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what's up guys move your back with
another minecraft video today I have a special video that I did a lot of
research on and that is the top 10 most popular minecraft skins of all time what I did with gather as much data as
possible across a bunch of websites and that is how it came about with the
reagans you're about to see so just to be clear these are not my favorite skins
but simply the most popular ones based on the data collected with that being
said let's get to it starting up the countdown at number ten
we have the Yoshi skin for those of you that don't know yoshi is the dinosaur
sidekick from the Super Mario series in 2014 dinner will release the top 1000
skins use in Minecraft at the time that posting the Yoshi skin was the third
most used and second if you don't include the Steve skin although not as
popular nowadays it's still listed on several sites as one of the most
downloaded skins of all time coming in at number nine is the link skin link is
the main protagonist of The Legend of Zelda series planet minecraft currently
listed as the six most downloaded skin of all time this particular version of
liquids uploaded nearly five years ago by username the sack 8460 this is
another skin that used to be really popular back in the days of my craft but
it is currently seen a lot less nowadays coming in at number eight we have the
only YouTube on the countdown and as the skin used by Dan from the diamond mine
cart the diamond mine kurt has one of the largest channels and based on users
currently the most popular minecraft youtubers getting nearly 300 million
views a month as well as about 6 billion total views it is the most downloaded
skin under suscribe website with over 50,000 downloads and is expected to
arise in the future coming in at number seven we have the
Deadpool skin Deadpool is a fictional character based on the comic books in
the Marvel Universe at the time of this video the Deadpool movie is actually in
tears having grossed a hundred and thirty-five million on its opening
weekend this is actually the 17th highest opening weekend in film history
that only the second one of the most popular currently and dinner both top
1000 skill log of 2014 this is actually the most popular at the
time seventh night including the Steve skin number six we have a popular
classic that is the trophies in this game is actually based on the troll face
meme started by Carlos Ramirez in 2008 using only MSPaint it was soon an
internet phenomenon becoming universal symbol for online trolling the
skin itself was incredibly common in the early days of Minecraft and is still
seen regularly today it is the fifth most downloaded skill ever on Microsoft
Excel and is also among the most downloaded on many other websites coming
in at number five we have another comic book hero skin and that is Captain
America Marvel character made its first appearance in 1941 as a patriotic
American symbol during world war two minutes of places very highly on nearly
every website I could find it is currently the most popular of all time
on planet minecraft with nearly 300,000 views and over 36,000 downloads
continuing the trend of comic book heroes making popular skins at number
four we have Ironmen another Marvel classic argument is based on the
fictional character and self-proclaimed genius billionaire playboy
philanthropist Tony Stark its ranks as the second most populous king of all
time on planet minecraft with over 700,000 use and $115,000 what's under
the bones top 1000 this particular skin was the fifth most popular in the game fourth not including the Steve skin
coming in at number three is a skin that I feel like I've probably seen the most
on servers and that is the Mr creeper skin this is one of the first games
consisting of a mob wearing a suit and it soon became a popular trend
afterwards this is the second most downloaded skin
of all time on Microsoft Excel and in 2014 was number 10 under bones list
approaching the end of the countdown we have the head honcho the comic book
character skins and that is Batman based on the fictional character Bruce Wayne
this is also the only BC comic book character on the list not according to Steve skin dinner book
show this to be the most popular skin varied in the world at the time it's
also the second most popular on planet minecraft with over 500,000 views and
nearly 100,000 downloads finishing up the countdown at number one it's legend
himself here brian is a longtime rumored hostile mob and is the subject of a lot
of Minecraft creepypasta beyond his legendary figure status in Minecraft
another possible reason for this can being so popular is its simplicity is
essentially just a default skin with wide eyes that being said it has
absolutely dominated the download charts being number three on over skin number
216 craft and number one on minecraft Excel hands down the most
popular skits in the history of Minecraft anyway guys that's about it
for this video I hope you all enjoyed it please leave a like if you did as it
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in the future this is smooth and I'll see you all later take it easy guys

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