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Marty from Eastern OhioSometimes you take a look at wright here you are-where time has actually gone-and what will certainly be. SHIMMER-so short-so bitter sweet-slaps me favor a creeper buzz even to this particular day, leaving my heart ripped out through the remainder of my body thrvery own versus a concrete block wall. Several of the BEST Lyrics ever before written-thank you Carl Bell for putting into words-Brett Scallions for vocals and FUEL for the complace. "Guess I"ll let it go."Kayte from IllinoisIt is in truth NOT an anti abortion song. Google y’all. Just google. It’s about an ex girlfrifinish marrying an additional male and also calling years later when they had actually troubles.Emma from KansasIn an intercheck out the lead singer said it was around a girl that he was close to obtaining married to and then she married someone else. Two years later she referred to as him. If you read the lyrics it makes total sense, "she calls me from the cold" interpretation out of nowhere, "all that she inhas a tendency, and all she keeps inside isn"t on the label" interpretation she isn"t sharing all her thoughts and also feelings. "she states she"s ashamed can she take me for awhile? deserve to i be a friend? we"ll forobtain past or probably I"m not able" saying that she regrets her actions, and he"s being friendly however he still cares for her as once he did then and also thinks it can make him autumn for her aget as he"s trying to be friendly. The song is basically saying he can"t have her now and its past over and also he doesn"t desire to acquire recorded in his feelings for her. At least that is my takeaway.this song has made sob, sit and also stare at my spinning fan, dance energetically. for some factor eextremely time i listen to it it physically breaks my heart i truly cannot define it.Kristin from Birmingham

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Tim from Clarksdale...perfectly shelp, me as well. I’m 10 years younger (about to turn 40) so this was the alternate rock era of the mid-late 90’s once I was in high school and also college- so nostalgic Athena.. Of Freedom Roadway from AlaskaI think its around a past relationship failed because of drugs or cheating. She calls him from the cold simply as hes feeling short of secure, as though itd been awhile since they spoke. Hes carried to facility in a way by the call. Basically the chick Is floating on a cloud undiscovering of the damage shes inflicting on the various other finish. "Feilds of butterfly"s truth ecapes her, she claims that love is for fools that loss behind" then he states hes "somewright here inbetween" hes numb."Were below and also currently, yet we will ever before be again, cause i have found that all that shimmers is sure to fade away" He knows that shes going to fade away soon.. shes obtaining additionally amethod from him and also he can feel it. He cant organize her, even if shes beside him. Shes on another level, shes beautiful "shimmers" but shes quickly to fade awayCovering Covering from Erie County NyIf you watch the video you can see the anti-abortion comment (From Fiona) provides sense. Pay attention to the words. "She says she"s ashamed" " I never really knew a killer from a savior" "It"s as well much ameans for me to hold". I"m inclined to think he was with someone that had an abortion against his will certainly. The video depicts a woman"s abdominal area, and also a baby, and also a baby statue (memorial?).Tim from ClarkdaleLove this song so much…but it haunts me. It provides me think around the young women I have actually dated and loved. I imagine exactly how my life would be various if I had actually married among them. I’ve cyberstalked and also discovered many type of of them. Most are married. It’s nice to view them aget on facebook and also sometimes feels favor I just got off the phone after recording up via an old friend (yes of course I leave them alone). Most of all Shimmer fills me via a poignant longing for my youth. I’m 50 now and also fairly happy, but I will certainly never before forobtain the newness of adulthood, the power of my eactivities, the excitement of the coming future, and the sadness of so much time passing…all caught in a heavy, satisfying blast of rock.Vanessa from Makati, Philippinesi have the right to really relate to this song, this was dedicated to me by an ex-boyfrifinish when we broke up bereason i left him. i still feel sad for what occurred. love this song for the memories.Clarissa from Delconscious, OhI absolutely adore this song for many kind of factors. It honestly reminds me of someone who has actually heartache not because of a break up but more or much less because the one she loves / loved has gone away. When it talks around the shimmers in this civilization fading it basically claims it"s all going to dye (go away). But at the same time this song deserve to describe the trickery of someone you fall in love through. How they deserve to break you gradually, but in the finish you have to let go and also move on.I love these lyrics, one of my favorite. Aaron from Houston, TxWhen i hear this song it provides me think of wright here my house was and all the civilization i loved that i left behind. Makes me feel like i deserve to begin over in a brand-new place and also things will certainly never before be the same.

