What Does The Bell Do In Minecraft, How To Make A Bell In Minecraft

The ever-expanding Minecraft just keeps getting new block types and items to play with, such as the new belladded with the 1.14 update. Here we”re going to go over what the bell does.

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If you”ve tried to make a bell to see how it works, you”ve probably run into a pretty big snag –currently, there is no crafting recipe for a bell at all!

Hopefully this will change down the road, but for now your options to find or trade for a Bell are extremely limited. Let”s take a look at where you can get your hands on this nifty new item.

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How To Get A Bell In Minecraft


Right now, there are only two options for acquiring your very own bell, and both may take some time depending on random variables:

Find one that randomly spawns in a villageTrade for one with an armorer

For the first option, head to a village and you may find they already have one that”s spawned at the center meeting area. You can take their Bell if you want, but you can”t just pick it up — you have to mine it with a pickaxe to steal it out from under the villager”s noses!

Whether the village has a bell or not, there is also a small chance that the village”s armorer will have one or more on hand to trade for 36 emeralds.

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Now that you know where to get your hands on a bell, what exactlyare they used for?

Villagers can ring the bell automatically on their own to alert everyone that a raid is in progress, or you can do the same by hitting the side of the bell (even with a projectile).

Using the bell changes villager behavior in the surrounding area in these ways:

Ring it while villagers are asleep to wake them up Ring it while they are awake and they will all go hide in the nearest buildingRing it raid mobs are within 32 squares of the bell and those mobs will have the glow effect applied


Found any other uses for the bell or come across a crafting recipe that actually works? Let us know in the comments section so we can get this article updated!

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