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This guide provides tips and strategies for completing the Shadowfang Keep dungeon in WoW The guide covers everything you need before and during the dungeon, including quests to complete inside, boss strategies, and loot associated with Shadowfang Keep.

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Dungeon Overview

Shadowfang Keep is a level 22-30 dungeon located in the Horde leveling zone of Silverpine Forest in WoW. The instance portal is situated just north of Pyrewood Village. While SFK is easily accessible by Horde players, the Alliance will have to travel far and walk a long way to get there.

In keeping with Patch 1.12, groups of up to 10 players may enter Shadowfang Keep together, although 5 is considered a typical group size.

How to get to Shadowfang Keep

Getting to Shadowfang Keep as Alliance is a bit of a journey. Most groups tend to fly to Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills, and travel west along the main road until they hit the Silverpine Forest. From there, continue west and then a bit north to find Shadowfang Keep.

As for Horde , fly to The Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest and travel south along the road, then west until you hit the Keep.

Shadowfang Keep Recommended Classes

Dungeons are usually completed with five players, comprising the following roles:
A tank to hold threat, absorb damage, and prevent the enemy mobs from killing the DPS and healer. Usually a Tank Warrior equipping a shield and using proper threat-generating abilities like and . Check out our Tank Warrior Rotation Advice if you would like to tank a dungeon for your party and familiarize yourself with important abilities.Three DPS: All classes can deal DPS, but the most popular DPS while leveling is Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, and Hunter. Hybrids can DPS, but they will usually end up healing.A healer to keep the party alive, and resurrect dead players. Usually a Healing Priest due to their versatile healing kit and buffs like , but Druids, Paladins, and Shaman can also heal.

Inside Shadowfang Keep, you”ll find a lot of mobs that can cast Curses, Magic and Disease debuffs. Having a class that can cleanse these ailments will prove useful. In addition to that, many of the mobs can be skinned, so it”s a nice dungeon for Skinning.

Noteworth Trash Mobs

Shadowfang Moonwalker

The Shadowfang Moonwalker is a Worgen-like mob located primarily in the courtyard of Shadowfang Keep. They have one notable ability, Anti-Magic Shield, which makes them immune to all magical spells for 10 seconds.

Strategy: The Strategy to deal with the Moonwalkers is less about gameplay and more about group composition. Make sure to bring at least one additional melee class aside from the tank to this dungeon. Two extra melees would be even better to burn down the moonwalkers faster during their magic immunity phase.

Wailing Guardsman

Wailing Guardsman is a ghostly humanoid mob that can be found on the upper levels of Shadowfang Keep. They have one primary ability, Screams of the Past, which silences all players within 5 yards for 5 seconds.

Strategy: Make sure your spellcasting classes remain at least 5 yards away from the guardsmen, especially your healer so that they do not get silenced.



Rethilgore is a level 20 elite Worgen located in the first room of Shadowfang Keep.

Soul Drain

Rethilgore is a tank and spank in the truest sense of the word. His only ability, Soul Drain, is negligable. He also has a moderately low health pool and a Loot table comparable to his difficulty. The only thing you should be aware of are the mobs surrounding him, 2 of which should be pulled prior to engaging the boss. The one mob that will remain, a Bleak Worg, should be polymorphed or burned down first prior to switching dps to Rethilgore.

Rugged Spaulders

Fel Steeds/Shadow Charger

The Fel Steed and Shadow Charger are level 20-21 horses that are located in the stable of the courtyard of Shadowfang Keep. They are non-aggressive mobs.


Fel Stomp


These horses deal an incredibly high amount of damage and pulling one of them will pull all three, regardless of how carefully you pull the first mob. Make sure to polymorph at least one of the horses and have a hunter or warlock pet tank the second while your main tank and DPS is focused on the third before cycling to the next mob. Your healer should be aware of the massive amount of damage that will be incoming during this encounter.


Fel Steed Saddlebags (rare)

Razorclaw the Butcher

Razorclaw the Butcher is a level 22 elite Worgen located in the kitchen of Shadowfang Keep.


Butcher Drain


Razorclaw is a simple tank and spank. Make sure to clear the room before you pull him, as well as the surrounding patrols. His Abilities are negligible, and no further explanation is required.


Bloody ApronButcher”s SlicerButcher”s Cleaver

Baron Silverlaine

Baron Silverlaine is a level 24 elite human located in the mess hall of Shadowfang Keep.


Veil of Shadow


What makes Baron Silverlaine challenging is his higher level (24) and his primary ability, Veil of Shadow. This ability reduces healing effects on a target by 75%, effectively serving as a beefed up mortal strike. Make sure your hybrid classes are assisting the healer here with tank healing as the tank will go down quickly otherwise.

