What Can You Do With Bamboo In Minecraft ? : Minecraft

You should be able to make things like bamboo planks, stairs, slabs, fences, doors, trapdoors and more.

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Basically everything you can do with normal wood except logs.


Aye. It”s a shame there”s no mention of them going this route, what with Bamboo being the newest Tree Type n”all…We should be able to use it similarly to the others. Check out this post here for some amazing ideas someone is suggesting for wtbblue.com: https://old.reddit.com/r/wtbblue.comsuggestions/comments/9zg0xv/bamboo_plank_set_thatch_bamboo_torches_and_many/

How about a bamboo canteen for water.

Bamboo hearts to eat.

Bamboo chairs to sit.

Bamboo benches to sit.

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Bamboo Book Shelves to store books in.

Bamboo Armor Stands to put your armor when they”re not in use.

Bamboo Item Frame to decorate the place with.

Bamboo Coffee Table to put small stuff and a lantern on.

And a Bamboo Table to put food on to serve your guests for a feast.

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I have a few ideas on using bamboo. 1. Bamboo weave (tied together bamboo), used to make a bamboo fence and bamboo gates (possibly doors), can also be used as walls or pillars, but can be pereprigat through them. 2. Bamboo fence and gate – the fence has a shape similar to the rest of the fences, and no different, and the gate will be single and open in the opposite direction from the player. 3. Tiki torch – a torch on a bamboo stem with a height of two blocks, the level of illumination is the same as that of a normal one, but it will look nicer. 4. Bamboo block – can be the walls of your house or block to save space in the chest or inventory. It is made of bamboo weave (they can be untied with scissors, and used bamboo back). 5 Suspended bamboo ladder – attached to the bottom of the block and very different from the usual stairs and vine. Like a vine, you can climb it without attaching each section to the blocks, but its advantage is that you do not need to go anywhere to install and disassemble, you just need to find the place where you want to install it and click on the block which you need and everything is installed. To increase it, you need to click on the same block again, and to disassemble, press and hold for a few seconds, but the most interesting is that it is not dismantled from top to bottom, like a vine, but from bottom to top, where the first section is fixed. 6. A suspended bamboo bridge is the only way to connect two blocks (islands, structures, etc.) without using full blocks. The installation of this bridge is quite interesting, the first section must be installed on a solid block, then the player can install 12 more sections in the air, after which you must install the last section again on a solid block and after that the bridge is installed. Before full installation, the bridge will look like a semi-block with fences on both sides, and after installation, the bridge will be suspended and bend in an arc. Also, the bridge will have some weight restrictions, namely that it should have no more than 10 mobs, exceeding the limit threatens you with a short but painful fall. Below I posted a photo of the craft of these blocks and things. And still vertically located bamboo is bamboo interweaving, and the diagonal is ordinary bamboo. Crafts are arranged in order from left to right.


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