5 best villager trades for Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

After months of waiting, the exciting Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update is finally here. Minecraft 1.17 is out for both Bedrock and Java Edition players all over the world.

When a new update drops, many players choose to begin a new world rather than moving their old worlds to the latest version. Almost all players will suffer from a lack of resources during the early game in a new world. With the help of villagers, players can get tons of useful items easily.

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This article informs players about some of the best trades in Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. Through villager trading, players can obtain valuable items like emeralds, enchanted diamond tools, weapons, armors, and more.

Best villager trades for Minecraft 1.17

#5 – Sell sticks with fletcher

Sell sticks (Image via Reddit)

Some players may not know that they can trade sticks for emeralds. Sticks are one of the cheapest items to obtain unless the player has spawned in a mushroom island. Players can sell 32 sticks for one emerald to fletchers.

Players can turn unemployed villagers into fletchers by placing a fletching table in front of them. Fletchers will also buy 16 arrows for one emerald in Minecraft.

#4 – Buy dripstone blocks from mason

Pointed dripstones (Image via Minecraft)

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Dripstone is a new block added in Minecraft 1.17 update. As there are no dripstone caves in this update, obtaining dripstone blocks can be a bit confusing. Players can find clusters of pointed dripstones and dripstone blocks in regular caves, but exploring caves to find dripstones is inefficient.

Players can trade for dripstone blocks from journeyman-level masons. Since villagers restock their trades, players can get tons of dripstone blocks.

#3 – Trading melons and pumpkins

Trading pumpkins (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Players can sell both melons and pumpkins to farmers in Minecraft. They will accept six pumpkins for an emerald and four melons for an emerald. With an automatic melon/pumpkin farm, players can get infinite emeralds in this manner.

Their trade prices can also be reduced to one emerald by zombifying and curing them.

#2 – Enchanted diamond tools, armors, and weapons

Toolsmith trades (Image via wtbblue.com)

Beginner players may just be wasting their precious diamonds on crafting tools, armor, and weapons, as they can get as many of them as they want through trading. Master and expert level toolsmiths, weaponsmiths, and armorers sell diamond tools, weapons, and armor for emeralds.

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These items can also have useful enchantments like unbreaking, silk touch and protection already embedded on them.

#1 – Enchanted books

Librarians (Image via Reddit)

Most players would agree that librarians have the best trades in Minecraft. Players can get any enchanted book except soul speed from librarians. To turn an unemployed villager into a librarian, place a lectern near him.

Players can reset their trades by breaking the lectern and placing it again, as long as the librarian doesn't trade the required book.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer.

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