How To Become A Great Power : Victoria 2 How To Become A Great Power : Victoria2

A quick guide to using console commands, as well as a full list of events you can trigger for that perfect run


So, you want some Victoria 2 cheats? This cult classic grand strategy gameis setin the 19th centuryduring a time of great change, of rising nationalism, social welfare, and a major shift towards democratic governments. It’s also the height of bombastic imperialism as the major powers competed for influence over lesser nations and new lands.

Đang xem: Victoria 2 how to become a great power

The gamewas originally released back in 2010 and has now been elevated to meme-status as we all wait patiently for Victoria 3(which could be announced in May!)Until that happens though, we’ll have to make do with its slightly archaic design, perhaps freshened up with some Victoria 2 mods.

Unique amongst the Paradox strategy games, Victoria 2 takes place over a relatively short time span but still counts its time in single days. Depending on your goal, you’ll often need to accomplish a lot in a short timespan, and if things don’t go perfectly, well… we won’t judge you if you need to look up some Victoria 2 cheats and console commands to help smooth things along.

Special mention to Steam user ‘NoseFaceButt’, mainly for the name, but also because they put in a lot of work compiling the commands and events for their own guide, many of which we reference below.


Victoria 2 Cheats and Console Commands

To use Victoria 2 cheats (or, as they are also known as, console commands), you’ll need to either press the ` ‘grave’ or ~ ‘tilde’ keys. This will bring up the in-game console. All you need to do is input one of the below commands and press return (enter) to get the effect you want.

Here is a list of Victoria 2 console commands and Cheats:

addresearch(addr) – Adds research at specified name. (any misspelling=crash)blockade – Blockade province.changeowner – Change the current owner of to the TAG specified.conquerall – Set all enemy provinces under our control.debug allmoney – Shows info for money transfers.debug alwaysaddwargoal – Removes limits for wargoal.debug alwaysdiplo – Makes diplomats endless.debug alwaysreform – Eliminates the 1 month wait between reforms. need +50% of the upper-house favourable of reforms. effect won’t disappear till reset game, unknown if AI is affected.debug influence – Makes every Great Power’s influence on every country fixed at 100. When deactivated, all influence levels return to normal.debug invent (invention)– instantly get chosen invention.debug market – Turns on/off a log of price changes.debug researchpoints – rpoints .debug yesmen – The AI accepts any deal with the player or other AI players.election – Starts common elections right now.fow – Turn on/off fog of war.goods “XXX” – Gives XXX goods to player plus the same amount of money (Warning: large amount of goods lead to economic problems.)inc – Short version of instantconstruction. Doesn’t affect the AI.

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inr – Short version of instantresearch. Doesn’t affect the AI.leaderprestige(lprestige) – Adds prestige to leaders attached to units at specified location.Leadership “XXX” – Gives XXX leadership points to the player.militancy – Changes militancy level. Try positive and negative values.militancy – Sets high militancy for pops at location and specified ideology.Money “XXX” – Gives XXX money to player.Plurality “XXX” – Sets XXX Plurality Level from 1% to 100%.Prestige “XXX” – Gives XXX prestige to player.reorg – All units in got 100% organization and full strength.researchpoints(rpoints) – Adds specified amount of research points.revolt < province id> – Rise all the valid rebels of the country that controls (use twice).showprovinceid(provid) – Toggles province ID visibility in tooltips.spawnunit – A appears in the province specified at 0 organization and full strength. In case of a land unit, the soldiers will come from a random province.suppress – Adds suppression points to your country.tag – Change the player country to the one specified. The part must be in caps, and more than 1 change “sleeps” the AI of the affected country until reload.teleportselectionto(teleport) – Teleports currently selected unit to location.upperhouse – Instant upper house reelection.


Victoria 2 Events

Cheats/buffs aren’t the only things you can do via the in-game console. There are plenty of events that can trigger doing a game that result in various changes, or enable new content. Typing ‘Event ’ into the console interface and the relevant event will fire.

