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Although remaining a relatively lesser-known item, the clock was first seen within version 1.2 of Minecraft over nine years ago.

Clocks have the potential to be very useful to players, serving the purpose of providing a quick indication for the time of day without having to look at the sky. This is beneficial in several different circumstances, especially while mining underground.

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This article will detail everything there is to know about clocks in Minecraft, including how to obtain and effectively use them.

What do clocks do in Minecraft?

Clocks provide players with a rough estimate of the time in their current world. The clock contains two halves: a night side and a day side. The halves rotate as the day goes on.

As night time approaches, the night section will start rotating in. And as it starts to enter daytime, the day section half will start rotating in. This simple mechanism allows players to roughly tell what time of day it is.

What is the clock useful for in Minecraft?

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This may be useful to players in situations where they cannot directly see the sky. For example, if the player is mining and does not want to deal with hostile mobs when they resurface, they can simply look at the clock and continue mining until daytime.

Another potential use follows that as soon as the night half-section is fully visible on the clock face, then the player will be able to sleep. This eliminates the guesswork of when the player is allowed to sleep.

How to use a clock in Minecraft?

The most common way of using a clock to tell the time in Minecraft is to hold the item by hand. It will continue to track the time, even when being held.

However, players don't need to hold the item directly. The clock can simply be read from the hotbar or even when placed inside an item frame.

A clock indicating that the time is morning

How to obtain a clock in Minecraft?

Clocks can be crafted by the player by arranging 1 redstone and 4 gold in the arrangement shown below.

Crafting recipe for the clock in Minecraft

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Another way to obtain a clock is by trading with an expert-level librarian villager. In the Bedrock Edition, librarian villagers have a ⅓ chance to sell 1 clock in return for 4 emeralds. In Java Edition, they have a ½ chance to sell 1 clock for 5 emeralds.

The final way of obtaining a clock in Minecraft is by looting a ruined portal chest (7.3% chance) or looting a shipwreck chest (7.7% chance).

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