What Do Iron Nuggets Do In Minecraft, Iron Nugget

Using one iron ingot, players can craft nine iron nuggets in Minecraft. Iron Nuggets were added to the game in the 1.11.1 update.

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Iron Nuggets are a craftable and renewable resource in Minecraft. Players can make iron nuggets by disintegrating one iron ingot or smelting iron tools and armors.

Iron nuggets generate naturally inside chests in bastions, remnants, shipwrecks, villages, and ruined portals. At first, there was no use of an iron nugget other than crafting iron ingots. However, after the villager update and nether update, there are many other uses of iron nuggets in Minecraft.

Top 5 uses for Iron Nuggets in Minecraft

#5 – Iron Ingots

In Minecraft, players can combine nine iron nuggets to make one iron ingot. Players with bases or spawn points close to the ocean should go for ocean exploration to find shipwrecks. There is a good chance of finding iron ingots and nuggets inside loot chests in shipwrecks.

Getting iron in the nether realm is difficult. Finding iron in fortresses, bastions, and ruined portals is the only way to obtain it in the nether world.

#4 – Fuel Source


Many players might not know that iron nuggets are also usable as a fuel source in Minecraft. It is not among the best fuel sources, but when out of fuel, anything works. One iron nugget lasts for one second inside a furnace. It means that an iron farm also works as a fuel farm in Minecraft.

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Note: This is a Bedrock only feature.

#3 – Lanterns

After years of debate and discussions, lanterns were finally added to Minecraft in the 1.14 update. Players can craft lanterns using eight iron nuggets and one torch. Lanterns are one of the best light sources in the game. Unlike torches, lanterns can be hung from the ceiling and submerged in water.

#2 – Chains


Chains are decorative blocks resembling real-life chains. Players can craft one chain using two iron nuggets and one iron ingot. These items fit well in chained bridges and buildings. Players can suspend lanterns and bells using chains.

#1 – Soul Lantern


Soul Lanterns are the more fashionable version of normal lanterns. Its recipe is similar to a lantern”s as well. However, instead of a torch, players need a soul torch to craft a soul lantern in Minecraft.

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Soul lanterns emit less light than normal lanterns but enough to prevent mobs from spawning. Their turquoise color texture makes them ideal for dungeon and castle-themed builds in Minecraft.

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