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Government Type Events

Event 1000 Make Socialist government availableEvent 1001 Make Communist government availableEvent 1002 Make Anarcho-liberal government availableEvent 1003 Make Fascist government available

Casus Belli Events

Event 2510 casus belli – Cut SizeEvent 2520 casus belli – HumilityEvent 2530 casus belli – Place in the SunEvent 2540 casus belli – Cut SizeEvent 2550 casus belli – Drum of WarEvent 2560 casus belli – PatrimonyEvent 2570 casus belli – Conquest

Reform Events

Event 3000 Health Care In favor of 30% Support in ProvenceEvent 3100 Press RightsEvent 3200 Forms a New Political PartyEvent 3300 Pensions In favor of 20% Support in ProvenceEvent 3400 Unemployment Subsidies In favor of 30% Support in ProvenceEvent 3401 Extend Subsidies or No SubsidiesEvent 3402 Lower Subsidies or Good SubsidiesEvent 3403 40% In favor of Acceptable Subsidies or In favor of 40% Acceptable Min. WageEvent 3404 20% In favor of Good SubsidiesEvent 3500 30% In favor of Trade UnionsEvent 3600 Safety RegulationsEvent 3700 40% In favor of Lower Work Hour ReformEvent 3750 Public MeetingsEvent 3800 40% In favor of Increases Wage ReformEvent 3900 40% In favor of Trade Unions ReformEvent 4000 Slavery Abolishment Movement SupportEvent 4100 40% In favor of Upper HouseEvent 4200 10% In favor of New Voting System ReformEvent 4300 20% In favor of New Vote Franchise ReformEvent 12000 Safety RegulationsEvent 12010 Safety Regulation ReformEvent 60108 Extend Slavery or Not to Extend Slavery

Election Campaign Events

Event 14000 Trade PolicyEvent 14010 EconomyEvent 14020 ReligionEvent 14030 CitizenshipEvent 14040 WarEvent 14050 ProtectionismEvent 14060 Protectionism vs. Free TradeEvent 14070 Laissez FaireEvent 14080 InterventionismEvent 14090 State CapitalismEvent 14100 Planned economyEvent 14110 AtheismEvent 14120 SecularizedEvent 14130 PluralismEvent 14140 MoralismEvent 14150 ResidencyEvent 14160 Limited CitizenshipEvent 14170 Full CitizenshipEvent 14180 JingoismEvent 14190 Pro-MilitaryEvent 14200 Anti-MilitaryEvent 14210 Pacifism

Upper House Events

Event 18000 10.0 SocialistEvent 18010 5 Liberals and 2 Conservatives add or 5 Conservatives and 2 Liberals addEvent 18020 20.0 LiberalsEvent 18030 10.0 LiberalsEvent 18040 20.0 SocialistsEvent 18050 20.00 LiberalsEvent 18060 10.0 RadicalsEvent 18070 30.0 LiberalsEvent 18080 30.0 RadicalsEvent 18090 45.0 LiberalsEvent 18100 All Population 20% in Favor of Healthcare ReformEvent 18110 All Population 20% in Favor of Subsides ReformEvent 18120 50.0 ConservativesEvent 18130 50.0 SocialistsEvent 18150 20.0 FascistEvent 18160 10.0 LiberalsEvent 18170 30.0 SocialistsEvent 18180 All Population Loses 1 Consciousness or Lose 1 MilitancyEvent 18190 All Population 10% in Favor of JingoismEvent 18200 All Population 10% in Favor of Laissez FaireEvent 18520 All Population 5% in Favor of Jingoism and Lose 2.0 War Exhaustion or All Population 10% in Favor of JingoismEvent 17500 20% In favor of SocialismEvent 18580 All Population 20% in Favor of Pacifism

Crimes & Punishments

Event 22000 Enables Trusty SystemEvent 22010 Establish a Penal ColonyEvent 22020 Penal ReformEvent 22030 Foul MurderEvent 22040 Chain GangEvent 22050 WantedEvent 22060 Life Without ParoleEvent 22070 Debtors PrisonEvent 22080 Capital PunishmentEvent 44000 Leper Colony Founded in Hawaii

