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Hi guys today we'll be playing more of
tynker.com today I'll show you how to create a new skin in Minecraft so again
we'll go to the Minecraft scene and then we're going to go to design skins so you
want to go into Minecraft Windows 10 again so you have to select the starter
base where you want to where you want to start your skin so I'm gonna go see this
is evil here so here you are in the skin creator so this is the pencil it's basic
so this is the more than normal sketching thing where you would where
you would color it and here's a bucket then you select a color and then it can
be a large a large bucket so that would fill in the whole torso thing and then
the eraser no you can't erase the stuff you did you can also do the size of the
eraser so now I can really erase stuff really quickly and then there's the on
the undo button in the before button so and if you go to pencil there's this I
drop thing or it kind of looks like an eye drop so you would take this deal
click a color on him and now you duplicated that color so if I put it on
here this is the same color as pant I'm gonna click the color of the shirt with
it and now wait so now I go back to it I collect the same color of the shirt and
now I've selected the color of the shirt and I fill that in
so I'm gonna go undo a lot weight so I'm gonna erase list this and I have a good
idea of a skin cream of the of a skin that you could do so I'm trying to go
for a ninja so I'm gonna go there here and if you want a new color from this
pad you would select the color will go to there and I need black so I would go
to black and then he's done that color will change to the color you selected so
I'm gonna fill Steve up with a bunch of black so now that Steve is all black I'm
going to kind of select a peachy color like that's what each kind of looks like okay I was wait here wait I forgot to go
over the bucket so now mr.

Steve has where he can see now now I'm gonna make
his headband just make it red I just even now luxray red headband around now he needs his belt so I'm gonna show
this little this little character down here you can click on one of the body
parts and it'll get rid of his arms so now I'm going to go red then I'm gonna
make his belt so go all the way around boop boop okay now then you click on
these arms again to bring the back and I'm gonna make a little part here then
the belt goes down goes down you're gonna do like a little satchel then goes
up thank you okay so mr.

Ninja Steve is
looking good so far I'm gonna do white gloves actually I know just supposed to be like a little
snowflake ah you really got to be careful when
you're doing this because it's like ready small and you could rig it then
you can mess something really fast so I'm gonna go back because now after some
old colour so you want to be careful when you're doing this I'm gonna go
white again so now it's select white gonna finish it so ok now I'm gonna do the bottom
challenge so once you're satisfied with your character you downloaded it and
it's that cloud with input to Firefox I'm gonna save it again so it should be
saved now then you go okay so when you go to your Minecraft then you go to
maybe you win so you go back to the main thing and you go to profile then you go
to edit character and then you go to old then there's this import button so you
press it then choose your new stem and then it'll go to file so let's go to
over 1/2 down and it should be here so then you you press here and then you go
open and then you press and here we go my skins minecraft just make sure that
I'm not lying I'm gonna go into a game into like one of my world so I'm just
gonna go okay and yeah my my character is in
Minecraft well I didn't fill in all the things yet but because I had to get the
video done but usually you need to take time on this because I forgot to fill in
the in-between of the legs in between the arms but it is very very cool and
yeah you could should very really really download your own things into your
Minecraft work and in the next video we'll cover why that creeper is a
walking TNT so please subscribe to this video give it a thumbs up and share it
to your friends and we will do another video on tinker comp so bye

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