What Is A Blue Creeper Minecraft, Blue Creepers

Charged blue creepers are much deadlier than their standard counterparts, but they can be useful for harvesting mob heads. Here's how to find and make blue creepers in Minecraft.

The pesky explosive creepers inMinecraftare normally covered in a weird seaweed green pattern, but some players have come across a very rare blue variant.

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There are two different kinds of blue creepers you might discover; regular blue creepers palette-swapped from the standard green, and the ultra-rare charged creeperssurrounded by a blue aura.

If you”re looking for the former type, you”ll need either a mod or a community skin download. An absolutelyabsurd number of blue creeper skin variants can be downloaded over here.

For the latter, there will be a bit more work involved. Charged creepers don”t spawn on their own anywhere in the wild.

Where To Find Blue Charged Creepers

Charged blue creepers can appear anywhere normal creepers spawn, but they require an extra step before they spawn.

A normal green creeper turns into the super-powered charged blue creeper whenever lightning strikes within 4 blocks of their current position.

Charged blue creepers have double the explosion power of a normal green creeper, making them quite deadly to an unprepared player.

The charged versions should be fought at range with a bow, and you should definitely be wearing armor if you want to avoid getting caught in the blast.

Like the standard green version, this variant can spot you from 16 blocks away and will make a distinctive sound before exploding.

If you have a flint and steel, you can also light them on fire just like with the normal version.

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Creating Blue Creepers


Specifically looking to create walking bombs rather than running across them randomly?

The easiest way to do this is to build a nether brick fence enclosure around a standard creeper.

Any structure that keeps the creeper in place and is open to the sky will work, but nether brick fencing won”t catch fire and burn down when lightning strikes.

You can stand around waiting for lightning to strike during a storm, or if you are using console commands, pull up the window and type/summon lightning_boltwhen standing near the creeper to ensure it is hit (note: you will also take damage as the lightning spawns next to you).

Waiting around for random lightning can be an obnoxiously long process, and summoning bolts isn”t exactly smart either, so there is another option available if you don”t want to get crispy fried.

Using a Trident

If you have a trident with the channeling enchantment, you can also create a lightning bolt by hitting a creeper during a thunderstorm while it”s raining. Using the trident without the thunderstorm active won”t summon the lightning bolt.

This is easily the most efficient way to create charged creepers on a regular basis.

Don”t have a trident yet? Drowned mobs have an 11% chance to drop a trident when killed by a player, so hit up an ocean biome with light level 7 or less and wait for a group of drowned to spawn.

Harvesting Mob Heads With Blue Creepers


So now the real question: what”s the benefit to a charged creeper?

Mobs, other than Ender dragons, which are immune to the effect, that die from a charged blue creeper explosion have a much higher chance to drop their corresponding mob head.

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Since the base chance for skulls to drop is 2.5% per kill, that”s a huge boon when you need specific mob head types.

Found any other ways to create charged blue creepers? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other latest Minecraft guides:

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