Minecraft: How to Make Fire Resistance Potion There are lots of fiery dangers in the world of Minecraft, especially in the Nether, that a Fire Resistance Potion can help players survive.

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How to Brew Potions of Fire Resistance in Minecraft with Brewing Station
In Minecraft, there are a variety of potions that can help players to be stronger, faster, and even repel fire damage. While potions can be found in treasure chests as loot, it”s much easier to make them than to rely on chance. There are several items players will need first, however, to make their own Minecraft Fire Resistance Potions.

While Fire Resistance enchantments on gear give up to 32% resistance to fire damage, Potions of Fire Resistance give players complete protection against just about anything hot. From Blaze fireballs to lava to just an open flame, a Potion of Fire Resistance is the only guarantee to shrug off even the worst of burns. There are several types of potions that players can make to keep from overheating.

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There are three different kinds of Fire Resist in Minecraft.

Potion of Fire ResistancePotion of Fire Resistance ExtendedSplash Potion of Fire ResistanceLingering Potion of Fire Resistance

The Minecraft Brew Master

Just like Minecraft”s Regeneration Potions or Water Breathing Potions, players need a place to brew them up: a brewing stand. These can be made with a Crafting Table or players can steal one from a villager. To make a brewing station, players will need three cobblestone and one blaze rod.

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How to Brew Potions of Fire Resistance in Minecraft with Brewing Station
Once completed, players can set it up and use just as they would a Minecraft Crafting Table.

Making the Potion

Players will need several ingredients to make a Fire Resist Potion. First, Blaze Powder is always need to make potions; it is the power that fuels the brewing station and gets things bubbling. Next, players will need a water bottle, again just like other potions. Just make a glass bottle and fill it from any water source. This will be used to hold the potion. And last but not least, just about all potions require a Nether Wart. Brewing up a single Wart with the Blaze powder in the brewing station into a water bottle will always produce an Awkward Potion, which is the basis for every potion in Minecraft. Now for the main ingredient. Players will need one Magma Cream. These are dropped from Magma Cubes in the Nether. They can also be made by combining slime with blaze powder.

Combine the Magma Cream with the Awkward Potion, and players will now have a basic Potion of Fire Resistance.

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How to Brew Potions of Fire Resistance in Minecraft with Brewing Station


Brew a Potion of Fire Resistance with a Gunpowder to make a splash version; that way players can enchant their friends and pets to protect them from fire as well.Brew a Potion of Fire Resistance with a Dragonsbreath to make a Lingering Potion of Fire Resistance.

Other Sources of Fire Resistance

While the Potion of Fire Resistance is most likely the easiest for many players to get their hands on, there are other ways of becoming less burnable. Minecraft“s more rare items like Enchanted Golden Apples, Suspicious Stew, and Arrows of Fire Resistance give the same sort of fire-proofing as the potions. Also, if players are looking for more permeant solutions, they can also enchant their gear to ward off 1/3 of all fire damage as well.

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