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It helps me look to the future.. thats just what comes to mind once i hear it.. But by much my most favorite song everAli from Oxford, PaThis song always brings back nostalgic feelings. A few years back I spent time via family members that I do not really watch much for Thanksoffering, and my cousin"s step-dad melted a CD for my Dad that had actually Shimmer on it. Whenever I hear the song, it constantly brings back the memories of that, also though it really wasn"t a very memorable part of my life. I love the song, though.Lorinda from Central Wa, WaI simply wanted to add that this song is my FAVORITE song of all time. I listen to music damn close to 24/7. My tv only gets supplied once the kids watch it. Anymeans, as for the comment about this song being around abortion....I think that Fiona actually may have actually been thinking of Hemmorage. Which is an additional favorite song of mine by Fuel, as it happens,-but Shimmer and also Hemmorage are two completely various songs and not about the exact same topics......Just my input!!!!Dustin from Hsl, FlI think that this song is around a girl who is too far ameans for him to host, and just how everything that shimmers in this people is certain to fade. Meaning all he wants is to be through her and also that great points pertained to an end. For once he is with her he doesnt want it to end, yet he knows it is going to fade. This was the song that described me and my ex"s relationship, it was our song we would certainly say. We damaged up and also I saw her when even more prior to she passed away, and also low and beorganize 3 bars dvery own the live band founding playing this song. We just looked at each other via a blank stare. RIP Theresa you will certainly be missed.Aj from Pittsburgh, Pa-Never before really knowA killer from a savior"Til I break at the bend-Ain"t that the truthGirls suck!Alexia from Toleexecute, OhNopoint seems to last forever before. "All that shimmers in this world is certain to fade"Fiona from Chadwick, IlYes this song is anti abortion song. i understand for a truth bereason i heard him say it him self on a radio interwatch.Harper from Tuckid, AzUm, no, this song is not anti-abortion; it has nothing to carry out through abortion at all. The "shameful" feeling comes from her contacting her ex and sharing her problems/feelings via him, somepoint that could be thought about incorrect because of her current relationship (marriage, engagement, whatever before it is).Adam from Marlboro, NjI"m a significant Fuel fan and also this is my favorite song ever. The song reminds me so a lot of my very own life and my ex girlfrifinish. I think the lyrics are beautiful. I"ve seen this live and also it"s even even more amazing in perboy.Fiona from Chadwick, IlThis song is around anti abortion. it talks around informing this man what she had done and also how she fills ashamed. he speaks around filling betrayed and perplexed how he fills around her now. yes she wanted a lot in life thats y she has actually champaigne desires ect. it"s y she dose what she did so she have the right to have every one of that.Chloe from Vic, Aus, Australiai think this song is about a girl who has actually all these expectations and also "champaigne dreams", she is so caught up in these ideals that she doesnt belive in love and also thinks it is just for "fools who fall behind" and the man gets tricked into believing she actually loves him... "never really knows a killer from a savior" and she transforms out to be a killer and what as soon as appeared from his perspective to "shimmer" fades because she doesnt really love him and also that my friends is what this song is about. heart breakers.Danica from Cairns, AustraliaThis song is exceptionally individual to me. I have actually a friend who stays a lengthy means away from me currently who I love even more than life itself (yes it is a guy). And whenever before anypoint is bothering me or making me upset and depressed, he is always the first one tbelow helping me out no issue what is going on his life, telling me how I am such a strong person and that I deserve to make it. To me, it sounds like he"s singing it to me cos I"m so far ameans he can"t host me and tell me it"ll be all ok, and also also though I act prefer I"m able to manage anypoint I"m really insecure inside and also I deserve to just escape in my fantasy world via him whenever before I want.Fiona from Ayr, ScotlandFantastic song!! THe lyrics are so catchy and also Brett"s voice is carried in an effective way!Ryan from Northlake, IlI totally agree with you significant rob.Robert from Chicearlier, IlThis is an amazing song. It is so true just how "All that shimmers in this civilization is sure to fade away". It always carry earlier memories of much better days for me, And it feels good once it occasionally pops up on the radio, It always puts a smile on my challenge.Kenya from New York, NyThe whole: "She dreams a champagne dream, strwaberry surpclimb, pink linen on white paper" Is talking about wedding plans. But "Reality escapes her". It"s truly a beautiful song, and also really overlooked.Meg from Visalia, Cawow.... i didn"t recognize it was about that. i thought it was even more about a heart broken girl who has to escape through drinking and making her very own civilization that provides her happy. "She desires a champagne dreamStrawberry suprise, pink linen on white paperLavender and also creamFields of butterflies, reality escapes her"yet wow... a poor marital relationship... yeah i guess that could occupational. i never believed of it that method. watch more comments

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