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One of the fun things about Minecraft is the limitless imagination players can use, and especially when it comes to building home bases, the possibilities are endless.

Building a home base is one of the more creative things Minecraft players get to do, and every player makes their home base uniquely theirs.

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Every Minecraft player has a home base that is their home on the Overworld. It can be as big or as small as you want, but it is the place to return to. Players can restock inventory, rest, have a garden, relax or armor up for more adventures.

However, some Minecraft players enjoy having a hidden base. The most common is underground, but they can be built in ravines, mountains, waterfalls and anywhere else.

Things to not compromise on while building a secret hidden base in Minecraft

1) Location, location, location

As every Minecraft player knows, location is arguably one of the most important things to consider when building a home base. If you enjoy the cold and snowy land, a snowy biome or an icy spire may be best for you. If you enjoy having access to lush greenery, it's best to seek out a jungle or meadow biome.

If you want to build a base underground in Minecraft, keep an eye out for large, empty pieces of land that can offer plenty of digging areas. Secret or hidden bases underground should be deep below ground level.

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2) Have plenty of materials available before building

Minecraft players realize right away that building materials are important. You need wood to make almost everything, from tools to a bed and more. Wood is also used as a building block to make home bases.

If you don't want to find wood, the grass and stone mined from digging downward to create the hidden base can be used as the walls, ceiling and more. Having plenty of materials available, already in your inventory or a chest elsewhere, can help the building of the base go quicker.

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3) Plan a blueprint before starting to construct

In Minecraft, planning can go a long way when wanting to build a large area, especially a home base underground. Grabbing a piece of paper and drawing out how you want your base to look helps in the long run.

Make sure to use the Minecraft measurement: blocks. Doors are two blocks high, ceilings are usually anywhere from four and up but not shorter than two, as that can cause problems navigating unless you are hunched over.

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4) Let there be light

Minecraft players know that light is vital to survival almost as much as fuel and shelter. Torches are the easiest light source to make, using only sticks and coal, but lanterns and magma blocks offer light as well. When digging into the Minecraft Overworld, it is recommended to use something besides torches, as when they are placed on blocks and the block is destroyed, it can cause the torch to fall.

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Rather, it is recommended to use lanterns, magma blocks or other light sources to ensure you are able to see your surroundings.

5) Hiding the entrance

After building and completing your underground Minecraft hidden base, one of the best things to do is hide the door. However, this can prove tricky, as doors are pretty inconspicuous just being in the middle of an open space.

One way to hide the door is by putting a pond over it, then having an empty space in the middle of the pond with a ladder going down to your home base. This will throw off any intruders, other players or mobs as they will not see the door.

You can also hide the door using plants, such as flowers and trees. If the opening to the underground base is in the middle of nowhere, the last thing players want to do is put up a sign pointing to the door. Planting flowers around, certain trees, or even placing grass blocks around can help you find it.

Hidden bases are one of the most creative ways to live in Minecraft. While bases in the Overworld can be anywhere players desire, underground ones are always a great conversation starter.

Minecraft offers a wide variety of biomes and lands to build secret bases on, but the best is underground, where barely anyone will find it or even know it is there.

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