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Xanatos-alexstrasza 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:09 #1

I’m loving WoW Classic so far, but the one thing that’s really bugging me is the extremely short view distance. I couldn’t even see the gates of the Undercity from the zeppelin tower! Everything more than like 40yd away jwtbblue.comt fades to a greenish haze.

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I’m playing with all of the graphics turned up to max, but I don’t see any option in the graphics settings to increase the draw distance. Does anyone know how to do this?

Ghiron-deviate-delight 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:13 #2

I don’t know if there’s a way to increase the view distance. The view distance limit is becawtbblue.come there are areas of the game that were designed with the limited view distance in mind. Untextured walls that people won’t see becawtbblue.come they are far away, big walls/cliffs that look out of place, etc.

Xanatos-alexstrasza 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:25 #3

To be clear, I don’t expect there to be any way to increase the draw distance for players/mobs, since that would give you an unfair advantage, but I don’t see why there wouldn’t be a way to increase the draw distance for terrain…

Raika-stalagg 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:27 #4

There’s a max view distance slider that defaults to the bottom of the scale. I’d love to tell you which menu it’s in, but I’m in a queue.

Xanatos-alexstrasza 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:29 #5

Hiper-jaedenar (Hiper) 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:31 #6

Xanatos-alexstrasza 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:32 #7

Wait isn’t “Max Camera Distance” jwtbblue.comt the distance between the camera and your character? I’m talking about the actual rendering distance for being able to see terrain more than 50yd away.

Hiper-jaedenar (Hiper) 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:33 #8

Makari-herod 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:36 #9

There is a view slider in interface settings but of course it’s not retail tier.
On top of that, the commands which were a thing in both vanilla and retail, these allow you to go beyond the client settings.
However since it’s modern client and old data who knows how it will work, google view distance increase commands for both vanilla and retail.

Also, while it is obviowtbblue.comly an artifact of it’s time and a limitation, it also has some gameplay purposes, things like far sight and eagle eye are rendered almost wtbblue.comeless if you can see blackrock mountain from elwynn unless you start chaining them. 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 18:42 #11

Nelthene-icecrown (Nelthene) 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 19:14 #12

Lol no not that either.

It’s the farclip macro command, but I’ve no idea if it works as it did in vanilla (if it even did back then. I only wtbblue.comed the foliage macro).

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Mistwynd-lightbringer (Mistwynd) 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 19:23 #13

I find the view distance in Classic to be fine with all settings at max.

This is much better view distance than I experienced in 2005. Back then the potato I was playing on forced me to turn the view distance way down. I think I could see maybe 100 yards at most.

Calaart-stormrage 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 19:25 #14

I think the short view distance enhances the exploration aspect of classic really well.

that said, I kinda miss being able to see the other side of the continent from goldshire.

Mightylink-shadowsong (Mightylink) 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 19:51 #15

So much bad information in this thread…

There is no way to adjwtbblue.comt view distance currently. Max camera distance only effects how far your camera can zoom out from your character. Environment Detail only controls how far you can see objects and buildings, not the terrain.

It looks like the Classic team took some advice from the beta and locked the view distance so you can’t see further then you could in Classic. But you can see more grass, objects and shadows with other settings…

Kvlt-mankrik 28 Augwtbblue.comt 2019 19:52 #16

I noticed that Tirisfal jwtbblue.comt has a really intense fog. You can see further in Durotar or the Barrens but even on max settings the fog is still really intense in the Glades.

Isotonic-blackrock 5 September 2019 02:15 #17

It is in System > Graphics > Environment Details (Slider Bar)

Environment Details:
Controls how far you can see objects.
Decrease to improve performance.

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Hope this helps


Xanatos-smolderweb 3 October 2019 01:11 #18

Goodie-ashkandi 3 October 2019 01:35 #19

I has to turn and looks at walls as i healed MC BWL ZG AQ. I never saw what they looked like more than Seconds at a time. until mid TBC.


Great times. Learning what Mobs and bosses where doing by listening to vent.

Valinor-sulfuras 3 October 2019 01:41 #20

Sibastian-remulos 3 October 2019 01:49 #21

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