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So I had a battle net account back in warlords with all my characters on it. I stopped playing and gave my account to my brother who currently plays his own characters on another server. Is there a way to transfer my characters from that battle net account to a new one? He uses the authenticator since he was hacked a few times I would just make a new account on and transfer from that wow profile to the new one but it wants me to continue to use the authenticator and that’s a hassle since we live far from each other and not always able to get ahold of each other. So is it possible to character transfer from one battle net to another? Or a possible way to not have to use the authenticator on the second wow profile ?


I have two separate accounts, one 13 years old, one a month old, and have transferred toons with no issues. I have also transferred toons to my daughter’s account in the past with no issues.

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The authenticator might be a hangup due to the extra bag space it grants toons under that account now. Hopefully, transferring toons from your brother’s account to your new one only removes the extra bag slots (if any).

The authenticator should be account specific, not toon specific. If your new account doesn’t require the authenticator, you should be okay.

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Going to start with a disclaimer, that this is simply an idea, and you do this at your own risk, I take no responsibility if you get banned, as technically this is against the TOS, and while I don't care, Blizzard might.

You could probably add a SMS protect number to the account, in addition to the authenticator, so one of you has each, as you get the option to use one or the other, when logging in, from what I've experienced, this would allow you to share the same account(This is the part that is holding the WOW accounts and is actually what the authenticator is linked to, hence being unable to have it only ask for the authenticator on one of the wow accounts, since it's the Blizzard account being protected).

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From what I know of transferring WOW characters/Accounts to other Blizzard/Battlenet accounts, the names of the accounts have to be the same, so this might not actually pose an issue, if the original account is still in your name, so it would end up matching the new account, although I'm not entirely familiar with all the little details of this specific service.

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