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Although the development of Minecraft began over 12 years ago, the foot hasn't been taken off the gas pedal. Mojang has described the brand new Minecraft 1.17 update as one of its most ambitious undertakings to date.

The 1.17 “Caves & Cliffs” update brings a bountiful of new blocks, items, features, and advancements to the blocky world of Minecraft. All of these new features can easily be enjoyed with others online by playing for free on a Minecraft 1.17 survival server.

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Minecraft survival servers provide a more classic Minecraft experience, with the goal being to survive in a large world filled with other players. No two servers are the same and will vary in terms of rules, gameplay features, and more.

Top 5 Minecraft 1.17 servers for Survival

#1 – Mox MC – IP: wtbblue.com

MoxMC is a popular survival server for Minecraft 1.17

MoxMC is a relatively new server but has quickly become popular due to the brilliant gameplay and large variety of gamemodes offered. 1.17 support has recently been added, and players can now enjoy all of the latest and greatest features on the server.

It's hard to go wrong with survival on MoxMC. There are features such as grief protection, toggleable PvP, chest-locking to prevent raiding, a balanced economy, playershops, and much more to enjoy.

Players online: 1000+

IP: wtbblue.com

#2 – Applecraft – IP: wtbblue.com

Applecraft is one of the most popular dedicated survival servers, now updated to 1.17

Applecraft is one of the highest-rated Minecraft survival servers of all time and now supports Minecraft version 1.17 for players to connect with.

Featuring a huge 100,000 x 100,000 world border and hundreds of players, there's never a dull moment. Applecraft is also beginner-friendly, with raiding and griefing completely disabled. Notably, there are also only three commands on the server, which are “/vote,” /sethome” and “/spawn.”

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Players online: 150+

IP: wtbblue.com

#3 – Provim Survival – IP: wtbblue.com

Provim survival is another Minecraft 1.17 server to enjoy survival

Whether it's climbing the highest mountains, befriending adorable goats, or exploring the deepest caves, players can always count on Provim survival server as a spot to enjoy the latest Minecraft features.

Unlike most other Minecraft servers, Provim survival opts to update alongside Minecraft development snapshots as soon as they are released by Mojang. This means that players can enjoy new gameplay features before they are even released into the official game.

Gameplay-wise on this server, players can expect laid-back survival featuring a welcoming and tight-knit community of players going strong for over a decade.

Players online: 50+

IP: wtbblue.com

#4 – Simple Survival – IP: wtbblue.com

Enjoy all of the latest 1.17 caves and cliffs update features on Simple survival

Looking to quickly jump into some Minecraft 1.17 survival without any of the fuss? With a focus on straightforward gameplay, Simple Survival is the perfect choice. Running only the latest hardware to ensure no lag, Simple Survival provides a refined survival experience geared towards casual players.

All new players start with a generous kit of free items and money that can be spent in the server store to purchase survival essentials to quickly get started.

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Being a beginner-friendly server, Simple survival also automatically provides both grief and raid protection to players. This protects both items and buildings from being destroyed by other players. PvP can also be turned off at will on the server.

Players online: 100+

IP: wtbblue.com

#5 – Vanilla WTF – IP: wtbblue.com

Vanilla WTF is a Minecraft vanilla 1.17 survival server, meaning that there are absolutely no plugins installed onto the server. It's a great option for players looking for a no-nonsense survival experience, cutting out unnecessary features and restrictive rules many other servers suffer from.

Raiding, PvP, and griefing is all fair game on vanilla WTF, and the difficulty is set to hard mode. There are absolutely no land-protection systems, kits, or shops to make things overly easy. Simply put, it's the way Mojang envisioned for Minecraft multiplayer to be played.

Players online: 30+

IP: wtbblue.com

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