What Do You Do With Clay In Minecraft, How To Find Clay In Minecraft

Clay in Minecraft is one of those blocks that most players ignore unless it”s something they are searching for.

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Although the uses for clay are minimal, it”s a really great block to have on hand in case it”s needed for a build or crafting recipe. A lot of really aesthetic Minecraft builds equip the use of clay and its forms.

Here are all of the uses for clay in Minecraft, so players know what they can do with the abundance they collect over time.

Where is clay found in Minecraft?


Clay is a block that naturally occurs in Minecraft and can be found in star-shaped formations at shorelines or underwater. In most cases, clay is most easily found in Swamp biomes, as they are filled with shallow waters, where players can spot clay easily.

Those trying to get clay that is underwater may find it best to equip a door to create an air pocket under the water. This ensures the player will not need to swim up for a breath and increases the speed at which they mine blocks because mining speeds are lessened underwater.

What does clay make in Minecraft?



When clay blocks are broken, the only blocks they can directly make from their state as a clay ball are bricks. Gamers can also combine clay balls in a 2×2 to make clay blocks again.

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Bricks are made by smelting clay balls in a furnace and then combining the smelted bricks in a 2×2 crafting grid to make a brick block. Brick blocks are great for building artistic structures and adding definition to builds.

Players can also smelt clay blocks in furnaces to create hardened clay, which is the starting block needed to develop any form of stained clay or terracotta.

How do players dye stained clay?



Creating stained clay in Minecraft is quite easy, as it requires only two ingredients: hardened clay and the dye of choice.

The crafting recipe is simple: players should place the dye color in the center of the crafting grid and surround it with eight hardened clay blocks. This will yield eight blocks of stained clay of the desired color.

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Stained clay is an excellent block for players to use to add color and definition to builds. Red stained clay, for example, works perfectly for building classic-looking barn structures. White stained clay works perfectly with birch planks and logs, too.

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