Godzilla soros is taken out of the 1940s
and exposed to modern-day radiation turning him into a taller muscular and
angrier looking Godzilla he bites mecha King Ghidorah and then gets dumped into
the ocean and Godzilla vs. Mothra he's thinner his dorsal plates are
rearranged and his neck is more rib his head is flattered and he has golden eyes
he battles against Mothra and Batra and once again is plunged into the ocean and
locked in by Mothra's magical powers but somehow in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla –
he's back he has slimmed down shoulders and
slimmer legs he's also raising a blue tone to baby Godzilla this time he's
defeated when his but brain is destroyed but he's easily revitalized just moments
later Godzilla versus space Godzilla features the bulkier original with less
detailing in the neck and larger eyes Godzilla jr. who is taller and chubbier
with a greener color scheme and a large flying blue crystallized space Godzilla
who gets obliterated in this timelines final film Godzilla is glowing more and
his son that looks more like a hunched version of his father when the original
big G has a meltdown son absorbs the radiation and turns into the new
Godzilla ready for action but the series would be continually
rebooted dropping him altogether the first American Godzilla appears as a
largely mutated iguana with blue dorsal spines and a hanging do laughs this
Godzilla also has hundreds of tiny raptor looking offspring but this happy
family is easily taken out by basic explosives back in Japan in Godzilla mm
he appears shorter with green jagged skin sharp purple spines and a reptilian
looking face while he's nearly swallowed whole he is good to go for the next
reboot Godzilla vs.

Megaguirus in which he's lighter with a longer neck and
smaller mouth he defeats a giant flying insect and is then sentenced to a black
hole in giant monsters all-out attack Godzilla is formed by the ghosts of
vengeful World War two victims he has smooth charcoal colored skin white
dorsal fins and a hunched neck his face is less lizard like with pure white eyes
and no ears but this Godzilla is mutilated by a
drill missile leaving only his beating heart behind the following reboot
Godzilla against Mechagodzilla Rhee adds the jagged design elements and
introduces a more wolf-like phase in the climax
he's blasted by a beam adding a visible scar to his chest for the sequel Tokyo
SOS in which he's covered in silk and again floated to the bottom of the sea
Godzilla final Wars features a toddlers smoother and more slender Godzilla with
longer ears and red eyes this Godzilla fights against a multitude of creatures
including an upright standing 98 Zilla then he and his hideous son head back to
the ocean in Shin Godzilla he's first shown as a light-colored and armless
creature but quickly evolved growing tiny arms and becoming more red with
blood the accents his massive main form is
darker with a much longer tail that is a little face on the end his jaw can
unhinge and split apart and he has a variety of handy new skills he'd also
apparently reproduce human hybrids from his tail tip but he's given a freezing
agent ceasing his evolution the anime trilogy depicts a muscular rounded
Godzilla with a tree bark like texture 19,000 years later he sports beard like
spikes and grows to his largest on screen size easily allowing him to
become the ruler of Earth meanwhile back in 2014 a plump American Godzilla
appears this Titan has jagged dorsal plates wide elephant-like feet and
noticeable gills he comes out of hiding to stop – hideous star-crossed lovers in
Godzilla king of the monsters he's taller and beefier his lower half looks
less stubby his tail tip is more blunt and his dorsal fins are less sharp and
artfully glowing later is given extra radiation and after Ash's rain down on
him he gets a fiery new look and power upgrade helping him to retain his kingly

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