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Aside from that, the fight is a tank and spank.


Baron”s ScepterSilverlaine”s Family Seal

Commander Springvale

Commander Springvale is a level 24 elite human located on the second level of SFK.


Commander Springvale is flanked by two mobs that will pull with him. The first is a Haunted Servitor, which should be burned down quickly. The second is a Wailing Guardsman, which would pulled by either a hunter or warlock pet away from the group as it can cast an AOE silence that can potentially wipe the party. Make sure to prioritize Springvale after the Servitor is killed, and interrupt his healing spells. Once he”s down, take out the guardsman who again should be tanked off to the side by either a pet or possibly a warrior/druid offtank.


Arced War AxeCommander”s Crest

Odo the Blindwatcher

Odo the Blindwatcher is a level 24 elite Worgen located after the first set of ramparts in SFK.


Howling Rage


Odo is flanked by 2 Vile Bat which will pull with him once engaged. These bats have a disarm and a cleave ability, so they should be faced away from the group while being tanked. One of the bats may be polymorphed if you have a mage. Make sure to let the tank generate some threat before going ham on the boss as the disarm can be quite annoying to deal. Kill the bats first before switching over to Odo, and you should be fine.


Girdle of the BlindwatcherOdo”s Ley Staff

Deathsworn Captain (Rare)

Deathsworn Captain is the level 25 human guard located on the ramparts of SFK.




The Deathsworn Captain is a rare elite that should be tanked away from the group as his cleave ability can do a severe amount of damage. If you will him with any wailing guardsmen, make sure to tank him at least 10 yards away from the guardsman to avoid the AOE silence. Aside from that, the fight is a tank and spank.


Haunting BladePhantom Armor

Fenrus the Devourer

Fenrus the Devourer is a level 25 elite Worg located in the library room of SFK.


Toxic Saliva


Fenrus is an easy boss with a simple dot ability. Tank and spank, all the way.


Fenrus” HideBlack Wolf Bracers

Wolf Master Nandos

Wolf Master Nandos is a level 25 elite Worgen located in the penultimate room of SFK.


Call Bleak WorgCall Lupine HorrorCall Slavering Worg


Four Worgs circle Nandos in a barn-like room, make sure to kill all Worgs before engaging him. If you pull the Worgs alongside him, make sure to kill them first before transitioning back to Nandos. He will summon Worgs periodically throughout the fight. Make sure to kill them instantly before switching back to Nandos. This fight is all about prioritizing adds first so if you can do that you will be fine.


Feline MantleWolfmaster Cape

Archmage Arugal

Archmage Arugal is a level 26 elite mage located in the final room of SFK. He is the last boss of the dungeon.


Arugal”s CurseShadow PortThundershockVoid Bolt


Arugal is by far the hardest boss in the dungeon. His Void bolts hit for a MASSIVE amount of damage, and his teleport makes him difficult to lock down. To make this as easy as possible, have your ranged DPS stand on the platform as soon as you enter his room. They should be able to DPS Arugal down from that point no matter where he teleports. Have your melee DPS stand there as well and wait for Argual”s teleport to their location, so they don”t end up LOSing the healer while trying to chase him down. This is a tough fight, but if you stand in the proper location at the start of the room, you will be fine.


Robes of ArugalBelt of ArugalMeteor Shard

Noteworthy Shadowfang Keep BoE Loot

For both casters and melee, Shadowfang Keep not only has good gear that includes several powerful and visually attractive weapons that will drop from trash mobs but these items are also valued as level 19 twink gear. Please refer to the Best and Worst BoE Drops for a complete list of drops.

Gloomshroud Armor – Leather ChestMindthrust Bracers – Cloth WristFace Smasher – One-Handed DaggerNecrology Robes – Cloth ChestDuskbringer – Two-Handed SwordGuillotine Axe – Main Hand AxeBlack Malice – Two-Handed MaceShadowfang – A Main Hand Sword that is sought after for being a visually pleasing and powerful weapon.Assassin”s Blade – One-Handed DaggerNight Reaver – Two-Handed AxeWitching Stave – Two-Handed Staff


There are 3 Horde-exclusive quests associated with Shadowfang Keep. Two additional Class Quests are also completed in this dungeon, but all Class Quests will be discussed in a different guide series:

1. Arugal Must Die
2. Deathstalkers in Shadowfang
3. The Book of Ur

Each quest is broken down below along with its prerequisites (if applicable).

Arugal Must Die!

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