What Are Potatoes Used For In Minecraft, Baked Potato

Potatoes are a staple in every Minecraft player”s diet. Potatoes, while not exactly easy to obtain unless near a village, are a very useful crop in the game.

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Potatoes can be found in several places in Minecraft, including, but not limited to, dungeons, villages, and as a drop from zombies. Potatoes are also expendable and a great food for bringing to mob fights, as they restore the players” health, and are easily replenishable.

Players would be interested to know all the uses of potatoes in the game. Here is a list of the top five uses for potatoes in Minecraft.

5 Best uses for potatoes in Minecraft

#1 – Baked potatoes

One of the lesser-known foods in Minecraft would have to be baked potatoes. Since players can eat raw potatoes for health benefits, they often can forget that potatoes can be baked in the furnace to create baked potatoes and give players even more of a health boost.

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#2 – Trading


Players often find potatoes in villages, which makes them a great resource to trade. Players can dig up grown potatoes from the village farms and replant the extra ones to keep a stable farm growing. Then, players can use these potatoes to trade with villagers for emeralds and other resources. A novice farmer villager will trade an emerald for 26 of their potatoes. This is a pretty good deal considering how fast potatoes grow in Minecraft.


#3 – Breeding

Players would also be pleased to know that along with carrots, potatoes can be used to lead and breed pigs. That”s right, no longer do players have to wait for their carrot farms to grow, as pigs are fully capable of breeding with only potatoes.

#4 – Composting

Similar to wheat and cocoa beans, regular potatoes can be placed into a composter for a 65% chance of raising the composter level. The chances increase even further when the player puts a baked potato into the composter. This increases the chance of raising the composter level from 65% to 85%. The odds are definitely in the player”s favor this time.

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#5 – Farming


Most obviously, potatoes can be used for farming. Potatoes are a quick-growing crop in Minecraft. They”re also very easy to plant, since players only need one potato to get started. Potatoes are also their own seeds unlike some other crops in the game, so don”t fret about looking for or crafting, potato seeds, as they don”t exist.

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