TOP 20 BEST NEW VILLAGE SEEDS For Minecraft 1.17! (Minecraft Java Edition Seeds)

Hey there! What's going on guys?! Today let's check out 20 Village Seeds for
Minecraft 1.17 on Minecraft Java Edition. These seeds will NOT work for Minecraft Bedrock
Edition and are only for Minecraft Java Edition. All coordinates for the locations shown in
this video will be in a link in my description in one easy place on a blog post for you! Alright, let's get started! Let's go ahead and start off with this seed
that has a desert village right next to spawn. The desert village generates on the edge of
the spawn plains biome and within a river. You can see that the village has plenty of
buildings for you to explore… and that includes this blacksmith building. Inside of the blacksmith, I found this loot. The village also has a ravine going through
it and has some floating sections of the village over it.

Pretty close to the village, you can find
a desert temple. As you can see, it's partly burried by the
desert sand. Inside of the temple, I found this loot in
the first chest, the second chest, the third chest, and the final chest. And finally, also nearby, you can find this
pillager outpost. You can see that the outpost generates in
a savanna biome. The outpost generates with two tents, two
scarecrows, and a cage. This is the loot I found on the top of the
outpost. So along with the a desert village, you also
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out Fishing Clash for free today on both iOS and Android! Now let's check out this seed that has a couple
of things pretty close to spawn that are worth checking out.

Of course, the first is the village. It's a plains village that generates right
next to a dark forest. Inside of the village, I found a tannery building…
which includes this bit of loot inside! Inside of the dark forest, you'll be able
to find a mansion village! It's actually right next to the mountains
that are next to the spawn location of this seed. The village generates in the smallest bit
of plains biome next to some water. It's pretty much surrounded by the dark forest..
and some buildings stretch into the forest. One building actually generates connected
to the mansion. I'll give you the coordinates to the front
entrance of the mansion.

On the bottom floor, I found this room with
some loot at the end. On the middle floor, I found this cat room. And the top floor has 12 rooms… including
this hidden room with obsidian and a diamond block. So a pretty cool seed here with a couple of
villages and a mansion! In the next seed, I spawned inside of a plains
that's right on the edge of a taiga biome. That's where you'll find this little taiga
village. For those looking for a seed with a small,
quaint village, this could be it for you. Especially with those mountains in the distance
that create an awesome ambiance for the village. Now let's check out this seed that has a savanna
village right at spawn. I really wanted to show this seed because
of the location of the village. It's right on the waterfront…

And it is
surrounded by three savanna hills… And given the size of the village, it fits
right in this location. There's even a natural waterfall that you
can terraform to look better. Pretty nice looking village overall. This seed here has a snow village right at
spawn. Inside of the village, you'll find wood buildings
and snow buildings. The village also has a blacksmtih building
which is right next to a hill. Here is the loot inside of the blacksmith. And, uh, well, there ya have that one! In this seed, we spawned on an island in the
middle of the ocean. On another island, directly next to the spawn
island, there is an island village…. However, this village is actually super small. There is only 2 buildings in this village. I guess just a couple villagers decided to
move out here alone. Off the coast of another island nearby, you
can find this cool location.

It's a ruined portal and ocean monument in
the same location. Here is the loot I found in the chest at the
portal. And of course, you can utilize that ocean
monument for all of your ocean monument needs! But yeah, that super tiny village on an island
was a funny thing to find when spawning into this world. Now we have a seed which spawns you between
two villages… both of different biome variants. The first one is this savanna village. A couple of buildings generate on this hill…
with this one actually being on the top. It also generates right next to this river. The other village is a plains village. This village generates within a forest, and
on the edge of a desert. There's a ravine right in the middle of the

It has a few buildings generating on top of
it floating. There's also an amethyst geode at the bottom
of the ravine. Obviously a really cool spot for the geode
to generate. So this seed has two villages super close
to spawn for you! Next up, we have a seed with a zombie village
right near spawn. This one happens to be a taiga village. So that combines my favorite village biome,
the taiga, with the rarity of being an abandonded zombie village. This village has a blacksmith… which has
this loot inside of it! Pretty cool village here. In this seed I spawned right next to a ruined
portal that's in the middle of a savanna village.

When I say that the ruined portal is in the
middle of the village, I mean it's almost exactly in the middle of the village. It's sort of like the village center. Inside of the ruined portal chest, I found
this loot. There's also a desert temple right nearby
too. You can see how close it is to the village
here. Inside of the desert temple, I found this
loot in the first chest, the second chest, the third chest, and the fourth chest! So yeah, that's a ruined portal village seed
for you here! Here we have a seed that has a desert temple
village near spawn.

As you can see, the village is pretty small
with just 4 houses. It sort of looks like this small collection
of villagers live here to take care of the desert temple… or as least thats the lore
I gave it. The desert temple is fully above ground. This is the loot I found inside of the first
chest, the second chest, the third chest, and the final chest. A nice little desert temple village seed here. Getting into the final 10 seeds, we have a
plains village. On the first look, it just seems like a pretty
normal village. Maybe a pretty cool location with the water
right nearby. However, as we look closer we see that the
village also has two churches…. and there's a ravine too. It's got village buildings floating on top
of the ravine and a couple of light posts floating here too. Inside of the ravine, there's an amethyst
geode. Of course, a super easy way to get to the
amethyst because of it's location! A pretty cool seed here after looking further
into the village! Next up, let's take a look at this seed which
has a plains village at spawn.

