Wifi Network We Couldn T Find Wireless Devices On This Pc In Windows 10

Wireless Devices work with radio waves so there's no cable or wire to ensure connection, which is why factors like your computer's ability to receive signals, proximity to main routers or modems etc. play a huge role in providing users with efficient and fast-working internet.

Đang xem: We couldn t find wireless devices on this pc

If you're a Microsoft Windows user then you've probably heard about or come across the: ‘We couldn't find wireless devices on this PC' error. The fact is this type of error can occur in all sorts operating environments, not just Windows, and for a number of reasons.

The problem lies in bugs in the operational code or problems with your internet settings or even your hardware; but don't worry, because this article will take you through all the steps to solving this wireless device problem, once and for all.

What causes the error ‘We couldn't find wireless devices on this PC'

An Upgrade Bug: While the Microsoft Windows team regularly releases updates to fix bugs and add in improvements to the latest version of the Windows operating environment series, Users have reported this particular error most after an update to a new version of Windows. Hence, the problem lies in the Windows code itself.Old, Corrupted or Missing Drivers: Most of the time, the drivers required for detecting wireless devices such as adapters are unavailable. A lack of proper drivers can be attributed to a number of reasons such as: accidental deleting by users when clearing memory or negligence in updating drivers when required.Weak or Disrupted Wifi signals: Sometimes factors such as distance from your Wifi routers or other obstructions to Wifi signals can also contribute to causing this error.

Method 1: Updating Drivers

This method will show you the steps to efficiently update all your required Drivers for Wireless device detection.

Click on the search icon, type and select Device Manager.Select the Network adapters option.
Wait for it to install.Check your wireless connection.

Method 2: Resetting TCP/IP Settings

Sometimes, rebooting the whole connection process is the best tactic. Thus, this method will show you how to reset your TCP/IP settings so that your PC can start the device detection and connection process fresh.

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 Click on the search icon and type Command Prompt.


Running Command Prompt as an administrator
 Right click on the command prompt icon and select Run as administrator.
In the black, pop up window that opens type netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt and press enter.
Restart your PC and check your wireless connection.

Method 3: Resetting winsock Catalog

This method follows the same principle of resetting and starting the detection and connection process anew, as Method 2; but in a different, ‘catalog' capacity.

Click on the search icon and type Command Prompt.
Restart your PC and check your wireless connection.

Method 4: Change Power Management Option for your Wireless Adapter

Here, we'll be taking you through the steps to change a specific ‘Power Management' setting which may be the cause of your error.

Click on the search icon, type and select Device Manager.

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Device Manager in Windows Search BoxSelect the Network adapters option.double clicking on the Network Adapters Option
Click the Power Management tab.Remove the check mark beside Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, click OK.

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