The Great Sea Scrolls Wow Quest, What Is The Point Of The Great Sea Scrolls

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In this article, I'll discuss what to do once you start the quest: The Great Sea Scrolls. I am not sure if there are more in Kul Tiras and Zandalar, but I will share an intriguing Treasure Chest that could be catalogued as a Scavenger Hunt. As I made my way south of Corlain to complete the World Quest titled “Hunting for Truffle Hunters,” I looked at my mini-map and noticed a Treasure Chest that wasn't marked in my Photoshop file for the Drustvar Treasure Chests.

Đang xem: The great sea scrolls wow quest

When I looted the Treasure Chest, an item that starts a quest was awaiting. The quest is titled: The Great Sea Scrolls


And “can Blizzard make a quest more vague than this?” — crossed my mind.

(The dust that falls from the scroll case as you retrieve it from the __ reveals an aged but lovingly crafted etching depicting a tortollan pilgrimage. The container has space for twelve rolled scrolls, only one of which is occupied. You surmise if you can complete the set, it is likely valuable to a tortollan collector.)

Quest Objectives: Collect a set of scrolls depicting the tortollan pilgrimage.

Rewards: Bartered Vrykul FacemaskRadiant Azerite Fragment (500 Artifact Power)

Not only might the mail helm be attractive to transmog-holics, but it is also a helm with Azerite Powers. Kinda helpful to those who need to increase iLevel to 305 to unlock Heroic dungeons.

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The Tortollan Pilgrimage scrolls drop from Treasure Chests, anywhere in Kul Tiras. As an Alliance player, I noticed a lower drop rate in Zandalar (but some dropped). Check out the Treasure Chest Maps (the blue dots represent random spawn locations I have charted for weeks).

Another player, Snowscath, who responded in general chat informed me that his quest dropped near Fallhaven. That's the east side of Drustvar. Mine dropped on the west side. That means the item that starts the quest has a random % chance to drop from any treasure chest in Drustvar (instead of at a specific location).

Farming the Tortollan Pilgrimage Scrolls have two levels of randomness:

The first 6 Tortollan Pilgrimage Scrolls credited toward completing the quest took approximately 4 hours to gather. Probably 20+ scrolls in total from Treasure Chests throughout Drustvar and Tiragarde Sound. It took me 10 hours to collect all 12 scrolls.

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To turn in the quest fly to the Seekers Vista (flight master) in Stormsong Valley (north of Fort Daelin). You will get 500 Artifact Power for your Heart of Azeroth, and the reward depends on the type of equipment your Class uses:

Cloth: Bartered Vrykul HoodLeather: Bartered Vrykul CowlMail: Bartered Vrykul FacemaskPlate: Bartered Vrykul Warhelm



Kul Tiras


Tiragarde Sound




Stormsong Valley







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