What Does The Multishot Enchantment Do In Minecraft, Multishot Enchant Needs To Be Better

In this tutorial, you will learn and acknowledge with full explanation about multishot Minecraft with step wise instructions. Multishot in Minecraft is an enchantment for the crossbow which allows to shoot a fan to you out of three arrows (or rockets), that could only be used once.

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Generally in Minecraft you can choose Multishot in Minecraft and could be added to your inventory. The Multishot Enchantment in Minecraft is quite easy to do without much trouble. Let us now explore more about multishot enchantment in Minecraft.

Multishot Minecraft Supported Platforms

A multishot enchantment is available in the following different versions of Minecraft:

PlatformJava Edition (PC/Mac)Pocket Edition (PE)Xbox 360Xbox OnePS3PS4Wii UNintendo SwitchWindows 10 EditionEducation Edition
Supported (Version*)Yes (1.14)Yes (0.10.0)YesYes (1.10.0)YesYes (1.90)YesYesYes (1.10.0)Yes (1.12.0)

Multishot Minecraft in Background

The Multishot enchantment is what that helps a player to shoot 3 arrows at a time with just 1 arrow from the inventory (the cost is only 1 arrow and not 3 arrows with this enchantment). The Multishot enchantment to any crossbow could be used through an enchanting table, anvil, or either the game command.

The highest or the maximum level for the Multishot enchantment is Level 1 which means that you can choose to only enchant an item up to Multishot minecraft I, and nothing higher could be taken in consideration for this enchantment.


Incompatible Enchantments

The Multishot enchantment in Minecraft could not be combined with the following enchantments:

Items to Enchant with Multishot Minecraft

You can choose enchant the following items in Minecraft with Multishot:

How to make an Enchanted Book
How to make a Crossbow

Hold the Enchanted Crossbow Multishot Minecraft

Once you get a crossbow enchanted with Multishot, then there you will need to hold the enchanted crossbow in your hand to be used. When you will attack with this enchanted crossbow, then there will see 3 arrows shot from the crossbow where only 1 arrow could be used from your inventory.

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Let us now see what happens when a crossbow is shot enchanted with Multishot.


When you will try to shoot the crossbow multi shot, at times 3 arrows will be shot where the number of arrows in our hot bar will go down by 1 (Slot 2 of our hotbar went from 64 arrows down to only 63 arrows).

Congratulations, this how you learnt the Multishot Minecraft in enchantment.

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Other Enchantments

There are other enchantments in Minecraft such as:

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