Hey there! What is going on guys? Before I started having less frequent uploads,
I had started a series in which I would share the top 5 seed from
every other week! Well, here I am again, working with the site
to provide you with some more seeds that have been featured on the site! If you have any seeds that you want to
submit to the site, you can create an account and upload them to the site and perhaps it
will be popular enough to reach the Best seeds page! Anyways, I have a pretty broad
selection of seeds for you this week! I hope that maybe one of them is one that
you like! So I hope you guys enjoy! Let's get started! *Music* The first seed I have for you today was submitted
to the site by SmearPlaysRBLX.

This seed features 2 desert temples and a
village within the same desert. You spawn in, or
right next to the desert and quick travel south only a couple hundred blocks will bring
you to this marvelous location. So, not only do we get the loot from the desert
temples but there is a blacksmith within the village,
too. We're getting a bit greedy here.

I found some iron, an iron chest plate, iron
leggings, a iron sword, a saddle, and some food within the blacksmith. The temple right next to the village has an
infinity book and an Smite V book. And of course, an emerald, horse armor, gunpowder,
and some of the other stuffs you'd get within a temple. In the other temple, I actually got 2 diamonds! So combine those diamonds with all the other
great loot and we're looking awesome! There was also some gold, emeralds, iron,
horse armor, a saddle, and such within that temple. So yeah, that's some pretty solid loot within
a desert that is right near your spawn. Pretty cool! The next seed was submitted to the site by
CodeLight! This seed spawns you within a mesa biome and
right next to a river that leads into an ocean.

There is actually a small
cave opening right next to the spawn that leads to some coal if interested. Additionally, the top of the mesa hills is
actually a Mesa Plateau F biome so there are some
trees at the top which is of course needed to start off so that's good. If you're wondering about some quick food,
simply follow the river into the mesa and you'll come across
a desert village pretty quickly! You can use the farms here for food if you'd
like to do that.

There isn't a blacksmith here but it's nice
to get the food and villagers anyways. There are some other places you can explore
like temples and villages. One temple and one village are pretty close
by. The village has
more farms for you to get food from. Again, no blacksmith but the food is very
useuful… as well as the villagers. In the temple, I found a golden apple, some
horse armor, a Protection IV book, emeralds, gold, iron,
an Infinity book, and a Silk Touch book. So that's pretty awesome. This is a really nice Mesa spawn seed if you're
interested in that! This seed is one that I personally found! I actually created a video to show off everything
in the seed in detail. So, if this seed interests you, please feel
free to check it out! This seed actually features a mansion pretty
close to spawn. I show you a quick way to reach the mansion
in video without stressing over coordinates too much.

But yeah,
finding a mansion this close to spawn is really cool since mansions are pretty tough to come
by, especially ones that are close to spawn! I was thrilled to be able to discover
this seed myself! I also show off some other locations in my
video! I start off by showing a village that is right
next to a ravine! Then, I show a double ravine that is just
something that looked really interesting. Near that double ravine is another village….
which again is right next to ANOTHER ravine.

This village features a blacksmith with
some iron gear. And finally, close by, in seeing distance,
is another village with a blackmith. The blackmsith for this village also has some
iron gear! So, overall, there's
quite a bit to explore with the coordinates I provide and locations I provided and of
course, more if you so wish to explore it more for yourself! Of course, the main focus
is that there is that mansion right near your spawn location! The next seed was posted by Deadboii on Minecraft-Seeds.Net. He found the seed in Minecraft version 1.11
but I can confirm it is the same in Minecraft version 1.12… Just as
most seeds are, I think. At least the ones in this video. Anyways, this seed spawns you right next to
two villages! Right by some mountains you'll be able to
see a village. This spot is really cool and I think the mountains
are a great location to be able to build near. Being able to see the mountains from your
spawn location gives you a great place to build a cool looking spawn village,
or town, or city.

The blacksmith within the village has some
iron tools, gold horse armor, gold, and food. Not too far away,
pretty much directly north, you'll be able to see another village. This taiga village is a nice looking village
which I personally would use as a transformation project and
build a small little forest port town that connects to the ocean nearby.

There are other villages that aren't too far
away in different directions if you wish to travel to
those too. But I really wanted to focus on the ones right
nearby spawn and right next to each other because that's really cool to see. The final seed in this video was shared to
us by SuperAwesomeBob9. I've added a pretty decent variety in this
video so I think it's okay that I finish off the video with
two spawn village seeds since those are pretty popular. Anyways, this seed spawns you right next to
a village. As noted on the post, this village is actually
a zombie village so you won't have the luxury of using
the villagers unless you get some in there yourself by whatever means you decide.

This village does have a blacksmith with some
pretty solid loot including iron products and a diamond! Additionally on the post, it was noted that
there are two acacia villages not too far away. About 100 blocks away, we
can come across a village that is situated on a plateau or small hill area. So we get those really tall village buildings
and pretty weird looking roads within the village. The village is an interesting looking one. Another 800 blocks or so away is another acacia
village that is a bit more normal looking and it's a pretty small village. However,
right next to the village you can see there is a small ravine poking out from the surface
that you can explore too.

Overall, a pretty interesting seed! So that's gonna do it for this one guys! I hope you guys enjoyed! I really like to be able to add in a variety
of different types of seeds into videos and I thought I was able
to accomplish that with this one. We got to see a mansion seed, village seeds,
desert temple seed, and a mesa seed! All with their very own pretty cool and unique
qualities so that's cool.

Hopefully you may have found one that can
be useful for you! Anyways, thank you all so much for watching! Feel free to check out any of my other videos
if you're new around here! I hope you enjoyed! I'm outta here! See ya!.

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