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we don't know much about fashion but what 
we do know is how to stand out in minecraft   especially if you play on a server so here 
are the top 10 minecraft skins out there if   you want to spice things up number 1 – Chewbacca who doesn't like star wars okay maybe not the new ones
but the original trilogy is a classic hands down Chewbacca is a lovable character but think about it
it's not often that you get to play as chewy in other video games so get a friend with a han solo skin and bring balance
to the force especially if you play in an anarchy server number 2 – Batman want to introduce justice to the chaotic Minecraft servers put on your
Batman skin to get rid of all grievers and restore balance in the server   okay we might have gone a bit too far but 
come on a Batman skin is just epic isn't it   especially if you play on an Arkham server do you want a chance to win a new xbox series x first off subscribe to our EssayPro youtube channel once that's done be sure to give this video a like and leave a comment on any of our latest videos with this text after that share this video on your social network we'll let you know who's won when the competition closes this spring
now let's continue our video number 3 – Solid Snake kept you waiting huh
since it's not possible to play metal gear solid 1 and 2 on pc this is your best chance at playing a solid snake on your computer
you can even go full espionage with the skin by sneaking to other players as bases and bring mayhem upon them number 4 – Cthulhu if you're a big fan of Lovecraft's works then you would probably enjoy playing as one 
of Lovecraft's most iconic characters Cthulhu to have the best immersion experience we also recommend that you use this skin in a water map number 5 – Herobrine if you spent enough time on the internet then you might have heard of
herobrine one of minecraft's most infamous creepypasta   it was said that herobrine was 
actually notch's deceased brother   haunting the game after his death while the story 
is completely false since notch doesn't have a   brother it might be fun to play with a herobrine's 
skin if you want to freak other players out number 6 – Shrek are you playing on a swamp map? 
well guess what we have just the perfect skin for you Shrek, yes! you can play as Shrek with this particular skin while it doesn't look intimidating at all it is the perfect skin if you are down for some funny shenanigans number 7 – Creeper while the skin itself doesn't 
fully resemble a creeper due to the model it uses it is the perfect skin if you want to 
give your friend a small jump scare   but hey it is close enough and if you 
stare at someone from outside the window   they wouldn't tell the difference anyway number 8 – Zombie Pigman sometimes you just have to blend in with the
environment since nether can be a very dangerous place well good news you can get a zombie pigman skin and blend in with 
the underworld if you want to you can also join your fellow pigmen and attack players you don't 
like when they least suspect it number 9 – Pepe is this skin useful at all maybe not but it sure 
is a fun skin to play in because let's be honest   who doesn't like pepe the frog this skin features 
a pepe hat and a t-shirt depicting pepe himself   which is cute and hilarious at the same time number 10 – Duke Nukem there are a lot of iconic game characters out there but only
a few managed to garner a legendary status like Duke Nukem   unbelievably cheesy and 
extremely politically incorrect Duke Nukem is the   embodiment of a narcissistic anti-hero why is that 
a great skin though well just put on the skin and   crack the worst jokes you can think of as you play 
on the servers just make sure you don't get banned   here are the top 10 Minecraft skins for you
which one is your favorite? do you have any of these skins?
did we miss anything here? make sure to let us know in the comments and as usual don't forget to smash that like and subscribe button if you enjoyed the video until next time

The best Minecraft skins

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