What Am I Supposed To Do In Minecraft ? How To Survive Your First Day

Okay, so I know this is gonna sound stupid, but what do I do? A lot of my friends are really into Minecraft, and I've finally decided to give it a try. I was playing in browser, and was at a loss of what to do. Yeah, I guess digging was kinda cool, but like other than that I got bored quite quickly. Is the only way to do something productive/fun to buy the full game? And if so, what do most people spend their time doing? I really have no idea what im doing, I'd appreciate the help!


Think of something to build and build it. My favorite part of the game is infrastructure… laying down rail from place to place and making rail changing stations. There's a lot more to the game than what appears to be at first site.

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The free Minecraft classic is a far far cry from the current paid release, and has never felt as fulfilling to me. I would say ask one of your friends if you can use their log in info to install the game and try some single player (there's honestly no reason they can't, as long as you don't both play multiplayer at the same time).

Which version are you playing? You say you're playing in-browser, does that mean you're playing the free version? This is very different to “proper” minecraft, that has a huge gathering and crafting system, monsters, weapons and a whole other dimension to explore!

I found a few code that people were giving away after the Humble Bundle 3 on this wtbblue.com. I had already paid for it so i used that one for my 5 year old son. He loves the game….not the creepers and zombies though.

Something i did at first was look at some of the crafting tutorials online to get started and played for hours at a time.

At its core, it is very different from probably all games you've played. Combat is a joke, and not really a part of the game (to me). There's no quests, no need to go kill 65,340,285 boars. It's purely about creation. If you've been playing the big name games most people do (WoW, CoD, CS:S, etc), it may be something you're not used to being a part of playing a video game. It's more like drawing, really.

Start by recreating something you know. Your house, your school. Or try a famous building, or bridge — something man-made. Google some images of landmarks, find interesting details, and try to integrate them into a building of your own design.

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In addition, you can play the current game, there's a lot of people giving away the Humble Indie Bundle trial key, it's good for 5 more days of unlimited play I think. Or you can download the PC Gamer demo which is limited to 90 minute worlds.

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At the risk of being overly obvious, you do know about crafting items, right? Swords, pickaxes, armor, etc?

Assuming you've got that under control, something you might find fun is looking for and defeating a mob spawner. Build your base, dig into the cave systems, and mine them out. Eventually, you'll happen upon a little cage-like thing with fire inside: that's the mob spawner, and it's probably surrounded by spiders, skeletons, and creepers. If you can fight those mobs off, there's a chest there with special items for you to collect.

As you start to conquer your cave system, keep exploring the above ground portions of your world. Craft a boat and use it to swim around the nearest body of water. Find a mountain in the distance, go climb it, and build a base at the peak above the cloud level. Admire the view.

Getting bored with building your base? Go on an expedition. See if you can dig down to bedrock and what you can find down there. Try to build a new base underground. Mine obsidian. Build a portal to the nether. Fight off Ghasts and collect glowstone from the ceiling. Build a base down there for all you care.

Done that? Make farms. Mob grinders. Redstone creations. Traps. Make it so you never have to leave your base again. Completely conquer your randomly generated world.

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And then? Leave it. Go out and start a new world. Punch down a tree again and dig yourself another 2x2x2 dirtbox to stand in during the night so you don't get killed. Or join an SMP server and work together on some of the greatest builds you ever thought possible.

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