Leadership Type Events

Event 60000 Country Becomes Communist DictatorshipEvent 60010 Country Becomes Military DictatorshipEvent 60020 Country Becomes Radical DictatorshipEvent 60030 Country Becomes Fascist DictatorshipEvent 60040 Country Becomes Absolute MonarchyEvent 60050 Country Becomes Constitutional RepublicEvent 60060 Country Becomes Semi-Constitutional MonarchyEvent 60070 Country Becomes Constitutional MonarchyEvent 60080 Country Becomes Military DictatorshipEvent 60090 Country Becomes Radical DictatorshipEvent 60100 Country Becomes Communist DictatorshipEvent 60110 Country Becomes Fascist Dictatorship

Genocide Events

Event 21500 Natural Disasters Lose 10 Life Rate and Gain -10% Population in ProvenceEvent 21000 Diseases & Famines -4 Population in ProvenceEvent 4435 Cultural Minority GenocideEvent 4434 Religious Minority Genocide

Assimilation Events

Event 14680 Requires Mission To Civilize invention and a colonyEvent 15260 Requires province to not have primary/accepted culture and can’t be a colonyEvent 15280 Requires the exact same as above, except national value is not a factor.

Militancy, Infamy, Prestige, War Exhaustion & Consciousness

Event 18500 All Population Lose 1 Militancy or Lose 1 Consciences and Gain 5.250 PrestigeEvent 18540 Lose 3 Infamy or 2 Infamy and Gain 5.250 Prestige “changes your national value”Event 18550 Gain 2 Militancy and 10.5 Prestige or Gain 1 MilitancyEvent 18510 Gain 8.400 PrestigeEvent 4402 30.00 Improve Relations with Neighbor and gain 5.250 PrestigeEvent 96150 Lowers the infamy to 25 and Gives 25 PrestigeEvent 18560 All Population Lose 1 Militancy or Lose 1 ConsciencesEvent 18570 Gain 10 Prestige and Lose 1 Militancy or Gain 814.61 Research PointsEvent 4305 Provence Lose 2 MilitancyEvent 12060 Lose 1 War ExhaustionEvent 18550 Gain 2 Militancy and 10.5 Prestige or Gain 1 MilitancyEvent 18560 All Population Lose 1 Militancy or Lose 1 ConsciencesEvent 4402 30.00 Improve Relations with Neighbor and gain 5.250 Prestige

Miscellaneous Events

Event 1100 Gold RushEvent 2000 Assimilation TroublesEvent 60120 Annexation EventEvent 60140 Political Reform AppointedEvent 60107 GET them BACK in the kitchen Ends Women SuffrageEvent 14680 Baby boom event (1% population growth or fast migration to colonies)Event 18530 Gain 1629.21 Research PointsEvent 18570 Gain 10 Prestige and Lose 1 Militancy or Gain 814.61 Research PointsEvent 19000 Great Power RivalriesEvent 19500 Boer War Gain casus belli on ZuluEvent 4400 Trade Policy Rich and Middle or Middle and Lower Lose MilitancyEvent 4402 30.00 Improve Relations with Neighbor and gain 5.250 PrestigeEvent 5000 Introduce New SportEvent 10000 Liberal Revolutions Liberal Gain MilitancyEvent 13000 Enables Western Influence or IsolationismEvent 14500 Colonial UprisingsEvent 15000 Nationalist movements Public Meeting/Police BrutalityEvent 16000 American Civil War (only work if your are playing as USA)Event 17000 Suffragette MovementsEvent 22500 Economical Events Enables Stock Market CrashEvent 23200 Exploration the Nile RiverEvent 23400 Host the OlympicsEvent 23450 Win a Nobel PrizeEvent 29900 50% Increases of Farmers EfficiencyEvent 30000 Host the World FairsEvent 31100 The Discovery of TroyEvent 31300 All Population Gain 1 ConnectionismEvent 33000 Open a Theater in BerlinEvent 35000 British Monarchy House SplitsEvent 37700 Order Church Property SoldEvent 18500 All Population Lose 1 Militancy or Lose 1 Consciences and Gain 5.250 PrestigeEvent 18510 Gain 8.400 PrestigeEvent 18530 Gain 1629.21 Research PointsEvent 18540 Lose 3 Infamy or 2 Infamy and Gain 5.250 Prestige “changes your national value”Event 19000 Great Power RivalriesEvent 19500 Boer War Gain casus belli on Zulu

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful – we’ll keep it updated with any more Victoria 2 console commands or cheats we discover!

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