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World of Warcraft Shadowlands has reworked the concept of WoW battle pets farm and leveling. Now all players can boost their pet collection from a variety of different sources. Raid pets, treasure pets, quest pets, achievement pets, and even rare elite-drops pets are now available throughout all PvE content. And don’t forget that you can buy WoW pets from your Covenant sanctum and many reputation pet vendors.

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WoW Rare Pets for Sale

There are several different kinds of pets in World of Warcraft. There are battle pets and cosmetic pets that can’t be used for pet battles. We are focusing on having as many WoW battle pets for sale as possible while picking only the top battle pets of the Shadowlands. WoW player’s tiny companions also differ by the source from where you can get them which include the following:

rare drop pets (Raids or dungeon bosses such as Pommel Jewel of Remornia); achievement pets (Like Nine Afterlives awarding Jiggle); covenants Pets (those pets you can simply buy for Reservoir Anima); question pets (Awarded for quest completion); treasure pets (found in chests and looted from SL treasures); race-specific pets.

There are other sources which also include PvP pets and random drop pets that can be gathered from the Maw elites and other mobs in World of Warcraft. With such a variety of different pets, no wonder that collecting them all and leveling them up takes a huge amount of time. If you would take WoW pet battles seriously you can stop all your other activities and use your WoW account as a pokemon training facility.

That is why the pet power leveling team of has decided to offer you help in finding, farming, and leveling up your WoW battle pets. You can find and purchase WoW most rare pets here, if they are not listed you can always speak to our support manager to see if we can make it available especially for you.


WoW Battle Pets boosting

Collecting all WoW pets is not as hard as leveling every one of them in a battle. Pet battles in WoW is a small but very interesting event that can turn into an actual challenging fight between two cute little creatures. You can fight against pet trainers, other players (WoW Pet PvP battles), or other pets in World of Warcraft with the intent to capture them for your collection.

Every battle will grant you some pet rewards and experience that will boost your pet level and open new abilities that would make it easiest to farm more cool and unique pets in World of Warcraft. However pet battles are usually taking around 3-5 minutes to finish and it can be a tedious task to power level WoW pet to level 25, which is the maximum level cap. Therefore we can help you with that. Our pet level boost can easily get you a level 25 rare pet or level up your existing pet by using Ultimate Battle-Training Stone.

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WoW Pets leveling and rarity change

Apart from the level of the pets, we can also sell you a rarity change of your existing little companions. Currently, WoW has 6 rarity levels for battle pets where legendary pets are only available to be purchased through the official in-game shop.

<Poor> – gray <Common> – white <Uncommon> – green <Rare> – blue <Epic> – purple <Legendary> – orange

Players can change the quality of the pets by using special items such as  Flawless Battle-Stone. Those have to be farmed through battling with a pet trainer or you can find an already leveled up epic battle pet for sale at our store.

Shadowlands Pet achievements

Apart from adding a lot of new battle pets to World of Warcraft, the Shadowlands expansion has also added new pet abilities and some cool and unique pet battle achievements that can also be bought here at our store.

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Some honorable mentions would be:

Shadowlands Safari – a good trace of new shadowlands pets; Battle in the Shadowlands – quest battling with your pets (rewarding Mawsworn Pet Leash); Abhorrent Adversaries of the Afterlife – battling achievement with a cool reward (Winterleaf Spriggan); Family Exorcist – Some more Shadowlands pet battles (rewarding Spriggan Trickster).

We can sell you the completion of any battle pet achievement of shadowlands, the only thing you need to do is to speak to one of our managers to check the WoW pet booster availability. Buying Shadowlands battle pets carry is the simplest way to boost your collection with some new rare and exotic creatures.


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