The Ritual Bond Wow Quest – How Do I Complete The Ritual Bond In Wow




at max level)




The Ritual BondLevel: 12 (Requires 10) Keeper KarithusXP: 910Rep: +250 DarnassusRewards:5




You will also receive: 5


 Breath in the smoke to entice visions of the great animal spirits.

Đang xem: The ritual bond wow quest

Keeper Karithus says: Please hold still for a moment.Keeper Karithus and Seraphine channel a spell and after Keeper Karithus casts Ritual Bond on you, you receive your chosen buff.Keeper Karithus says: It is done. The spirit is bound with you and you will carry it with you anytime you are in Darkshore. May you serve nature well.Blessing of the Stag: Blessed by the Great Stag Spirit. Movement speed increased by 10%.

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Regarded in a friendly manner by the stag of Darkshore.Blessing of the Thistle Bear: Blessed by the Great Thistle Bear Spirit. Physical and magical damage taken is reduced by 10%. Regarded in a friendly manner by the bears of Darkshore.Blessing of the Moonstalker: Blessed by the Great Moonstalker Spirit. Attack and casting speed increased by 10%. Regarded in a friendly manner by the moonstalkers of Darkshore.


This quest becomes available once you have completed these quests:

During this quest, you will need to accept one of three quests (you can not do the other two)

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