The professional team of behavioral scientists at has actually designed a emotional test for profiling Dota players.

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This is that test.

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Your mommy is knocking on your door trying to get your attention. She clearly doesn’t understand also Dota. What perform you do?

Pause the game and talk via your team around just how to win the present play

Keep playing with the distraction

Pause and also discover out what she needs

I don"t live through my parental fees so this would certainly never take place to me

I am perfectly capable of tactically pautilizing without a distractivity, give thanks to you exceptionally much

Your teammate disconnects. What carry out you do?

Pausage and wait for them to return

Play on without them

Start flaming prior to they have returned

Pause for awhile and also then play without them

Lie and also say you understand them. Convince everyone to wait as long as possible

When I’m not certain what hero I desire to play I...


Wait to watch what my team picks and then compliment them

Focus on the opposing team’s heroes and also counterpick

Pick a hero I haven’t played prior to or in a lengthy time

What sepaprices Dota 2 from eincredibly various other game?


Overpowered hero abilities that beauticompletely analyze into the a lot of balanced deaths ever viewed in a video clip game

Complexity that mere mortals will never before understand. See exhibit A: Trees

Items that actually do things

Icefrog’s throne of money from hat sales

In my experience I recognize we will certainly win a complement once..

I obtain my goddamn tangos

We gain both bounty runes at 00:00

At least 3 teammates predict a win

I have leveled the year beast enough

Do you talk on voice chat?




Only once we are winning

Only when we are losing and my team requirements direction

How accurate would certainly you say your MMR is?

Too high

Just right

A little bit bit also low

Way too low

What is your age?

Between legal internet looking age in my country and also 18







Given a suitable team to fill all various other duties, what perform you like to play?

1 (Carry)




5 (Support)

No preference

In a Dota game what is the majority of likely to make you rage?

Wards and also not having any

Stealth detection related failures

Teammates without any communication

My perceived superiority over whoever is in the enemy’s mid lane

Getting shut down in a team fight

When/if your Dota 2 professional career doesn’t pan out, what will certainly be the cause?

I’m the smartest perkid I recognize, however I don’t actually apply myself

I only play one hero over and also over

I gain a girlfriend/boyfriend

My fancy hat collection reasons the foe team to constantly emphasis on me due all of the pwrite-up effects

Matchmaking is broken and also I just obtain horrible teammates

On the all pick screen your teammate hovers over Techies. Do you...

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Politely suggest a various pick to fit the lineup

Ask for reassurance if he"s good via Techies and also allow the pick

All chat: “GG we lost” and also walk right into the foe tower at the start


It doesn’t matter. Everyone must play the hero that they want to play and have actually fun through the game.

If Dota 2 ceases to exist in 2 years time it will be bereason of…

A enormous nuclear human being battle bring about the finish of life as we recognize it; most likely concerned tense Dota games wbelow eexceptionally player selected eexceptionally language and also assumed it would certainly be fine

/r/Dota2’s everyday dose of negativity

2013 being the last Diretide ever before held

A strike from workshop contributors that dries the flow of hats right into the economy

An oversaturation of esporting activities leagues that results in everyone gaining a trophy because we’re all winners damnit

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