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By now, anyone who has played Minecraft has seen all the new additions. Deepslate, mountain goats, azalea bushes, axolotls, glow lichens, glowsquids and copper have all made their way into the game.

None of these have had as big of an impact, arguably, as copper. Copper is used for a lot of things including spyglasses, one of the best new craftable items, and copper blocks, which are great for decorating and building.

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Copper is one of the best additions to the game because of all Minecraft players can do with it. Here's a complete guide to raw copper in Minecraft.

Raw copper in Minecraft

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Copper ore is a fairly common spawn in Minecraft. Underground, it is about as common as iron, maybe even more common. It's easily found and easily mined, as it can be mined with a stone pickaxe. Just like iron, it spawns in veins of at least three or so, making it an easy resource to collect in bulk.

Copper ore. Minecraft Wiki

The ore is denoted by its familiar green and orange coloring. It doesn't resemble any other block or resource in the game, so it's an easy find. When mining it, it will produce raw copper, rather than the ore.

However, if Silk Touch is involved, it will produce the ore. This is one of the biggest changes from the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update: the addition of raw items. Gold, copper and iron do not drop ores like they used to. Rather, they produce raw iron, raw copper and raw gold.

Raw resources. Image via YouTube

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Raw copper, just like raw iron and raw gold, is smelted into ingots just like the ore would be (or is if players use Silk Touch). There is an advantage to having raw copper as opposed to the ore, though. Raw copper can be crafted into blocks.

Now, these blocks can't be cooked as is. They have to be returned to the raw copper “ingots” and smelted into copper ingots. This is only an advantage when mining. If players take a crafting table, they can craft the raw copper (same for iron and gold) into blocks, which saves so much inventory space. Long mining trips can be even longer because the time it takes to run out of inventory space is so much longer with the addition of the raw resources.

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