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Hey there! What is going on guys?! Today, I want to share with you, 10 Minecraft
Duo Skins. Well, I suppose you could call them a number
of different things. Half and Half
skins, split skins… I don't know. But these skins are starting to get a bit
popular throughout Minecraft so I wanted to share some with you incase you're looking
for your own. I actually created a couple of them myself! So… I have some mediafire links in the description
for those ones instead of the PlanetMinecraft or NovaSkin download like the
others! Anyways, that's enough of me talking away… Let's go ahead and get started! I hope you enjoy! *Music* To start off, I have this pretty cool Black
and Grey skin. Now, this one is a bit different than some
of the others as this has a different sort of shading and design on it.

The reason for that is, the skin-creator actually
used a blackhole design to make this skin. So over the top of the skin within photoshop
or whatever he used to create this skin, there is a blackhole or something similar,
picture or texture on top of the skin. This is a pretty cool skin though it's not
100% like the others in this video. I
really wanted to add it into the video anyways because I just think it's a pretty cool looking
design nonetheless. This next skin is actually one that I created! This is a split Orange and Grey Skin! Now you'll see a few skins with this design
within the video.

I'll actually explain why
that is in a skin showcase coming up in a few skins but right now let's focus on this
skin for a second. So this skin has a pale… Well, maybe not pale, but like a darker
orange color on it. It's not a very vibrant orange but that's
not what I wanted. I went with this darker orange and made his
eye on that side a pretty bright orange. I just
thought the skin looked better that way. A bright orange as the main color seemed a
bit too much for me to look at. The darker orange seemed like a better choice
to look at. I personally think it turned out pretty decent
looking that way. I don't know… I like it though. The next skin is what the skin creator calls
a coral design. So, it's a pink and blue duo skin but as you
can see, the skin creator added in some other colors within the skin

There's a bit of green on the pink side and
of course, both sides have different shades. The pink side even has some purplish colors
in it. The blue with some light blue
and dark blue shades. I really like the way this skin creator does
his skins because they're not just a split skin like the one that I created as the previous

skins have some detail within them and that's pretty cool in my opinion. So adding in that creative aspect to skins
was something I really wanted to showcase in this video. The next skin is another one that I actually
created and again, it is up for download with the mediafire link in the description. I mentioned earlier that there will be skins
that look like this throughout the video and let me explain why. So, the two skins that I created, I actually
used a skin from NovaSkin as a template. I made some minor changes
throughout the skin but the major changes were just the color changes. As you can see, this one is a purple and grey
duo skin. I wish I could credit the original creator
of this skin but there wasn't a name on NovaSkin,
it just says Player. So the link to that skin will have to do.. We'll see that skin later in the video anyways. But anyways,
yeah. This has a darker purple color and some blue
eyes. So, this skin here is a green and purple skin.

This is one that the skin-creator, Fabio,
calls a nebula skin. He also says it's his personal skin at the
moment. If he's
creating all these cool looking skin and chooses this one as his personal skin, you know it's
probably a pretty cool looking skin. However, I personally don't think it's his
best and you'll find out why in a bit. However, this skin is pretty cool looking. I think the green and purple contrast just
enough but not too much. It's a good mix. I also
really like the color of the bright green eye on this skin. That's pretty cool. It really stands out. This skin is another one that Fabio calls
a nebula skin. Again, that means he's using a nebula design
when creating this skin in photoshop or whatever program he uses to
create his skins. This one is a bit darker than most of the
other skins in this video. It has a more pale looking color on it.

The yellow isn't very vibrant at all.. and
of course, grey isn't a vibrant color anyways. This skin adds a bit of a different feel as
opposed to the other brighter skins we have in this video and I think that it's
important to mix it up at least a little bit. The colors on this skin really mix well with
eachother. I like the way this one looks a lot. Alright, with 4 skins left, we go back to
that normal looking duo skin, for lack of better words. This one is a green and grey skin. As with the others, this skin really puts
focus on the color that opposes the grey as well as what the eyes look like. So, Fabio chose a good shade of green to contrast
with the grey.

Additionally, he used some shading
within the green to add into the skin. That's not something I did when I put together
the skins I had to make for the video. Which, is obviously why mine were shown at
the start of the video and not in the top 5. *laughter* I also really like the color he
chose for the eyes. Especially on the green side, that bright
green eye really stands out and really looks awesome. So this next skin is one that I actually used
as a template to make the two skins that I created for this video.

Now, I wish I knew who the creator of this
skin is but I don't. The name of NovaSkin was just Player, meaning
somebody just uploaded teh skin without being signed in or something. Unfortunatley I can't credit them as much
as I'd want with their name in the video but a link to the
skin will have to do. Again, this is pretty much the standard skin
for this type. This one happens to be blue and grey. This design
is what you've probably come to expect from the skins in this video.

Remember when I mentioned that the skin Fabio
was using wasn't his best one of this type. Well, this is why. Well, technically there were a couple others
before this after that skin but anyways, yeah.. I really like this one and it would definitely
be my favorite if not for the next skin. Why do I like this one? Well, just look at the colors,
the color palette is fantastic! Additionally, this is a sunset themed skin.

You can kind of tell that when looking at
it. The blue side actually has a sky color feel. A nice
bright blue sky. I just really like this skin. The blue, grey, white, and little bit of orange
really go well together. Alright, to finish off we have that nebula
design again. This one, however, is a red and blue duo. Another skin made by Fabio, like seven of
them in this video.. I really want
to give credit to him here. The skins he has made are all great. Make sure to check out his skins with all
the links in the description! This skin is my favorite because of,
well, the colors obviously. I mean what other eason would there be to
be honest. I really like the way the blue and red mix
well together.

The split they have down the middle
just looks really unique. This may not be your favorite compared to
some of the others on this video but for whatever reason this one just really stands out to
me as the one that I really really like. So yeah, there ya go! Nice skin Fabio! So, that's gonna do it for this one guys! This one is a little different than maybe
some skin videos you've seen from me in the past. However, these skins seem to be getting
somewhat popular as of late so I decided to show you some. Maybe somebody out there can find a use for
them! Definitely make sure to check out the skins
with the links in the description, especially the ones that
Fabio created! I actually think these skins are really interesting
looking and I hope you do to! Alrighty guys, thank you all so much
for watching! I hope you enjoyed! I'm outta here! See ya!

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