Vanilla Wow Uncovering The Past, Uncovering The Past

This includes items and quests that can no longer be obtained or are now deprecated.The in-game information in this article is kept purely for historical purposes.

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For the Vale of Eternal Blossoms quest, see


Uncovering the Past Start

Prospector Whelgar End

Prospector Whelgar Level

28 (Requires 25) Category

Wetlands Experience

2300 Reputation

+250 Ironforge Rewards


Prospector Whelgar




 <24> Ormer”s Revenge.


Prospector Whelgar wants you to scour the excavation site in search of the 4 missing tablet fragments: Ados, Modr, Golm and Neru.


Just before the invasion I uncovered a large tablet called the Goaz Stone. The translated text breaks off in 4 places. The textspeaks of a “divine plan” and a “doomed prophecy.”

I fear we are running out of time. I am too old to go down and brave those beasts. But you are strong.

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Scour the excavation site and uncover the 4 missing tablet fragments: Ados, Modr, Golm and Neru. Search for them inancient artifacts or where the soil is loose. Bring them to me so I can begin unlocking the mystery!


You will receive: 25



Have you uncovered the four fragments yet, ? Ados, Modr, Golm and Neru…


Ah the Goaz Stone is complete! Fine work, . Fine work indeed. Now I can continue with the delicate translation of this Titan script. I can make out new words already! Hmm… it says here, “Old Gods… Chained Beneath the Land.” This is the beginning of something epic.


The 4 items you need to search appear randomly throughout the excavation site. You will need to brave against the Razormaws and Scytheclaws to get to them.

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At least two of the possible locations for these items require getting past Sarltooth, on the western wall (accessed from the north). As such, it may be possible to complete the


 <24> Ormer”s Revenge series of quests at the same time.

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