What Does No Pos Wow Mean – No Pos Wow In English With Contextual Examples

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It should be ” No pues, ¡wow!”* In informal spoken Spanish, pues is pronounced “pos.” It means something like “Well, wow!” It might be used sarcastically (though it doesn”t have to be sarcastic…

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First of all, POS is an acronym – no, not that acronym. It stands for “point of sale,” which can be defined as the place where a transaction takes place between a customer and a merchant.
Meaning of the phrase No pos wow I keep seeing this phrase “No pos wow” in texts from my friends who speak spanish and I”m not sure what it means. It seems to maybe be sarcastic or funny but I can”t really tell since it”s in text and not face to face.
“No Pos Ta Cabrón” is a response or comment to a previous sentence. The expression has a two contractions and omits the subject “algo”, expands to: “No pues (algo) está Cabrón” where “algo” (something) was stated in the previous sentence.

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I am Mexican.. Everybody told you what the phrase literally means, but the context is wrong.. It is normally used when somebody is speaking a lot to you, and you are not really interested or paying attention on what the other one is saying, so you just answer “No pos ta cabrón”
POS plans also do not have deductibles for in-network services, which is a significant advantage over PPOs. Point-of-service plans often cost less than other policies, but savings may be limited …
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What does pos mean? 2. votes. Greetings I know that POS is a Mexican slang but I forgot what it means. Can I get some help? Thanks. 29747 views. updated Nov 4, 2016. posted by Abundantman. 4 Answers. 6. votes. It”s a shortened form of “pues.” updated Nov 4, 2016. posted by Daniela2041.
POS means proof of service….. All of Ms. Straus' responses are intended as useful information, based solely upon the facts stated in the question, and are not to be relied upon as a full or complete legal opinion. They may not be what you wished to hear, they do not create an attorney-client relationship. Ms.

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A provider network can be made up of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers and facilities that have agreed to offer negotiated rates for services to insureds of certain medical insurance plans. There are a number of different types of networks with HMO, PPO, EPO, and POS being some of the most common.

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