What Can You Do With A Brick In Minecraft With Bricks 'O' Brian

Bricks were introduced to the blocky world of Minecraft all the way back in 2009, specifically as part of the massive 0.9.0 update. Bricks have two real uses in the current state of the game, which are either to craft brick blocks or flower pots. 

Brick blocks are an aesthetically unique block to the game, and are commonly utilized when building something that emulates a modern style. This guide will explain exactly how bricks & brick blocks can be crafted within the game, including how to obtain all the resources required in the crafting process.

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Items you need to make bricks:

In order to make bricks, you will need:

ClayAccess to a furnaceSome furnace fuel

Clay blocks can commonly be found at the bottom of rivers, lakes and swamps. These clay blocks will need to be broken in order to drop clay, you can use any shovel to break clay blocks faster.

Clay blocks at the bottom of a river

If you have currently not crafted a furnace thus far in your Minecraft adventure, or are unsure how to, check out this guide. 

How to make bricks in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To make bricks, place a clay ball in the top cell in the furnace GUI. Then, fill the lower cell with your choice of fuel such as coal, wood, etc. Wait for the arrow in the middle to fill. Now that a brick has been made, simply click the brick and drag it into your inventory.

Step-by-Step Guide(with Pictures):


Here is the step-by-step pictorial guide you need to follow to make bricks in minecraft:

Step-1 Interact with any furnace to open a furnace menu, it should look like this:

Step-2 Place your clay in the top slot and some sort of furnace fuel on the bottom slot. You can use any type of wood, coal or lava buckets sufficiently as furnace fuel.

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Step-3 Wait for the arrow to fully progress and become completely white. A brick should then be generated in the right hand side of the furnace slot as shown.

Step-4 You have successfully created a brick! Now simply drag the brick out of the furnace slot and into your own inventory.

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How to make brick blocks in Minecraft?

Now that you have bricks, you can easily make brick blocks. All you need to do is combine 4 bricks in your 2×2 inventory crafting menu as such:


Give Command for bricks in Minecraft:

If you are playing in creative mode, or have cheats enabled, you can use the command /give
p minecraft:brick 64
to give yourself bricks. 

To give yourself brick blocks, use the command /give
p minecraft:bricks 64

Explainer Video:


It can be argued that bricks in the current state of Minecraft are highly limited in terms of usefulness, however brick blocks are still a great way to add a squeaky clean look to any of your potential building designs. The fact that bricks are so cheap and easy to craft also makes it a fantastic base building block for beginners.

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