Wow The Mad Merchant Wow Location, Bloodfang Widow

If you wish report in this thread if you”ve seen Mad Merchant vendor in Dalaran. Mad Merchant is a rare kind of vendor, that spawns only for certain amount of time, then disappears for a long-long time. It”s quite rare to find him. Spawn point place:

Đang xem: The mad merchant wow location

The easiest way to check if there”s Mad Merchant spawned is to go anywhere nearby that spawn point, and type in chat:
If it targets it, it”s spawned. Just an example of a report:Mad Merchant spawned on realm Silvermoon. Last seen at 13:45 Server Time.If moderators don”t like the idea, please remove the thread. If the idea is overall not the worst to make this kind of thread, please don”t flood it with useless information.
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Latest Quarterly report, for easy access to combat fact-shunning idiots… Although I have most of them on ignore…
Can use a bit of help with this as well, not seen him for days. Kinda annoying since i saw him a week ago but didn”t have enough for the spider mount at the time lol.- – – Updated – – -Wonder if he is treated as a rare mob and might reset come server maintenance on Wednesday, I”m tired of logging in every hour on his spawn for up to 12 hours a day the past 2 days. I”ll set my alarm to wake up then and pray it works lol.
I”ve basically been standing afk for the last 3 days with no sign of him. Also none on my friends server and none in group finder.I haven”t been on at all hours of the day, but have paid people to scout for me as well without luck. Is he really this rare?
Gonna ressurect this thread, does anyone have Mad Merchant up currently on EU? only need a name of a server. (16.06.2017)
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