what are all the enchantments that can go on a trident

For a long time, Minecraft only had medieval weapons like swords, bows, crossbows and axes. The Update Aquatic introduced a new unique weapon called trident.

Trident is one of the rarest weapons in Minecraft. Unlike other weapons, tridents cannot be crafted. Players can only obtain tridents by killing drowned. A drowned holding a trident has an 8.5-11.5% chance of dropping a trident in Java Edition, compared to a 25-37% chance in Bedrock Edition.

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Obtaining tridents can take a long time, but it's totally worth getting. Players can enchant tridents with some exclusive enchantments. This article informs players about all enchantments available for tridents in Minecraft.

Enchantments for tridents in Minecraft

Exclusive enchantments for trident

1) Impaling

Impaling is an offensive enchantment exclusive to tridents in Minecraft. A trident enchanted with Impaling deals extra damage to all kinds of aquatic mobs.

At level V, it increases both melee and ranged attack damage by 12.5 heart points. Impaling will help players in their battle against elder guardians.

2) Channeling

Channeling trident (Image via Mojang)

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Channeling is probably the coolest enchantment in Minecraft. It allows players to become the god of thunder during thunderstorms. When a trident enchanted with Channeling strikes a mob or player, that entity will get struck by a bolt of lightning.

Channeling allows players to turn creepers into charged creepers. This way, players can get mob heads easily.

3) Loyalty

When using a Channeling trident, players will also need Loyalty enchantment. When a player throws a trident enchanted with Loyalty III, it will return to the player after striking the target. Otherwise, players will always have to go to pick up the trident.

4) Riptide

Riptide enchantment (Image via Mojang)

Riptide helps players travel at fast speeds without elytra. However, there are conditions for being able to do that. Players will need to be in contact with water (block, flowing, rain or snow) to fly using a trident enchanted with Riptide.

A trident enchanted with Riptide will take the player along when thrown in any direction. By combining it with elytra, players can use a block of water as a launching platform.

Common enchantments for tridents

1) Mending

Mending book (Image via Mojang)

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Mending is arguably the best enchantment in Minecraft. Players can recover durability points of items enchanted with Mending using experience points. With an XP farm and Mending, players will never have to worry about repairing their gear.

2) Unbreaking

Unbreaking (Image via Mojang)

Like Mending, Unbreaking is also a must-have enchantment in Minecraft. All tools, weapons, and armors have a specific amount of durability points. When these items are used, durability points are consumed.

Unbreaking enchantment reduces the chances of losing durability points when using an item. This means players can use their gear for a longer time than usual.

3) Curse of Vanishing

Players usually avoid Curse of vanishing. However, they can be useful in particular situations. For example, if a player doesn't want their enemy to get their powerful trident, they can use the Curse of Vanishing enchantment to destroy the trident as soon as they die.

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