The village itself is a pretty standard one. Actually, I like the layout and look of this
village a lot. The buidlings are kind of spread out in a
nice way. The plains biome is around a few different
biomes. You can find a desert, forest, savanna, and
shattered savanna around it. Of course, the shattered savanna is a really
awesome biome and one of my favorites in Minecraft! Now I want to show you this seed which has
a village on the edge of a flower forest.

In fact, this section of plains has a few
different sections of flower forests around the area. You can see the darker patches of green as
the flower forest on the map within the light green plains. The village itself is a decent size… and
seeing it around the beautiful flower forests is pretty awesome. Seed lucky number 7 is certainly a lucky one. This plains village generates right on the
edge of an ocean… with some of the paths and buildings stretching into the ocean. You can see some icebergs out in the distance
too. The village is lucky because there's 3 seperate
blacksmith buildings! Inside of the first one, I found this loot. Inside of the second one, I found this loot. And inside of the third one, I found this
loot. In this next seed we have a snowy taundra
village. It generates on the edge of a snowy taiga…
and next to a frozen ocean.

The village has a bunch of spruce wood buildings…
one snow building, and one snow-ice building. And.. uh.. yeah… there's that snow village. Getting into the final 5 seeds here, we have
a seed with a few different structures surrounding spawn. The village in this seed is just a few blocks
north. It's a cool village due to the terrain. There's a few different elevation changes
throughout it. This causes some buildings to be on different
terrain levels. This building generates on top of this little
section of wooded hills which you can see is a lot higher up than the rest of the village. This path naturally leads right into a cave
which is pretty cool. One of the other locations surrounding spawn
is a ruined portal. If you look at the portal, it sort of looks
like it's just missing one side of it. Inside of the chest, I found this loot. Finally, there's also a pillager outpost too. This outpost generates with a cage… and
two tents.

On the top of the outpost, I found this loot
here. So yeah, as we see on the map here, this seed
has a few locations worth checking out that surround the spawnpoint. In this seed here we have a village that generates
on the edge of the mesa. But stay tuned because it has so much more
too! The village is of course a plains village. It stretches into a forest and a desert. And of course you can see the mesa nearby! If we continue along the edge of the mesa,
we'll get to a desert temple! It also generates right on the edge of the
water too. Inside of the temple, I found this loot in
the first chest, the second chest, the third chest, and the fourth chest. And… now continuing on along the ege of
the mesa, we'll find a pillager outpost! It's in the desert, between the mesa and a
savanna. It generates with four log collections, four
scarecrows, and a cage. This is the loot I found at the top of it.

And continuing on again, we find a desert
village. It's a relatively small village with a collection
of buildings that stretch into the savanna biome. And finally, continuing on one last time,
we get to another village. This is another small desert village. There's a big cave opening in the village. Just seeing the mesa from the village is a
cool site. This seed having so many locations around
the mesa is really awesome. Entering the final three seeds, we have a
seed with an island village. We already saw that super small island village
earlier so let's just check out this more normal looking village here. There's definitely a lot more buildings within
this village to check out. Included in those buildings is two blacksmiths! Inside of the first blacksmith, I found this
loot… and inside of the second blacksmith, I found this loot! You've probably already noticed that this
island is surrounded by icebergs! In many of my videos, I mention that looking
out and seeing icebergs from the island is an awesome site.

Check out how the village path connects with
this iceberg here. Finally, I want to point out that if you dig
down to the coordinates I'm providing, you'll get to an amethyst geode. Of course, that's one of the new Minecraft
1.17 features with some new blocks! Of course, we have one of those classic island
villages here that I love to show off! Next up, we have something that I don't think
I've ever featured on my channel before. This seed has a village and a jungle temple
right next to spawn. I'm fairly certain I've never showed a jungle
temple village on my channel. I've shown plenty of desert temple villages…
but not jungle temple villages. There's a village building that generates
clashing with the temple. Inside of the temple, I found this loot in
the exposed chest…

And this loot in the hidden chest. Also fairly close to spawn, is a desert temple. A nice place to grab some loot… and in the
first temple chest I found this loot, and this loot in the second chest, the third chest…
and the fourth chest. If you travel deeper into this seed, you'll
actually find ANOTHER jungle temple village. Absolutely crazy that I was able to find two
of these. This village has a blacksmith which has this
loot inside.

Inside of the jungle temple, we can find this
loot in the hidden chest.. and this loot in the other chest. So yeah, not only having one but TWO jungle
temple villages in this seed is absolutely wild. Finally, to finish off this video… we are
going to check out a mansion village seed… well, actually a ruined portal mansion village
seed! Looking at the village, we see that the majority
of it generates within the dark forest. I always like seeing the buildings surrounded
by the dark oak trees like this. The ruined portal generation cuts off a chunk
of the mansion.

I mean, this is a truly unique ruined portal
generation. Might want to be careful with the lava too,
so it doesn't spread fire with all the wood around it. Here is the loot I found in the chest. As always, I'm providing you with the coordinates
to the front entrance of the mansion. On the bottom floor of the mansion, of course
we know there's a hole from the ruined portal we can walk out of. On the middle floor, I found two arena room
of which has this loot in the first one.. and this loot in the second one. And on the top floor, I counted 8 rooms..
including this hidden room with some loot. This mansion village seed is definitely a
bit more unique with that ruined portal causing a hole in the mansion! Well, there ya have 20 Village seeds that
are working for the 1.17 Java Editions of Minecraft. Let me know which one of the seeds in this
video is your favorite! Also, in the comments, share any seeds that
you think people should check out! Be sure to check out my blog post for all
of the coordinates and information about the seeds in this video.

If you wanna help me out, leave a like on
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