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Solving Issues When Launching Minecraft 1.17

Official poster for Minecraft 1.17The transition to Minecraft 1.17 was not that easy, as the developers have decided that the game should run on Java 16, which, accordingly, added a lot of new problems and errors. However, some of them can be solved using the following information.

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The page is relevant for 15.06.2021! Some points can change after updating the launcher or the game itself.


1. The Launch Error of 1.17 [#1]

2. The Launch Error of 1.17 [#2]

3.LAN in 1.17 Doesn’t Work When I Try To Play With My Friends

4. I Don't Have Any Skins in 1.17

5. The New 1.17 Content Is Partly Lacking

6. I Have Another Issue

To find the proper solution, carefully check what error you have by the screenshot and the description!

The Launch Error of 1.17 [#1]

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Driver error in Minecraft 1.17

If the “GLFW error 65542: WGL ….“, message occurs, as in the picture above, you need to do the following:

0) Check whether the official 1.17 demo works on your PC (it's free and will take 5 minutes).

1) Go to the demo’s official page, and scroll down to the green download button. After downloading, perform the installation.

2) Log in under any Microsoft account and try to run the Minecraft 1.17 demo!

If the official demo does NOT work 1.17, then the problem is not peculiar to the launcher; the recommendation would be to update the drivers of the display adapter (video card). This may not help; perhaps this would mean that your system does not support Minecraft 1.17, and you need to use older game versions.

If the official demo WORKS 1.17, but the TLauncher does not run, then you need to write to us, we will help solve the problem.

The Launch Error of 1.17 [#2]

Developer console when starting 1.17 in TLauncher

If you run the 1.17 version, and the launcher shows an unknown error (or a Java error like THIS), first of all, you should try to update the launcher to the latest version (DOWNLOAD) — download it and try to run the game again. Perhaps the launcher itself will suggest another solution — YOU SHOULD NECESSARILY try to follow the recommendations.

If the error does not change (or is unknown), then you need to write to us, — we will tell you the details of the issue.

LAN in 1.17 Doesn’t Work When I Try To Play With My Friends

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Invalid session error in Minecraft 1.17

If you connect to your friend's world via LAN in Minecraft 1.17 and get the “Failed to log in: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher)” message, this means that Minecraft 1.17 in TLauncher does not have the TL icon, which is responsible for joining local servers. You should wait for this icon near version 1.17 to be implemented by the developers of TLauncher (the approximate date is July, 2021).

If you would like to play with your friends on the server on 1.17 right now, you should apply other ways of logging in. 1) Download a separate 1.17 server from the game’s official website and configure it to work with any launchers (in wtbblue.comerties, change the online-mode from true to false). 2) Make use of the Aternos service, in which you need to enable the Cracked mode to join such a server.

I Don’t Have Any Skins in 1.17

If you use a Mojang or Microsoft account, the skins should be available to you. If you use a TLauncher account or have no password, you should wait for the TL icon to be implemented next to the version name, as shown in the screenshot below. As soon as such an icon appears near 1.17, you will be able to use your skins (the approximate implementation period is July, 2021).

List of versions in TLauncher with Minecraft 1.17

The New 1.17 Content Is Partly Lacking

Certain items, caves, or other features that were introduced in the 1.17 version are lacking.

The launcher features a completely clean version — we do not cut anything! As for the new content, the updated world generation, lush and dripstone caves, and increased absolute height were removed in the 21w15a snapshot. These features will be implemented only in 1.18. Learn about the new additions of Minecraft 1.17, on our website.

I Have Another Issue

If you have a problem with 1.17 that is not described on this page, you should contact us and describe it briefly, but exactly, by making use of attached logs and screenshots (this saves time).

Write to the developers via

Note! Due to the growing number of requests to our support, the response time may be extended — please keep the tone civil and wait for a response. We also recommend that you read our help, which describes many problems — perhaps your issue is already addressed there, and you will be able to solve it without contacting our support.

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