The beacon is a block you can make after beating the Wither and also getting a Nether Star. It offers a very visible beam of light to mark its area, and ca additionally carry out you with powers comparable to potion results, which are mostly usemuch less bereason they just act when you are cshed to the beacon.

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The beacon block is crafted from glass blocks, obsidian and a Nether Star.



Place the beacon block aoptimal a pyramid of some combination of iron, gold, diamond and also emerald blocks.

The pyramid deserve to be 1—4 layers high; you’ll need 9 blocks for the peak layer, 25 for the second, 49 for the 3rd and also 81 for the last. The even more layers you build, the larger the location of the beacon’s effects and the more effects you will have accessibility to.


Maximum power beacon pyramid.

The beacon should have actually open skies over it.


The beacon shoots a beam of light up into the sky that is visible from a long means ameans.

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It deserve to additionally carry out the complying with effects once you are nearby:



Right click the beacon to get the GUI.


This beacon is on a pyramid that is only one level high, so just the initially two main powers are available.

A variety of powers will certainly be accessible relying on exactly how many layers tbelow are in your beacon pyramid. To activate one of the powers, place an emerald, diamond, gold bar or iron bar in the slot, choose a power and also push the green inspect mark. You have to now be under the impact of your favored power, and will certainly see swirly effects prefer when you’ve drunk a potion and also the name of the effecton your inventory display.


I decided “Haste” and also offered a diamond to activate it.

Secondary Powers

If you build a complete, 4 layer pyramid you will get accessibility to all the results, plus a “additional power”, which is a choice in between Regeneration, or raising the result of your Main Power to Level II.


This beacon is giving both Resistance and also Regeneration.


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